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    To be fair to steve mate,you said you were going to keep the manta as it is or was and show it off etc,had you said you were going to turn it into a 400 rep before the deal was struck, its fair to say there would of been no deal,and steve would of politely told you to jog on. Your right in saying you bought it and can do the hell what you want with it,the point is you never gave steve that choice as a seller,it works both ways Good luck with your search and I hope you find one,preferably an unfinished project build it then sell it to volksdevil,although I think he has given up now trying to find one.
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    My old car now owned by a friend in Ireland. Proper 5 stud too as converted by yours truly rear arches fitted using the Fergal McGovern method from the old Manta400.com site still spot on 12 years later although they've had another coat of paint since
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    Proper Fisher replica
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    M m dronton have new in Netherlands. Post to uk no problem.
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