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    Started putting bits back on and 1st coat polish on some of the panels. Still can't make up my mind on silver or satin black mesh ?
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    It is most definitely not a show car . I will take it to some but only as a means of getting there. This is /has been built to have fun and cure a teenage obsession.
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    We have had this one for a couple of years and put it on the backburner. The blaster said he was coming a few weeks ago so it was time to start the restoration process It is an E reg one owner car All paint removed from the delicate parts using paint stripper and a DA The shell is mint apart from the pass A post and some other small bits
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    Possibly ill check in the morning
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    Tricky one. Both look good however, I'd be tempted by the silver. It sort of depends whether you want subtle or a contrast.
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    Its a very good shell. I have seen it and when done will be a stunner!
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    I love it Colin, great work.... I'd forgotten about the mesh, will be taking a trip to get some soon!
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    Not sure if you can buy a battery tray for rhd car, i did find one but it was for a left hand drive car so obviously wouldn't fit as on other side of car. If you can get them please let me know for next time. Onto the wing rail next. As other side i over lapped new panel by 10 mm allowing me to weld by sides. Next was the outer light surround Always like to drill out spot welds where possible, makes thing neater. New piece fabricated and welded in As the lower front panel was bent in a few places and a bit rusty i decided to remove it as i managed to buy a new section (ebay). Front corner finished so onto the cill As you can see its pretty bad at the front and back so off it came! As the other side i can now rebuild the 3 sections between the b post and front of the rear arch, this is hidden by the cill but still needs to be strong so i used slightly thicker metal. The section in the front has a bottom lip which will be welded to the outer cill from the bottom. All treated and ready for new cill. I didn't show it but you MUST hang the door back on to make sure all the gaps line up, because once welded your be in big trouble then trying to adjust gaps. TBC
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    Ok so O/S finished with all nice clean solid metal. Onto the N/S! Firstly removed all of the floor that was rotten along with part of the wheel arch section and inner wing Again floor section from RetroPower, it comes a lot larger than the piece i cut down to use so if your floor has gone wider and about 4" longer it would still fit. Just rested in place so i could start fabricating the arch section as i needed to remove it a couple of times to make panels fit better. Making sure all edges were clean and treated i offered up the new inner wing to pillar section again from RetroPower.A few tweaks and it fits spot on. I could then weld the floor in and finish making a section for the inner arch Next its onto the battery tray!
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    Washer bottle section first Little bit of bending and hammering and came up with this Cleaned up the area before i offered it up Couldn't find anymore pic's of that so jump forward to install of the new inner wing to A post section that i bought from Retro Power, a quality part. I had to fabricate a few more areas before moving onto the wing rail. Every area inside and out is treated to Hydrate 80 After lining it up with the wing etc i left it to over lap by 10 mm. I then welded it from both sides, i always tend to do this for extra strength when needed. Onto the outer light surround Cut away all rotten metal and fabricated a new section Just to recap i started this build back in April so don't think i did all this last night!
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    Our Andy doesn't like some of the factory seam sealer underneath as it looks slap dash so we will tidy it up and it will be all done in raptor grrrrr in body colour
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    First job was to remove N/S leg and rotten floor including jacking point. I bought a pair of floor sections from Retro Power. As the chasis legs come in 3 sections i had to weld them together before fitment Being 2 outer sections and 1 inner strengthener, only issue was they weren't long enough so i had to sleeve the rear section and extend further. Leg in place now and subframe bolted on to make sure all lined up, although this was a little bit of a headache as the O/S leg was completly rotten and missing so lots of measuring off different parts of the body. Floor just offered up at this point to make sure leg fits where it should. Then floor back out to finish off welding up the chassis Onto the O/S TBC