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    Thanks for your help and advice guys, much appreciated. I actually received an exhaust downpipe gasket with the complete head set that I bought when I did the engine work a while back. However, your comments did make me check - its a perfect fit. A bit more work tonight with the drill and ta dah!: Another small step forwards... Have a good evening everyone.
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    Hi all, I will be taking ownership of a manta gte exclusive hatchback later this week. Body is actually superb for the year and is complete. I will need to change water pump but will also rebuild engine as it’s not been on the road for a while , put in a new clutch and so on. It has an irmscher steering wheel which I hope was standard equipment. It is on a D registration plate and I will upload pictures and full details when it arrives. i am hoping the engine rebuild is as simple as I remembered for these cih engines . paul
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    Patience and time sort a lot of things out. Nice work there, great thread (no pun intended ) you are building up on the forum.
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    I've never heard it called that before!
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    Also a good company on ebay called Graphics4classics. used them a lot and great to deal with
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    I'm using stainless with split washers and never had a problem. Can't remember if I've used hex or cap heads as its been a while since I've seen them!