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    Spotted on the A90 between Fraserburgh and Peterhead this afternoon, it’s not often nowadays that you see a Manta in your rear view mirror!
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    Started fitting the 4ha floating axle , using original spring cups with avo adjustables and a 4 link fro 4 link boxes with rose joints and watts linkage I’ll post some pics later
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    Despite what I said earlier, I did manage to find a spare hour this afternoon So 1) Cut out the Steel patches that I need to fill the hole in the floor: The 2), in preparation for the work to be done when I get back, I decided to see how difficult it would be to remove the front and rear screens... Starting with the front screen, I removed the 'chrome' corners and infill strips and then I was ready to manipulate the rubber from inside the car. To my surprise, the screen came out easily after less than 15 minutes of messing about. Ads expected the bottom corners were shot, but the rest was fine, with just a little surface rust to be treated. The corners will need some thinking about, but they dont scare me too much - how difficult can it be?! Have a good evening everyone.
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    plus they will tell you the fuel flow rate too...
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    A quick lick of White Smooth Hammerite, prior to the stone chip: Oops, just spotted the drips on the outer pedal support bracket - oh well, the underseal will disguise those...
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    A tiny update this evening. Only applied some seam sealer to the joints I welded at the weekend - got to try to keep that horrible water off my work lol Not pretty, but who cares when there is a some stone chip and a couple of coats of underseal to go on top.
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    Well done Sam, everyone loves a nice cheap and easy fix.
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    Sorted on Sunday, cleaned all contacts & earths around side light, changed for a yellow & away we go. Thanks chaps.
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    I've got a bit of catching up to do! Only had seven cars in thirty years and two of them are my Manta and the car I'm driving now!
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    Some good progress to report in today's little update. This morning I have managed to repair the rusty inner wing area where it meets the chassis leg. Of course this area also extends into the engine bay in the area of the master cylinder, servo and the OSF rigid brake pipe. So we started of with this: After the usual origami: Then some cutting and welding later we now have this: This area can now be treated with corrosion resistant coatings, panel sealed etc. After that I can refit the servo and master cylinder. The last two jobs mentioned will probably be done early next week. Then its inside to tackle the floor...
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    Rear lights finally found! I really do like this colour
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    Some more progress tonight on the OSF inner wing / footwell area. First I had to cut away some more rust: Then I made up a couple of cardboard templates and cut the sheet Steel. After that of course the patches were welded in: Then after a quick waz with the flap disc: Later in the week I can start to work my way across the top of that area, before moving right to the section of the inner wing that sits just above the chassis rail. It's definitely easier replacing smaller sections, one at a time - rather than hack everything out and then try to figure out the shape and size of what used to be there... Sorry about the Orange tint on some of the photos folks, that's a reflection of my Offshore spec flame retardant overalls... Have a good one!
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    If you check my topics maybe you will find some more suitable pics...
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    Have the same opinion as Snowy: sometimes you got to give some work out, I have no ultrasonic cleaner and they have the fitting filters and so on. They clean the injectors under pressure in a ultrasonic bath while the injector is activated (powered) and give a test-result before and after cleaning.
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    Guaranteed by the end of my project I will have asked a thousand questions, I'm taking photos at every stage but I think putting it all back together may be more difficult especially the wiring and I'm hoping not to end up with a box of spares that I can't remember where they should go . I am allready seeing the benefit of joining the club . My weekends work was to de grease and paint the gear box, ignition coil and starter motor now they all have a fresh coat of black paint, a lot tidier than they were. Getrag 5 speed box in etch primer, Top coat black,