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    And finally back on the road!! She's back on the road at long last!!
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    A pretty good day today. I finally managed to get the finished shape into the two parts of the OSR quarter I had been working on for the last couple of days: I then proceeded to work on the replacement Manta door: After that I prepared those two panels for a coat of primer: Then dusted them both for protection: Once the primer has dried out, there will be the inevitable going over with stopper filler to correct minor defects and pin holes previously invisible, then another light sand before some more primer.
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    Hi to you all
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    Finally got a copy of performance Vauxhall to see my feature. Well pleased.
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    Got a bit more done tonight rear brakes done connected rear flexis new alu rad arrived today and fitted but still waiting on the hoses also waiting on h/brake cable will be converting original h/brake to cable and fluid hope to front calipers done tomorrow need to make brackets to hold flexis to chassis post more pics tomorrow
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    Just got myself a Christmas present and joined the Opel manta club
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    I seemed to get quite a bit done in a short space of time this evening. First off I used a razor blade to reveal the Silver base layer on the AUTOMATIC badge. After a quick coat of lacquer we had this: Sadly a couple of the letters had sustained some damage in the past, but not too much I could do about that. After it had dried I refitted that to the car, I think it looks pretty good really. After that I mixed up a couple of batches of filler. The first one went into the mishapen boot leading edge. And the second one went into the lower section of the rear panel. I feel this has had a bump or two over the years as the whole thing is quite 'wobbly'. Finally I gave the two parts of the front spoiler a rub down and another coat of primer. As it turns out my frustration of last nights runs was really justified as I think most of that was propellant that had just evaporated off as they dried. So all they really needed this evening was a quick flat and they were ready to cover again. Have a nice evening everyone.
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    Thanks for the comments. This is the outer chassisrail, the further pics will explain the rest. Think it comes in two halves so the width is suitable to cover the original outer rail. Some don't have the skills to do the whole work and I can understand that. I am also more a mecanic than a welder. Took me ages to take that torch again. Maybe Herr Eckhard can answer your question? Some more pics: Fitting the reinforced inner rail, must be accurate there the bolt of the suspension is located: Welding the outer half, there are a lot of holes in the outer rail so spotwelding is easy: Reinforcing the inner rail where the vertical bolt of the front axle fits. Fitting the top inner rail: Everything welded, the silver look is cause I paint-spray everything (before welding) with inox-paint. It conducs electricity very well and is special for mig-welding so the overlay is protected against rust: Between the two inner rails some more reinforcing: Same on the inside of the other half: Ready to treat the seems with kit, as you can see the two halves are welded together wile I used a home-made spanner to keep the rail on its position. I had to cut some metal to keep the original width of the outer rail: @Evo: In the corner you can see the triangle hole, that needs some fixing as the little round hole above it. One detail: drilled one more hole to make the original fixation free of the earth cable.
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    Manage to sneak in the shop this afternoon Welded up the injector bosses in the inlet finally. Then got on with matching the fuel rail blank. Marked up and 6mm holes drilled then counterbored to 13mm for a nice fit. Then drilled and threaded the ends 14x1.5 for the AN6 couplers. Just need to come up with a nice couple of brackets to hold the rail down. My tigging has got worse lol, not had much practice lately to keep my technique up. It’ll do.
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    Maybe looking for a seat on our site of the sea, our passenger-seats are your driver-seats... And as all passenger seats they are not worn. Just an idee, finding one is something else. And shipping it to GB... Can always look around.
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    They sell them here: https://www.bresco.com/acatalog/Badge_Fixes.html
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    A bit more progress on the filling and sanding 'stuff' this morning. The rear lower section of the OS quarter is taking shape nicely, not too much more to do here really: The forward section of the same panel is a different story though, this needs a lot more work to get the lines matched up better. Patience is a virtue as they say: I used the left over filler to go over some areas of the bonnet. A couple of days ago I noticed some bad indentations on the NS. It looks to me as if someone has probably walked over it at some point... Oh well, what can you do - you just have to get on with it don't you?
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    Fair shout to your enthuiasim (prob spelt wrong) just picturing you and your family Ian, having xmas dinner sat around your Cavalier bonnet! You didn't did you?😏
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    You could be sat at a car show surrounded by cars with fantastic paintwork kicking yourself. Trust me 😆
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    Well I certainly wouldn’t buy from them I got one of Martins kits when I fitted it it was a perfect fit minimall fettling
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    It's out! I had to resort to cutting the head off, lovering the subframe down a bit and then it slide out to the side no problem. Not seized in the car at all but the bolt is well and truly seized in the bush. All the penetrating fluid hadn't touch it as it still looks bone dry. The bush is so far undamaged so I'm still only down one bolt. I'll worry about the bush later but it will be a lot easier with it off the car. That's all for a few days. Merry Christmas to anyone reading, and again, thanks for the advice and encouragement. Cheers!
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    Quick update, turbo fixed on day car, so back onto the Manta. I made up the rear lower panel and rear part of the floor, all welded in but can't finish the N/S yet until i have the spare wheel well. Anyway main hurdle was getting strength into the rear panel/floor so i could get it on the spit, now its on the spit, first job will be to remove all the underseal/ wax from every inch of the bottom of the shell. Hot air gun and firm scrapper usually does the trip and of course lots of patience!
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    Just had a little play with the dent between the number plate mounting screws. This is what I started with: After using Hermans suggestion of bar and clamps, and then a little heat and hammering I now have this: I'm fairly happy with that - a little filler will finish that off nicely.
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    Nice bit of kit Paul, is it good at cooling hot drinks too?
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    You could always go for an interior transformation & buy this for £50 as advertised on the Facebook group.
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    Any updates on this now that we are 3 years further on?
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    Oh! I can see what you have there now Ian, It's a Polar White Cavalier!!!! Well done mate. you should be mentioned in the New Years Honour's List
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    No excuses for me now....My lads have bought me a mig for Christmas! And the Mrs has bought me a shiny new tool box Bought myself the powerfile and panel splitter too. Moving house (again) on the 4th and will finally have a decent size garage where I can actually get around the sides and have space to work. Can anyone advise as where is best for welding supplies these days? I need some gloves and a helmet for starters and some sheet steel to have a go at the section near the rear of the sill. If it looks crap after finishing I'll buy a full panel but Ian's recent efforts have inspired me that it can be done.
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    Coming a long well there Ian, just be patient with the filler i know its not the best job around but the better you can get the finish the better the car will look when painted and all fitted back up.
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    When the bolts are stuck there is very little you can do. I weld a nice long bolt head to head on the stuck bolt and then use a bit of scaffold tube and a thick washer and a nut to pull the old bolt out, the tube sits against the chassis leg and you wind it out with a socket on a long bar. its a good way of saving the bushes. Replace the bolts.