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    Hi Mark and the others, all panels from the Dr-Manta shop you can also buy from me. The price is the same, by me is PayPal possible. This is an additional service to my chassis legs. The chassis legs at the Dr-Manta shop are my production. Regards Eckhard
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    Ok I know it's been months since I've given an update, but I thought that I would upload a few images so that you can see what's been happening since May with a little bit of text as a guide. Thanks to everyone who has given solid advise, long live the club and the forum!!!!!! that reminds me ..... my subs are due!! Here we go! 1) Complete strip and rebuild and repaint of extended prop shaft. Torque tube blasted with new rubber centre support and new bearing inserted 2) Axle strip and check over, repainted and hand cut gaskets made for re-assembly 3) Front suspension fully stripped and repainted. 4) Hub bearings checked for wear (they are like new), New front discs fitted, ATE callipers stripped and repainted, assembled with New seal kit from "The Big Red" 5) Full rack and pinion strip, check and rebuild and adjust up fitted with new gators (Images Above) 6) Rear brakes completely rebuilt with new handbrake cable, brake drums, brake fitting kit, slave cylinders, shoes (Everything apart from self adjusters) 7) Complete master Cylinder rebuild with new original ATE seal kit, and new reservoir rubber seals. 8) Complete Engine strip and rebuild, with polished rear oil seal journal (-0.003") with new seal, Front crank pully fitted with a new speedi-sleeve and seal, new valve stem oil seals, new water pump, new cam chain, cam tensioners and tensioner guides. BEFORE AFTER 8) Engine fitted yesterday That's it for now!
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    Ok. So back onto this now as the exclusive hatch and the mancona are done. Work shop tidied up A posts added. All panels zinc primed inside sills replaced. I always find the bend in the lower part isn't ever enough so it's over to the bench for a bit of late night bending all the crap cut out and and butt welded where possible rear corner section replaced from a cut off a non spoiler b series ( I don't throw anything away ) lots of bilt hammer used and plenty of Electrolux thrown around
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    they do exist still, love a good find! well done!
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    It might, but 20 mins and a die grinder to smooth the edge of the combustion chambers works a treat!!!
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    I did not sell it ,I took it off ,got so sick of being messed about,but I need it gone by Monday ,but anybody can having for nowt wots left if they take the enginr and box and dash for me if they take it away and take it out,and the log book AS WELL IS THERE.but if not It gets chopped by a butcherand dvla gets the log book as scrapped.but if anybody fancys doing it let me no asap needs a trailor but,boot and back bumper has gone but.its free wots left and it a exclusive ,but needs gone by Monday.but you take it and ill pick the engine and box up from were ever it goes to.and ill throw a couple of things in extra.cos I cannot manage cos iv half my stomack removed.
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    Body gone but I got it for mechanical parts wheels boot bumper ex .
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    Some very useful information there for the CIH engines but i'd still just fit a C20XE
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    It's a shame .But let's face it, it's DEAD...😢 We all try and cast our magic over lots of things in life. BUT LET'S FACE IT PAUL DANIELS WOULD OF HAD HIS WORK CUT OUT TRYING TO REVIVE THIS ONE.... Maybe one day in the near future a manta enthusiast will end up with this car ,But it will be descised as a new fridge freezer or a washing machine 😂
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    going by the add there isnt a lot left not any front seats bumper spoiler so ur only buying a rolling shell which is goosed so only worth running gear not knocking it but defo parts only on this one
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    fitting my front wings
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    This going to be a great car when done!
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    Nice work. Great pics and great attention to detail.
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    I'm planning to pass at least one of my Mantas on to my Son......keep the dream alive!
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    I am too busy otherwise I would of jumped at the chance. It needs a very good respray and welding but it wont be extensive. Its cheap at that price! When the exclusive coupe and gt/e hatch we are building are done I am having time off the restoring other cars, going to enjoy my new house and start to get mine stripped and start the work on it.
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    The pictures should all be loaded across to the forum by now.. Stuart told me that as they are viewed, they will get copied across and that should probably have completed by now as the web crawlers should have done the hard work for us and viewed pretty much everything on the site. Happy days.
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    Finished. Full mot. No advisories.
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    It as a zf lsd fitted with all new bearings and shims Danny shonns did the drive shafts front hubs from TJM Motorsport brought the calipers and disc from a member of the club now have to sort which engine to put in 2.4 cih or 2.0 cih going to use Monza fuel injection already cut down and welded got a 5 speed gte or a r25/28 cih gearbox as well quick rack in top of dash flocked and just putting in the new roof liner now taking my time want it right then the bronze glass in then back to paint for the yellow and black stripes
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    My god! not only have they ruined an exclusive coupe, but they have ruined a starmist black one! how rare are they!
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    short piston is due to long rod/stroke ratio so both correct. crazy CIH engines out there if you have the cash. best engine for regular use is 2.2 imho more torque and more friendly than 2.4 to recondition i have a PMC 2.2 engine and stage three head and cam going in my ascona a connected to a getrag 265 9 inch clutch with 6 bolt cover.
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    I need to upgrade my membership to OMOC But from what I see from early pictures it looks really good, obviously needed some work but it's going smoothly from what I see. My friend from DSRLeasing shown me one Manta on gumtree that I may be interested in buying, it was gold as well
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    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Spares-or-repairs-unfinished-project-opel-manta-gte-exclusive-coupe-/192278222228?hash=item2cc4acd594:g:qCkAAOSwkr5Zkt2f Wheels look ok!