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  1. Booomer

    Manta 1.8 clutch friction plate

    ok, thanks for the replies. I think i've just emailed Clarke Bros, website is a bit ropy.
  2. Booomer

    Manta 1.8 clutch friction plate

    Ok failing that does anybody know where i can actually by a 1.8 friction plate these days?
  3. Hi guys, I'm just looking to get some confirmation on the dimensions of a manta 1.8 friction plate. I've been told I need one for a project I'm working on which involves mating an Isuzu 1.5td to an R25 gearbox. I know I need a 14T 1" spline in the hub, and the OD and ID of the friction material need to be 200mm and 135mm respectively. Does this sound about right before I buy one and find out it's wrong?