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    Hi Mark and the others, all panels from the Dr-Manta shop you can also buy from me. The price is the same, by me is PayPal possible. This is an additional service to my chassis legs. The chassis legs at the Dr-Manta shop are my production. Regards Eckhard
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    Ok I know it's been months since I've given an update, but I thought that I would upload a few images so that you can see what's been happening since May with a little bit of text as a guide. Thanks to everyone who has given solid advise, long live the club and the forum!!!!!! that reminds me ..... my subs are due!! Here we go! 1) Complete strip and rebuild and repaint of extended prop shaft. Torque tube blasted with new rubber centre support and new bearing inserted 2) Axle strip and check over, repainted and hand cut gaskets made for re-assembly 3) Front suspension fully stripped and repainted. 4) Hub bearings checked for wear (they are like new), New front discs fitted, ATE callipers stripped and repainted, assembled with New seal kit from "The Big Red" 5) Full rack and pinion strip, check and rebuild and adjust up fitted with new gators (Images Above) 6) Rear brakes completely rebuilt with new handbrake cable, brake drums, brake fitting kit, slave cylinders, shoes (Everything apart from self adjusters) 7) Complete master Cylinder rebuild with new original ATE seal kit, and new reservoir rubber seals. 8) Complete Engine strip and rebuild, with polished rear oil seal journal (-0.003") with new seal, Front crank pully fitted with a new speedi-sleeve and seal, new valve stem oil seals, new water pump, new cam chain, cam tensioners and tensioner guides. BEFORE AFTER 8) Engine fitted yesterday That's it for now!
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    I have part numbers for you - Chrome Trim - 09287847 (Opel Part 13 24 261) Black Trim - 90038017 (opel Part 13 24 266) A very quick online search showed up a couple of places you could try in Mainland Europe for this. (The moulding trim is found in Group 13 - Cooling. Not the first place you would look for it!)
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    Yep it's screwed every thread I've ever done on omoc the photobucket bastards. I even paid for a subscription for many years to their site and now they want £300 to reinstate the photos on threads. Loads of people on other forums complaining. If we hosted our own pics like the mig welding forum ( yep a mahoooooosvie following and club, er, no) we would not be in this position. However the club seems to spend its revenue on club BBQs for the few that attend a once a year meet and continue to flog a dead horse that is the club mag sent by snail mail and put in the bin 20 mins after it arrives.
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    Dude you hit the nail on the head or struck a chord with the OMOC bit,because if you can afford an I phone you sure as hell can afford to pay £25 a year membership. Apart from that I like your spirit and your hearts in the right place if you know what I mean. As danny said to me earlier, just get with the dam programme.
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    I have been out Monday Tuesday night this week, not likely you managed Aberdeen on your trip. I met a guy with a mk1 escort who had pulled over to take a pic of my 400r with his escort behind. He was so excited to see the 400r. He was 40 ish and had never seen a manta in the flesh before. Only place I see them is on the nephews x box.........I often get thumbs up from cars and bikes when I am out. There hopefully will be a couple out on the roads up this way next year! There are a few guys busy in their garages last year and this year , hoping to be on the road for next year. Just added this pic of my v8 on a road run ...........last year, best I can offer!!
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    Team Manta North West do it again, all bits sorted (for the moment).. Thanks to Danny & Kev Abbott. Cheers.
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    Ok. So back onto this now as the exclusive hatch and the mancona are done. Work shop tidied up A posts added. All panels zinc primed inside sills replaced. I always find the bend in the lower part isn't ever enough so it's over to the bench for a bit of late night bending all the crap cut out and and butt welded where possible rear corner section replaced from a cut off a non spoiler b series ( I don't throw anything away ) lots of bilt hammer used and plenty of Electrolux thrown around
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    It is completed. Fully restored. See the eBay advert. Great car. Rare. Will ever depreciate like modern crap.
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    A leaking door seal passes the MOT, a missing crucial panel sends a car to the scrappers. You only need seals AFTER you have a floor. Before that the water runs out the bottom anyway
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    Mini shocks fit. Standard cheap way of modification. Just cut your springs
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    Hello all...glad I found this site. Been looking for more Opel heads out there. I live in St.Paul, MN and I have owned a 1974 Opel Manta Luxus (Hedda) for the past five or so years. A very good friend of mine had it for ten years prior and had found it south of Chicago in an environmentally controlled garage where it had sat for 20 years. Very little rust and only superficial surface if any. The automatic transmission was hatched when he found it and he dropped a four speed rebuilt into it. I have since updated some of the ignition as well as performed a two barrel weber conversion. I was told by my friend that he "thinks" there were in-line 6 cyl. options marketed in europe and that there is a V6 by GM that would mate up to my transmission. I am having difficulty finding out which engine it is that would fit. Does anyone here know of such an engine? Any info would be of great help. Thanks and I look forward to reading up on more topics here.
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    Here is me cutting and fitting the rear arches Christmas day and boxing day 2015 they was a real pain to do. driver side turned out better as i done it last lol Yes id say it would, something different. There is a serious amount of white 400r i know i went white as well lol, but id loved to of tried something diff but i played it safe and stuck with white.
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    right i have not been on the forums in a wile but i have a lot done to the manta now. Here is the kit i got good strong kit.
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    I will be selling a Manta GT/E hatchback, it's just having paint now and will be ready. It's very rare as it's one of the last GT/Es sold in the uk with a MEGA rare recaro interior. (Pics are before I stripped it to paint it) It has had a few tasteful things swap and changed 400 style mirrors, exclusive rear bumper, rear infill, brand new GM back box, quad headlights, black exclusive alloys, new radio (original supplied with car), uprated and lowered springs. This car has had all the work done in order for it to last many years to come. Full respray (to smarten it up), new wing, all inside waxoyled, fullly serviced, new fuel lines (front to back), new battery, new fuel pump, new headlights, new front discs and pads, new rear drums and cylinders. I was building it to keep but new house forces sale. £4995 and car will be fully MOT'd, expect it to be finished in a month.
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    Yep it's always surface rust
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    No price. " believed to have lsd fitted " if you have a LSD on your manta you know you have one F&&k photobucket
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    Sorted! The quarterlight windows are now sporting the reprotec lever fixings and hinges - work a treat tbh! I went down Plumbsters route and used little bolts to attatch the plastic handle, I tried the rollpins, but tbh I was very worried about bending the fixing or even breaking the window as I drove them in. Bolts will be easier to disasemble too if I ever need to. Thanks for the helps chaps!
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    This is a close as mine has got to the road in the last 12 years!! :-) Maybe one day she will be out and about in Dorset!!
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    I appreciate you are not in it for profit, selling on parts doesn't need to be for profit, but if you are weighing in parts that would keep other mantas on the road that's a waste. Completely yours to do with as you wish but still if they could help other Manta owners keep their car on the road it isn't really in keeping with the clubs aim of preserving Mantas That said no one has cut up more Mantas than Manta enthusiasts over the years
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    fitting my front wings
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    This going to be a great car when done!
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    Looks the biz with a great spec,but not to sure about the roof vent....lets deal with that the sunroof arrangement. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1981-OPEL-MANTA-GT-J-2-0-16v-/222602856430?hash=item33d42a07ee:g:gocAAOSwIIhZhJjS
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    Paul's car. He sold it to a mate who said he would hold it to release some money for a business. It hasn't got the 350 horse engine in it Paul built but it does have around 200 horse. Paul is gutted it is up for sale. Great build. Solid shell. Great engine.
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    I think remanufacturing bits is pretty good to all of us. But I think there should be a priority to full rubber sets (weatherstrips) for both doors. Its near to impossible to find a FULL rubber set new. In my opinion to have the car completely DRY is a top priority and then to be beautiful
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    Fair point Kev but the second hand ones are usually scrap and for the relatively small cost of set up, I'm sure there would be more of a demand for these cheaper parts than for rear quarter panels. It was just a thought to test the process really so that we can see how it goes.
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    Just use standard springs and cut a load off and then try until you like the look. You will have to remove the front bumper stop cones and replace the bump stops and cut the back ones down. My red coupe is on its bump stops. Looks great and handles good too. The look is well worth the money spent in physiotherapy
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    Yeah, the situation with photobucket is a joke and many has fallen for it unfortunately, though from what I remember it's really great project
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    Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show on Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th March 2018 NEC Birmingham. Just to let you all know, I have submitted the application for for this show to the orgnaisers today. Save the date in your Diaries for next year. As this is a rapidly expanding show, (Its officially the fastest growing Car Show in the UK), we are not guaranteed to get a stand but at least we have been early wiht our application form. I have asked for a space for 4 cars and a gazebo, so fingers crossed. Simon P and I organise the attendees for this show and I know that Simon already has a list of cars that have enquired about attending. If you are interested, by all means get in touch but as it is a prestigious show, there is usually a bit of a waiting list to get your car on the stand. We also like to have the best cars possible representing the club but as this is a restoration show, we would also like "Before" and "After" examples, so fresh barn finds are equally welcome at this event! http://www.necrestorationshow.com/ https://www.facebook.com/NECRestorationShow/?ref=hl https://twitter.com/NECRestoShow Regards, Paul.
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    Yes, the one just by the bridge, it does a mean curry😀
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    I'll do that in 8 mins in the Manta See you soon
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    Quote from the listing Hmmmmmmmm, possibly looking at that
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    Its a shame more are not out and about, when the sun's out, there's nothing better than taking her for a blast, the looks you get are priceless, I was stopped by the police last year just so they could have a look.
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    Have a look on https://brakeparts.co.uk/ I am unsure on Mk's of Astra after E (Opel), 2 (Vauxhall) Mine has Frod Serria calipers on the back with XR3 discs, it is what came with the axle.
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    If you paid for it then some one else will pay for it, ebay and recoup money and / or help out other Manta owners with parts
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    If the shell is generally solid apart from the chassis rails then it will have no problem on the jig. I tend to do one chassis rail at a time, leaving the other one there for body strength. If the shell is rotten in various area's the bits i always do before mounting on spit are the inner wings, and wing mounting rails. They put a lot of strength into the front end to prevent movement when you have a jig mounted to the front of the chassis rails. Without these being solid if you have the car upside down and remove a chassis rail you cantweak the shell around the inner wing/bulkhead join. If you area actually going to replace the full chassis rail all the way to the bumper mount you will want the car supported by other areas when removing it all. I would have it rolled to 90deg with the leg being worked on at the top (chest height) then an axle stand under the shell resting on the A post at the strongest point, and then an engine hoist with straps around the roof pillars to take the shells weight. That way the front spit upper mount is not taking any load at all. If you are just replacing the rail to the top of swan neck leaving the inner wing front rail then it can just sit on the spit with an axle stand to hold it in place/rest on A pillar such as this With a solid upper shell you can even turn the shell over on the spit with the swan neck/floor rail off and holes in the floor and front of sill (to access jacking point inner structure) so you can always weld at the correct downhill angle to get the neatest results (and check you have the fit perfect from all angles)
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    The Manta Club participation in the arena parade was declined on behalf of the Manta Club by someone else a long time ago, Then attendance in the arena parade was organised by a different person and no one told me, The VBOA Rep, That is until it was mentioned as an aside in a conversation at 23:30 Saturady night ! Goodness why but it seems that i was the last to know what the Plans of the Manta Club were reguarding the VBOA. What the hell ???? If people haven't got the interest or imagination to look around the huge VBOA Show and instead sit around bored on Sunday then thats there problem, why should the few who have job of organising the Manta Club work the WHOLE weekend to keep people entertained ? The Manta Club timetable we have now is perfect, Saturday the club does all the things that keep us on our Club Stand, Shine & Show, results, BBQ, Quiz. Sunday there is the arena parade for selected / volanteered / press ganged Mantas, Otherwise there is free time to go and look at the wider VBOA Show rather than being compelled to remain on the Manta Club Stand on both main days of the VBOA Show to complete the weekends Manta Club activities. People leaving Sunday lunchtime is exactly what was intended by this timetable, those who have a long way to travel to get to the show don't have to stay Sunday night and take a day off work Monday, something that a lot of people can't do or don't want to try and afford. This is what happens at Cars Shows in the Netherlands, If you can afford or get Friday off work then you get to the Show as early as you can on Friday, if not get to show as early as possible Saturday, all the activities take place on Saturday including the legendary Dutch Saturday night parties, Sunday you are free to stay as long as you want but leave in time to get home. utter logic. The Answer to this is for a few of these bored people who haven't already got a Manta Club duty at the VBOA Show to organise an activity for Sunday morning that is seperate from all the other official activities of the Manta Club, so those others that are bored can be enterianed, those that want to see the whole VBOA Show won't miss important Manta Club events.
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    Gone and bought a roll over spit today fitted up with car should have bought one years ago makes life a lot easier