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    Well, I’ve done about 1000miles now and most of the snagging is now done. Plan for the winter is boost control, up the boost, a full days mapping and fitting traction control and air con. It’s getting quite a bit of use so had it 3 stage polished and ceramic coated to protect the paint.
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    Sorted out the idling issue today. The brass throttle flap was not aligned properly and was not shutting properly. Now she idles like a new car.
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    New fuel relay and coolant sensor and it's as good as new! I even fitted the decals!
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    My fake one will be in the car park.........
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    i did try to include the club with this event but there didnt seem much interest i have organised a feature display any way there should be 6 manta 400s and 4 ascona 400s all proper rally car i am going to see if i can sqeeeze in hermans car as well seeing as it a proper 400
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    Very nice. Few people know how hard it is to restore a car to this level. The blasting. Powder coating. Disassembly reassembly plating grinding cleaning it never seems to end. I wa speaking to my brother today regarding projects and just look at how many projects are ongoing compared to the completed ones shows how hard it is to get over that hurdle great job.
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    That picture says so much, not only do you have a beautiful bright Red Opel Manta just look at the rest of the cars in the picture, uninteresting modern blobs in black, grey and silver, if anyone asks why classic cars are so appealing heres the answer.
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    Oh don't worry about it. These things happen. It's hard to see in the picture but three gasket hadn't blown as such but rotted away. I have my plan now for the engine. I will refurbish the head with 41mm inlet valves and 35mm exhaust which will bring it to gte spec. Then something odd that I've done once before. The block will be removed and fitted with 2l crank, rods but 1800 pistons. This will give 1940cc roughly. So the car keeps it original engine but with a bit more go. Wish me luck.
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    Thanks for the nice comments, I appreciate this! All started when I read Adam's post. And Simon looking for "400"s... There was not much interest from OMOC, then we had to choose: Cause for us we had to look for a hotel, booking the ferry and so on... Things you 'v got to book early , so we took the chance. And I wanted to see those ex-groupe B cars, the Missus was also enthousiast. Yet everything looks great! Some forum-members are also there so it will be nice to meet them. And as we think the Club was not interested: I have a very busy life. Sometimes I have even no time to visit my parents or family cause of my professional life. So even the "400" club thinks I am lost while I am in the midle east on the border Israel/Libanon... Tomorrow 'v got the day off, cleaning the "400" and preparing for a nice weekend! @ Simon: would be proud to be a part of your display!
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    Cracking looking car! That's definitely one to drool over! Liking the all white paintwork.
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    Sadly I think you're right I think what hermans doing is brilliant too! I'm building mine to a concours standard but when finished it will be used and shown as much as possible rain of shine they weren't built to be ornaments!!!
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    Your going to encounter a really strange problem if you get this engine running correctly... It'll be too good !! I had a MK 2 Cavalier and i built a 1800cc block and big valve head matted to a 1600cc cam & carrier ( to get the mechanical fuel pump drive ), a replacement Weber carb ontop of a carb manifold, this bolted to the 1800 head and with a little opening of the manifold ports it matched up smoothly. The torque this engine had was unreal, i could drive the Cav by only using 1st, 3rd & 5th gears, i could drive down to 30mph in 5th for a speed limit and then just accelerate afterwards, no need to change down !!, The test reports gave the Miles-per-gallon of a 1600cc MK 2 Cav as 34mpg, mine always did 39-40mpg no matter how i drove it. The emissions were next to nothing at the MOT test and futher reduced by the great mpg, It give me trouble in a strange way, it tore its engine mounts apart, i had to wire lock all the bolts into the block and gearbox, weld on strengthening ribs around the mounting points where it had cracked the chassie rails and add a torque brace front the drivers side turret to the end of the top of the engine, which it broke once. The engine your are proposing to build has a even higher potential for torque by virtue of being very under square, long stroke, small bore, it'll test everything else it is bolted or connected to !!
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    My wife has got a Canon Eos reflexphotocamera. Such a big thing she always carry with her on such occasions, normally I upload the pics from her digital flash-card.
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    Hi Herman I'll be there with my dad see you there
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    I'll be there too, with the 400. We will leave fridayafternoon to France (Calais), and booked a hotel somewhere (not in Slough, to much bollywood...) .
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    Ok, I thought that I should start to show you Guys something of my work as I'm sure there are a few of you that don't actually believe that I own a Manta and that I'm just palming the spare parts off for serious cash! If anyone remembers back in the late summer I was very close to selling the car. I even posted it up for sale in the forums and on a well known auction site. After what alcoholics call "a moment of clarity" I decided not to sell and do all the work myself and put the old girl back on the road. I'm pleased that I did. The car has been in my family for 27 years and I have known all but the first two owners. So here we go with a few images to start as she is now and then I will upload a few more "before shots" and a list of what I've done up to now later in an update. I have made a new backboard in 5mm plywood and added extra brackets to keep if firm and secure. I am going to cover the back in sound matting and the boot side in carpet to match the parcel shelf. The Underside. All rust cut out and new metal welded in. All seams have been re-resealed with UPOL seam sealer and then the whole underside has had two complete coats of white stoneguard and then two coats of gloss white. Sill sections have received black stone guard and waxoil underseal. New fuel line posts fitted onto the body and pipes held on with stainless P-Clips. All new flexible fuel hoses and all brake piping will be replaced with copper. Under bonnet has been resprayed. All seams have been re-sealed with UPOL more to follow.......
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    Sorry for the delay, only just back from work but will tear the garage apart tomorrow!
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    We are piloting a new competitive, classic car rebuild TV show called ‘Build It, Start It, Keep It’ for a major UK broadcaster, and we need contestants. Have you and two mates got the basic mechanical skills to rebuild a car? If you can build it and start it before the other team do, you will get to keep it! For the pilot we are looking for contestants with a passion for classic cars such as CAPRI, BMW 3 SERIES (1ST GEN), TR7, SPITFIRE, OPEL MANTA, MG BGT, STAG, SCIMITAR Do you have a personal story as to why you want to win the car? Do you want to win the car for a family member or friend? Are you outgoing and up for a challenge? Do you want to put your mechanical skills to the ultimate test by competitively rebuilding a car, head to head in one day? Are you free for two days on the week of October 23rd? If so I’d love to hear from you, please email me a bit about yourself, your potential team and why you’d like to win the car. ed@eastentertainment.tv Please feel free to share this with anyone you feel might be interested in the show.
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    Let me dig through my bits, at the minute all the bits are in the boot and the inside of the car is full of panels! I'm sure I have at very least one spare, just need to find them amongst the chaos
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    sorry to jump in on your post Danny, Terry if you decide you have to many of these in Grey, I would happily buy a couple of you (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)
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    Game on buddy! Looking a very pretty. Good luck with the MOT :-)
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    Well I got the car back last night and it's looking great. It needs a good clean but that can wait. Today was a long hard day but I have done most of the work now. I just need to source a side repeater as body shop broke it! And then it new rear cylinders, radio, decals and off for an MOT!
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    Oil Filter bypass valve does not cause a loss of oil pressure. It is there to ensure the filter is bypassed if blocked. If you removed the end cover and gears and did not prime the pump you will have no pressure.
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    https://www.mantablog.nl/category/techniek/ If you click this link you'll see on top a pic of the house without filter. In de centre the tread to screw the filter on and next to it the valve with ball. Check if it is still there in your distr. house.(timing cover) Never knew it could escape! If the valve is gone don't start the engine! Got somewhere the procedure to replace it (in a manual) Has the car still got the original engine? Normally that type of CIH has got the pressure valve aside in the timing cover, as Mantadoc mentioned. By the way: if you opened your oilpump (with gears) you've got to fill up your pump with oil !! Otherwise the pump will not suck oil and no pressure! This via the plug to open with a 7mm inbus key, aside your pumphouse: https://www.mantablog.nl/cih-opvullen-oliesysteem/ top picture. keep us informed, Herman
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    I've always been a fan of Costume Exhaust Piles myself.......
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    Sounds interesting would like to attend! Sure we can't get a stand a bit closer to the action??
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    Found a hotel in the neighbourhood of Slough, next to the M-4. It is 1 hour 10' from the "pitstop"... Sended a PM to upgrade my web-membership to full membership, keep us informed!
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    This all looks very tempting. I'm very curious if there is any news. Would like to go but cause I am from Belgium I need some time to plan some things. Booking the ferry, also looking for a hotel where I can park my 400 of the street on a safe location. Driving left is not so difficult, been several times in the UK and in Africa they drive also on the left site. But driving left with the 400 will be something else... So if there is any progress let us know, even the misses is interested!
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    We were staying in Chickerell, just down the road a while back. Even went to Abbotsbury to photograph the Swans! Just goes to show that their are a few out there still. A few years back (before marriage I hasten to add), I got quite freindly with a barmaid from our local pub. She lived with her grandparents on a farm and one day, when I was picking her up for work she dragged me off into one of the barns.....(I thought I was quids in)..... but it turned out to be an early Blue Berlinetta, which had been stored for many years. It had about 40k on the clock and was in lovely condition. Long since gone - I've checked but I always wonder about what happened to that one as she was a beauty..........and the Berlinetta was nice too. ;-)
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    If you book a club stand it costs £18 pp in advance, that's a lot of money to shell out with no guarantee that people will turn up especially if the weather was inclement. Due to rally day being so popular then it is likely that an OMOC club stand would be situated outside of the circuit in one of the car park areas as suggested on their booking form. One solution may be for the club to book say a 12 car stand at a cost of £216 from club funds then get those that want to put their car on the stand to pay the club back. Another solution would be for all interested people to meet up at Leigh Delamare services on the M4 by JCT 17 & then convoy into Castle Combe to ensure we all enter the car park together & are parked together. The guy who I spoke to at Market Harborough Simon Powell wanted Manta 400's or 400R's to turn up in numbers if possible & was looking to possibly have the club Gazebo & flags there.
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    Not quite finished.... but enough to get to Market Harborough yesterday. I've done 500 miles in 48 hours and really drives great....really likes petrol stations......
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    Quite a change over the years...... now mapped and MOT'd , significant security being fitted plus road testing and a hundred small jobs......hoping to make Saturday at Market Harborough
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    8mm microbore, one roll will do the car. £10 ish from b&q I once told Dan it was 10mm for a laugh.... Oh how he struggled
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    Hmm that's frustrating, and a tad annoying. The only reason I have done this is when the new wings were put on in 96-97 the body shop sealed them up, pre then I cant recall. I'm unsure if this will cause problems, but looking at the water run I don't think so, I think I might just have stopped another place for dirt and grime to hold moisture. Looks wise I prefer them sealed up, but if you know any horror stories please tell.
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    As to time, well yes. I've scrutinized everything I can. top and bottom dash removed, wiring loom removed and checked and connections / wires replaced where necessary. Wings removed and seams cleaned off and re-sealed with brushable seam sealer, then sprayed with two coats of Hammerite stone shield, then with underseal waxoil. most of the gearbox tunnel was in good order but any surface rust areas were cleaned up and treated with Loctite 7503 "Rust Remedy" to prevent return before coating with Stone Chip Shield and paint. The Chassis is now Done so it is a case of restoring parts and then fitting then on the car.... The fun bit!! I'm just fitting a central locking kit but the brackets the supply are so flimsy I'm sure the cardboard that I use to make temples for new brackets was stronger. also clearance is tight inside the door to the window slider. While the wings were off I have fitted rubber cable tunnels into the doors so the C/L kit can be fitted and door speakers put in. I have got an article for the club mag in production to show how to do this, but you need to remove the wings..