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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/opel-manta-sri-130-engine-px-swap/183298764919?hash=item2aad753077:g:bmQAAOSwPcBbOnZb
  2. Titson

    Cassette rack

    Anyone have the 6 tray cassette rack from a GTE in grey by any chance?
  3. Titson

    Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    Who is doing the restoration and do you know if it is the same owner?
  4. Titson

    Speedo head in KM's

    Does anyone have a speedo head in KM, just need the face or the whole unit if that is easier.
  5. Titson

    Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    That's good news, was hoping it wouldn't be left to rot into the ground!!
  6. Titson

    Bonnet stay rubber block

    Found some on Histomondial in pretty colours as well !!
  7. Titson

    Bonnet stay rubber block

    Anyone got one of these in one piece?
  8. Titson

    Exclusive register

    Hi Mick, 22 Sargent Drive RD4 Katikati Bay of Plenty 3181 New Zealand +64 7 552 0794 or +64 277 052643 Thanks Mick,
  9. Titson

    Exclusive register

    Well, my Exclusive is now here in New Zealand. F596NCE
  10. Hopefully whoever is lucky enough to buy her keeps and restores her totally original rather than messing around with it!
  11. I built this in 2006 purely for the 2006 RAC, finished 6 in class and 10 overall. Nice to see her still about, albeit a different colour scheme.
  12. Titson

    Manta A, front Bilstein’s

    Anyone have a pair of front Bilstein’s by any chance for a Manta A, need a set for a period rally car build.