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  1. Robbie Hi,

    Is there any chance you still have the Opel Manta i240 D600 DFK?!

  2. Rally Day 2017

    Hey everyone, Please please please hoping one of you can help me!!! My Dad used to own this car back when i was 10 and he's regretted selling it ever since, i wanted to surprise him for christmas and try and find it and i've tracked it down to this forum! I'm down in Dundalk, county Louth right now so if it's still in Ireland i would really really really like to get in touch with the current owner and maybe see if i could go up to get an updated picture with me with it (My dad has one of me with it was i was 10!) He recently spoke to someone through EBay i think who told him it was in Belfast so i'm hoping it's still somewhere round there, if any of you recognise his name please please contact me i'm desperate to find this car before i go home at christmas! His name was Dave Boorer!! Thank you guys!!!! Adam, is there any chance you know where the Opel Manta Silver i240 - D600 DFK is located? Or are you in contact with the current owner by any chance!?