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    Over the weekend of Friday 19th Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st October 2018 there will be a re-creation of the Lombard RAC rallies from the Seventies & Eighties that commenced from the centre of Bath. There are 122 cars entered including at 120 our own Kenny Chisholm. Jimmy Mcrae will be entry number 8 in the Manta 400. Stig Blomqvist in the Audi Quattro There are lots of interesting cars entered including Ascona 400, Chevette HS2300, Lotus Sunbeam, Metro 6R4, Rapier H120, Lacia Stratos, plus Escorts, TR7's etc. The cars will be leaving Great Pulteny Street Bath from 8:00 am On Saturday morning. Full details of the event are here with details of off road spectator stage. http://lombardrallybath.co.uk/
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    Masking up whole shell to prevent overspray. shell interior, engine bay, chassis and underside painted and finished in polar white 452, small amount of masking on the inside, Engine bay now finished, Underside, rear arches, front inner arches, chassis and floor has been stone chipped prior to being painted and now finished in polar white, boot finished in semi gloss black, Top side of shell given only one coat of polar white at the moment to give a seal, so I can build her back up and return it to the bodyshop as a rolling shell for final paint, and at this stage the bonnet, boot, doors and wings will be fitted and all painted at one pass so as to get a good paint match, they are all prepped and ready to go, im at the stage of getting her home now to start running brake and fuel lines, master cylinder and brake servo fitted, then sub frames, engine, gearbox, exhaust, radiator, hoses, steering rack, suspension etc, A good place to be, the long wait has been worth it, 15 months in the bodyshop, they were doing it between jobs and that was the understanding and arrangement, this way I was able to keep a lid on costs and make the project feasible.
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    Rear lights finally found! I really do like this colour
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    Been a long tiring day and my hand is starting to hurt, but the OS sill is ON! I started the day by drilling drain holes in my horizontal gussets then treating all of the bare metal that will be hidden inside the sill area. Then I set about cutting the cheap (only £8.00) panel I found on Facebook Marketplace to the length needed. Next I 'adjusted' the width of the body hole to match the full height of the repair panel. A few tack welds were added, then on with the real stuff... Some time later with the welds dressed up to look a bit better: This work then allow me to add the closing plate to the sill end, just below the lower half of the inner wing: This plate will be drilled tomorrow to allow the injection of some Waxolyl or something similar. During the week I will do all the usual panel sealing, priming, undersaling etc etc I'm actually very pleased with the way the sill area on this side has turned out, another step forward! Cheers everyone.
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    Spotted on the A90 between Fraserburgh and Peterhead this afternoon, it’s not often nowadays that you see a Manta in your rear view mirror!
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    More messing around with cardboard templates this evening. Its surprising how long this process actually takes. I have quickly learnt though that the time taken to produce a template is repaid by the ease of fitting/welding it in place, plus it just seems to look better. I will get the rust cut out from the areas I have called 3 and 4 and hopefully get the patch panels cut out of the sheet and grafted in over the weekend.
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    Mileage looks to be genuine going by the condition of the interior...no splits in the gearstick gaiter...still has the grain effect on steering wheel...and the Daytona check looks outstanding May be a non sunroof hard to tell in the pics...looks to only need a small amount of paint to make totally mint.....seems a very nice original genuine car..check it out on ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/manta-gte/232953759164?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D52945%26meid%3D4710938007334db6ab371b91fe99664e%26pid%3D100010%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D12%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D202453785548%26itm%3D232953759164&_trksid=p2047675.c100010.m2109
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    That is a stunning car mate, i should imagine its going to a real wrench to let that go. Good luck in finding a good home for her.
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    Some more progress tonight on the OSF inner wing / footwell area. First I had to cut away some more rust: Then I made up a couple of cardboard templates and cut the sheet Steel. After that of course the patches were welded in: Then after a quick waz with the flap disc: Later in the week I can start to work my way across the top of that area, before moving right to the section of the inner wing that sits just above the chassis rail. It's definitely easier replacing smaller sections, one at a time - rather than hack everything out and then try to figure out the shape and size of what used to be there... Sorry about the Orange tint on some of the photos folks, that's a reflection of my Offshore spec flame retardant overalls... Have a good one!
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    Keep plugging away Ian, your bravery is only matched by your determination! Thanks a lot for the effort in documenting everything. Great stuff to follow for us mere mortals! Fin
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    Spotted by a friend on holiday on a little island called Sivota off Corfu. Said it looks abandoned on the side of the road.
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    Unfortunately this afternoons trip out was cancelled, so another couple of hours were spent on the boot lid. All the underneath support strips were welded in, then all of the welds were dressed with a flap disc. After that I did a trial fit and it seems OK. It will certainly need some filer in two low spots and also a little panel beating here and there, but generally I'm quite pleased. Yep, I did
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    Got a bit more done on the boot lid today. I have finished welding the outside, but haven't yet dressed the welds there yet. Next I made up some templates for the underside/inside strength/support structure. I got these cut out of sheet Steel a short time ago, bent them up, then roughly tacked them in place. I think that they will be OK and should allow the lip to be folded over to give a nice strong, neat edge - fingers crossed. We are off out this afternoon, so that's me done for the weekend - more soon hopefully.
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    Very nice & rare Cavalier saloon for sale in Autotrader https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201809020086353?make=VAUXHALL&model=CAVALIER&postcode=yo626pd&advertising-location=at_cars&sort=sponsored&radius=1500&onesearchad=New&page=1
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    Started fitting the 4ha floating axle , using original spring cups with avo adjustables and a 4 link fro 4 link boxes with rose joints and watts linkage I’ll post some pics later
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    A tiny update this evening. Only applied some seam sealer to the joints I welded at the weekend - got to try to keep that horrible water off my work lol Not pretty, but who cares when there is a some stone chip and a couple of coats of underseal to go on top.
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    6 linked fully floating atlas . Not be ready next year unless I win the lottery.
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    Quite possibly. A nice drive out with my lad and a couple of pints. Father son bonding. ..
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    Wow that's nice would reckon on 10k plus
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    I can only echo what Chris has said, beautiful and reminds me of my sadly departed SR and how I wanted mine to look, if I had the cash I'd not have even posted the pictures If you do part I hope you find the right person who will look after her.
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    It’s only certain types of men that get excited over boxes of bolts and hardened metal.... also so picked up the rebuilt scimitar axle. Needed quite some work, but luckily Tim at central axles Birmingham came through with the correct crown wheel and pinion. he said it was totally trashed, Looks to have been left too low on oil at some point. I will be giving a lick with a wire wheel and some grey machine paint as the satin black is just on there for effect I reckon lol.
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    i think this chap has been sniffing the glue as i sold this car to scott taylor from kirkintilloch 4yr ago scott brought it up to a good standard but run out of cash. didnt require floor pans ? only 1 swan neck req welding im sure scott run a thread on it also it isnt a gte its a berlinetta origionally also ownership i was the 3rd so must be 5/6 by now. hope this helps people cheers wullie
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    So its Blue Peter time again... Earlier I marked out the first area to be repaired and made a cardboard template as required: Then I transferred that shape to one piece of the recycled Steel taken from the scrapped drivers door: This means that this particular piece of Steel will be re-homed literally inches from its original home of about the last 40 years, that make me feel happy lol Then it was time to cut out the rotten section in preparation for the new piece: This afternoon I cut out the Steel and prepared it for welding in place tomorrow night. It looks like it should fit nicely - phew. Have a nice evening everyone.
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    That's news to me! I haven't arranged a viewing with anyone. Unless the person he spoke to sounded rather pissed
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    So long as the distortion is limited to the rear facing edge rather than the top and there are no high spots higher than the actual panel itself then it should skim over nicely and finish with a large sanding block .i once made a cavalier wing out of an ascona one and you couldnt tell the join even thou there was quite a bit of initial weld distortion. A far cry from some of my early wheelarch attempts where it looked like it had been riveted on ! It will be fine ,just make sure its well waterproofed/ sealed against inside outside damp penetration
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    you have some balls bud i would have binned that bootlid and used another wont you get a lot of distortion on the panel?? cheers wullie
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    Got another ecu and she lives again! The tweaks at the roadside meant that initially she was revving up to 2000 or so rpm & falling back every few seconds. I realised the stop on the end of the throttle was screwed out quite a way, eased that down, played with the air-bypass allen screw on the metering head and she's idling steady at around 900 rpm. Thanks again for all the comments and suggestions, I've learned a lot over the past couple of weeks :-) Now thinking I should learn about replacing the very tired looking vacuum servo & master cylinder but that'll have to be another thread.
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    That list is too short..... 4 points, double it, there is always more. Great progress as always
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    Designed and fabricated some repair plates for the OS inner and outer sill area this morning, plus a patch plate for the front jacking point support. As you will see from the next photo, my plan is to add strengthening plates between the top of the inner and outer sills, these will be drilled for drainage after they have been welded in place. There will be additional gusset plates added to tie the lower parts of the inner and outer sills together after the back plate has been welded into position (the large plate is the first photo). I might be able to get everything welded in later, if not tomorrow. Have a good weekend!
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    That was an 1800 before it was converted to a GTE. Its the only reason I can think of that the ecu would be in the engine bay, you need to drill a big hole in an awkward place to run the ecu wiring and its often not done. Also, the rubbing strips on the side were a Berlinetta 1800 thing, not GTE.
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    Often lowering them too much gets the front bump stops hitting the lower arms over bumps. You can shorten the bumpstop towers to move the rubber further away from the arm thus giving more travel before hitting. Or you can put standard height springs in. Personally i like standard height GT/e springs, preferable 400lbs up front with standard rears and a full set of Bilstein dampers. That makes a manta really handle
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    Sun morning photo of vboa rally should sort that.
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    Guaranteed by the end of my project I will have asked a thousand questions, I'm taking photos at every stage but I think putting it all back together may be more difficult especially the wiring and I'm hoping not to end up with a box of spares that I can't remember where they should go . I am allready seeing the benefit of joining the club . My weekends work was to de grease and paint the gear box, ignition coil and starter motor now they all have a fresh coat of black paint, a lot tidier than they were. Getrag 5 speed box in etch primer, Top coat black,