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    Went to a car meet at Cotswold Airport (RAF Kemble) this morning with James Coghlan, Martin Meadon & Jason Honey it was more a petrol heads meet than classic meet but our Mantas attracted plenty of attention in amongst the Subaru's BMW's etc. Also got to see some classic aircraft including the last Bristol Britannia to fly in 1997, a Folland Gnat & a Hawker Hunter.
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    inside and the engine bay sprayed white.
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    I'm happy I could help you, this is again a proof this forum helps!
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    We are back home... looks like a nice job, had a couple of other bits tidied while at it. Took the opportunity to clean up & refit the passenger seat, it's come up really nice with some leather cleaner, if Mrs B asked me to do this with the household furniture I would think she had gone mad !! I see now what a great job the trimmer did when he made the seats for me all those years ago. Thanks Club members for the bits, it's how we keep em going.
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    well to be honest i am not fond of people who buy my car then insist on paying me with out seeing it first. I like to meet the buyer in person before i let my pride and joy go that i have owned for such a long time. I also like to sell a car like this preferably to a manta enthusist like my self alough this is not gauranteed as you can not pick who buy's ones car. regards
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    Got that profesionel tool as you showed above, but also something I made myself, looks like this: Takes no time to make it yourself, and easy to use.
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    Don't forget these: and if you are sure all bolts are out: Succes!
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    Hi, the front trim comes from a B coupe that was fitted with non irmscher quads so will deff fit yours. the rear trim Panel comes from a coupe, reason keep was has all 4 mounting points and bolts, also plastic has not been damaged or deformed by over tighening.
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    What a load of crap. Just get that head off and do a proper job, it's always cheaper in the end.
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    Sorry, not something I would do. Also cause I'm a professional mecanic. I would take of the head, so you can check the piston. And when the valve is damaged you can make it worser and damage the valve seat if you try it the You-tube-way. Taking of the head gives you the possibility to grind the valves again and replace the valve stem seals (yes it has to be done). And taking of the head is not diffucult with a CIH engine, made once a photoserie "how to", if you (or someone else) is interested I will post it on this forum.
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    That would make sense as he owns the pier at Weston Super Mare & thats the town where the car gets its MOT's. As the area rep i'll have to see if he'd be willing to display his car at next years Bristol Classic Car show, we would definitely make room for it on our stand !
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    Whooppee Dooo, we're back in one piece. Had a few other bits diddled at the same time, but looking cool again. Thanks again to Dan & Kev for helping me with the bits needed.
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    This white opel manta on eBay g t e coupe is located at Chester le street Durham by classic cars , that means it's only 5 miles away from me down the road, iv mailed him 3 times asking about coming down to have look at her and told him I live up the road and explained I was in to the same and he is more that welcome to do them same and I also reconise the street area .but with no avail of a reply . And then I could give a verdict on it to the members, but I have to respect his privacy. But make me thing !.
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    Maybe that number of owners suggests the car is a lemon, and owners shift it on fairly rapidly?
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    Back on sale again. Closed at £7600 last time. now it's buy it now for £8K. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1988-E-reg-opel-manta-gte-coupe-/122736577891 That's a fair point about the seats. They do look good albeit, they could easily have been swapped. The Regn is E644BCN. Registered Aug 87. Last MOT was 2007. Mileage then was 34500. Last ownership change was 2002. so it had 6 previous owners in the first 5 years!
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    Yeh i think the mileage is genuine, you only have to glance at the seats to know its not high mileage. But at £8k! i would want a few more pictures, the steering wheel is horrid, the gear stick gator is knackered, over spray on passenger door pocket and the carpet on the passenger side looks ripped or damaged near the kick panel. A rare car which made strong money.
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    Was thinking the mileage was unlikely when I saw the auction, but seller claims to have all old MOTs to confirm!
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    Its a rare car, making strong money. But it will still need a bit spending on it. Full respray i imagine. Would like to see the engine bay, boot and underside too.
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    Thanks is one seriously lovely coupe. Wish I had space! More pics up now and that interior looks mint.
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    If its as good as described then its worth every bit of £9K Try finding another time warp unrestored example
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