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    I have been doing some research into the origins of this bonnet after its ended up in my possession I believe it is from south africa but isn't from a manta as such. Its from a mk1 cavalier that was sold by GM in SA with teh manta nosecone under the Chevrolet brand and was called a Chevair its also refered to as Vauxhall U car for some reason. Didn't have a diesel engine but did have a 2300cc petrol engine that originated as a 6 cylinder chevy engine that they redesigned as a 4 cylinder. Must have been a bit tall for the standard bonnet hence the slight bulge to accommodate it. More info on this site HERE you can't see much of a bulge in the pictures it is there but very subtle. When looking at it next to a genuine manta bonnet it is much more noticeable
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    A666 MFC has been the subject of a little bit of chat recently on here and on the Farcebook group. Ive not seen the car for a while but I understand that it is in a good state of repair and has been well looked after recently. Go on.......you know it makes sense!
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    I hope that all O M O C members realize that we are getting all this excellent info for just 25 quid a year, I have never seen so much detail in any other club.
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    The 2 top pics are taken by me, did some measurments of my 400 for a topic on this forum: Anyone Have A 400 Rear Axle Bracketry Jig? By falk5150, October 19, 2014 in Basic Tech help
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    Wow! i think I’ll out the black A series shell I have on eBay at the weekend.
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    Box has gone away for the rebuild, so while the engine is out, I have decided to give it a bit of a freshen up. Altho the cam belt has only done about 2k it is over 14 years old, so new cam kit was ordered. Changing the cam belt will also give me the chance to swop the current "A" Ex cams for some "G" cams. New cam seals fitted. New kit fitted and all timed up. It was a good job that I did strip the engine down, as on removing the clutch cover I found that the drive plate was starting to break up. More expense to get an upgraded clutch kit.
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    Keep it, the value is only going rise ( rapidly at the moment it would seem ) and come along to a car show or two, you never know with a for sale in the window you might connect with the right person.
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    I have just joined this forum, and OMG the first manta I see is my own car from 24 years ago, the manta evolution in the middle of the picture from billing 94 was my pride and joy, god I miss that car so much. I still have pictures somewhere, when it was on display at the vauxhall factory in elesmer port, next to a works manta 400 D902RGS , an astra 4s and Russel book's chevet hsr , the guy crouched down in the white top, is Sean hunt I think. What a blast from the past. Thanks.
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    Excellent news ian. Problem is you got me curious and ive ended up taking my alternators off to overhaul them.including my spares ones as well !.the ones on cars and in use are ok. Just relubed needle bearings and cleaned rings then nice coat of paint. But i found a diode open in one spare unit and a low pair of brushes in another so currently making up good useable spares. Built myself a basic oscilloscope to test them with a while back so that should show up any other issues. Cheers mate .happy tinkering !
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    A small update tonight, but fairly significant - to me anyway... The recon alternator arrived today, just fitted it and no more red light and the gauge sits in the 'normal' charging area - so happy days. My intention is to now strip it down again and give it a lick of paint. Cheers all, have a good evening.
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    Blimey - I've never seen a Clutch Plate go like that before. I've certainly taken a few out that were well down to the metal but not breaking up. Good job you had the cover plate off. Its good to see that the hard work is paying off now Chris - all those years of not having a Manta at shows and now you have one to be proud of again. All the little shake down jobs that you have been doing should mean that you have one well sorted A series for the summer. Chuffed for you mate.
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    Grand - Im glad that you guys still have the car and that it is in the UK still.....it is probably worth spending some money on to get it up to MOT standard, at the very least. Apologies I missed out on this thread on here, I was busy discussing the same thing on Facebook (which is something I very rarely do as I think that it devalues the forum a little bit). I have lots of history of this car and over the years have spoken to various owners. It certainly had an interesting life and was converted when new at AGJ Opel Dealers in Pontefract. C878 DWU may also have carried the reg number A40 GRT at some stage, although when and why is not documented on my records (Paul C - you may be able to advise us on that one). As far as I am aware, the engine conversion would have been completed on this car, so it should have had the replacement Dizzy, New cam, Solid Lifters etc - it should sound like a bag of spanners if it this is the case and the exhaust should pop and burble a little too. It would definitely be notcably different from a standard GT/E. I would be interested to hear whether or not the solid lifters are still there. I have heard of some owners swapping them out for Hydraulics, as they can be quite noisy. The Irmscher Rubber cover was designed to cut down on this noise from the rocker cover and if that is still fitted - it is a rare thing indeed. I have a picture of this on the car, taken many years ago when it resided in South Wales. I have a note on file that the original owner had Irmscher Springs fitted and also an LSD, so there was obviously some money thrown at it when it was new. It probably won't be quite a collectable as an Original Irmscher i200 but would certainly be of more interest to a collector as something a bit non standard.
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    if you are not bothered about it being 4 linked, then you can mount it like the original axle.i have a 4ha axel on my A using all the original mounting points.
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    You got it Monaco Blue yes we was looking for some Blitz Fabric And yes I did buy that rather nice Exclusive Coupe and I cannot tell you haw chuffed I am with it Maybe one day we might meet up a show somewhere
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    Cheers dan, yeah a nice drop it is too!
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    Just to give everyone a heads up on this i200 my Brother and I own this car Unfortunately we could not agree a deal at the auction so it never sold. Decided to bring it back and advertise it ourselves If anyone is interested in this very rare Manta please private message me
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    The Facebook group is great for getting immediate answers to a request for spares etc, for technical advice like you are giving you cant beat the forum.
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    I love this section of the lengthy write up - Despite being superior to the Capri in every department and better engineered to boot, the Manta never really caught on with its target market in Britain who perversely preferred the workaday Dagenham bling of the Capri to the sophistication of the foreign-sounding Opel. With great balance, rear-wheel drive, a five-speed ‘box and a gutsy engine it was, and remains, a real driver’s car. Don't take our word for it: pitted against a Rover SD1 Vitesse and a Capri 280 Brooklands, it is the GTE that comes out on top in the March 2018 issue of Classic Cars magazine. With only 393 Manta GTEs still UK registered today, this pampered survivor looks mighty tempting at the sensible guide price suggested. Be interesting to see how much this one makes.
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    It would need an inspection but if everything is as good as the photo's suggest this is a really good Manta, £5000 is not expensive for a quality Manta now.
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    Im just passing on my own knowledge to help a fellow enthusiast out. And im only a forum member myself albeit a fair few years worth. A while back someone commented /complained on why they had to pay a membership fee whereas non members can come on here and view nearly the same as fully paid up members.well i used to be a fully paid up member but didnt personally see any benefit further to me anyway.this is a car club AND forum for manta /cav enthusiasts which i certainly am.if the forum had been restricted to only paid up members i for one would not have been on here now paying to give advice !. Not receive!. my only gripe on here now is that the forum does seem to have slowed down immensely in terms of posting etc recently i think due to facebook versions of the forum. Its a pity realy because were not all facebook fans . Im also on the omega forum and that seems to be non facebook infested yet but theres time !
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    I suppose it started with a kind of curiosity. Im an electric motor ,panel man by trade so i was willing to have a look and get to understand how they work which is actually pretty simple .ive had cars in the past with dim glowing ign lights and never realy knew what actual part was causing it.but when you open up an alternator with a glowing light and find a bad diode,replace it and then re assemble and everything is now ok you start to get more interested.well i do anyway !.trouble is ,its kinda addictive !
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    Hi ian so it sound like the rectifier is knackered too. Probably caused by the link wire shorting on something. So basically you have an alternator that needs 1 bearing,a rectifier block(different styles available that have the mounting holes in different place at the positive side so ensure you get the right one),a regulator and a trio .if it were me i would consider the one on ebay as its a good price and supposedly reconditioned. ( you could always open it up and check it all out !) or at least see what you can get the parts for. Not used that site myself.i tend to find everything i need on ebay. Others may disagree !
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    These 'bodge' repairs still kept these cars from being scrapped which mean they can now be repaired properly. Looking forward to seeing this when it's done.
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    This standard of work is why I got sacked from a job as I refused to put such patches on a vehicle ... Always got moaned at for taking too long and cutting out the rot rather than putting scabby plates over the top of rot .. It only comes back and bites you on the arse in the long run ..Do not worry Danny this is one exclusive that is going to be worth every penny when its done I will put a stamp on it people will remember and by that I mean in a good way
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    I wondered what my son was up to! The SRi started life as my company car and covered motorway miles in the first 3 years. Mileage whan I bought it off my then company was 66k in 1995. I used it as a daily until 1997 with the mileage then on 88k. Then I got bored of it and tucked it up where it’s been ever since. One day I’ll get it out, Steve Hancock (1900SR) is keeping guard over it. Think there are only 200 odd left? Steve will tell us👍
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    And this topic is 18 months old.
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    I found this picture in an old Manta Magic. For those of you that have joined the club in the last 10 years, this is what an OMOC Concours event looked like back in the 90’s.
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    Good luck. They always break. Need to make these on a 3D printer
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    More doors, I have had to resort to using one of better doors from the V8 project as time is against me, going on family hols for a week Monday and ian the painter want the panels tomorrow to get cracking. Bith doors need the wing mirror hole welding up, by once buzzed down were pitted to buggery. So just cut out and plated. The 'decent door' still needed a repair section letting in on the bottom. Not as mint as I thought it was so I do t feel so bad about using it now! Oh and the shell is back couple of bit are going to need sorting but he needed out of the workshop. And I spotted some runs on the sills and missed area at the back. But the most frustrating for us both is the pi hole below one of the rear vents. Ian thought it was a screw hole for a badge but alas it is not it was a pinhole from buzzing back some rust. He reckons it can be sorted, I hope so or its a full repainted of re quarter! But that aside I'm very pleased with how it has turned out. Chris (mantray) will vouch how rough the original paint job was. Ian has done a sterling job of the very bad rear quarter where it had a fire in the boot.