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    Picked this up today. originally an 1800 but had a red top conversion years ago to pep it up a bit. Will hopefully re installing an 1800. first off to get it running and getting a ticket on it as a running project. Then probably move it on, I don’t want to get into a full resto of it as I have enough long term projects lol. It needs the swan necks sorting and some bodywork. Looks a nice solid hatch as it has been garages since being off the road. There is a black interior available, would this make it more appealing to a future buyer? anyone Interested in it let me know. So over xmas will get my hands dirty on it.
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    Ok thanks I’ll pop to local scrapyard to see what’s there Bit more done this evening re fitted the roll cage and all the dash weekend I’ll be making all the brake lines or I might buy a set ready made have to alter the one from the front to the rear as I’m fitting hydraulic handbrake aswell as mechanical
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    Tonight I made the cardboard templates up for the other couple of parts of the NSR screen surround. Next I marked them out onto sheet Steel and cut them out ready for the weekends fun.
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    Found another pic of that orange 400 in action at the Kingdom Stages Rally, 2007
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    These are the 400's in my life. The black one belonged to a mate of mine. Was originally white with a CIH. I resprayed it black for him and he fitted an XE on TB's The red one was my old XE'd road car. Both sold on a few years back. Im currently building a new 400r with Austin mchales old monza engine 😅 My lastest 400r is getting its shell prepared by a fella called Mick Harris. He owns mhmotorsport (on Facebook). he rally's the two escorts himself and I think he maintains the safari 400.
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    Just been look all the pictures and I spot my car the white coupe this is how it looks now
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    "The best drivers squash the bugs on the side windows....." Lovely one here too. B
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    Great looking Gp B: And found this pic on internet of my own 400: Love the similarity...
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    Nicely sideways does it.....keep her lit lad....
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    Manta towing Manta 400r and scenic old barn backdrop....altogether lovely.
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    This black Shell Oils 400r my personal favourite, it belongs to my friend and I have had very enjoyable spins to shows in her....she's my favourite. This particular forest shot ticks all the boxes for me... this is the picture I love. I also really, really love the next batch of 3 photos, they are forest pictures of what I think used to be Welsh 400r's......pure porn in my opinion anyway. I'm sorry, but I seriously, seriously like these Welsh forest pictures....I hope you lads like them too. I'm thinking, which one?....can't decide....happy with either one. Excuse me but those forest shots are absolutely the dogs bolks.
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    I love this Gunmetal 400r on Compomotives beside the old barn picture....pure Manta pron.
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