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    A few more pictures. Il start a project thread to help with motivation, as there’s a few jobs ahead, starting with a roof skin swap.
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    The purists might not like this one but here is my project 🙂
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    Axles all painted up now and both put back into car. Always fun trying not to scratch the paint! New springs and shocks all round and super pro bushes. Just ordered brake and fuel lines so can get on with that next week, before they turn up i'll try and work out all the bits i have in a couple of boxes to see whats missing and also work out what goes where.
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    I have been doing some research into the origins of this bonnet after its ended up in my possession I believe it is from south africa but isn't from a manta as such. Its from a mk1 cavalier that was sold by GM in SA with teh manta nosecone under the Chevrolet brand and was called a Chevair its also refered to as Vauxhall U car for some reason. Didn't have a diesel engine but did have a 2300cc petrol engine that originated as a 6 cylinder chevy engine that they redesigned as a 4 cylinder. Must have been a bit tall for the standard bonnet hence the slight bulge to accommodate it. More info on this site HERE you can't see much of a bulge in the pictures it is there but very subtle. When looking at it next to a genuine manta bonnet it is much more noticeable
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    phase 2 started. Gearbox rebuild, uprated clutch, wheel speed sensors for traction control, brackets being made for ac compressor.......then boost control and rolling road . ‘Only’ 320bhp at the moment while I put a 1000 miles on the newly rebuilt forged engine so be interesting to see what it makes - somewhere between ‘plenty’ and ‘too much’ I expect
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    I noticed a post on Facebook says it was converted to 'i200' spec by AGJ Motors in Pontefract. By co-incidence, I came across this photo a few days ago and thought the name rang a bell. So presumably AGJ Motors were a bit more than your average Vauxhall/Opel dealer back in the mid-80's. Opel Manta 400. Prepared to full works specification by Tim Ashton and Gavin Cox at BTR Preparations, Castleford Yorks, for AGJ Motors in Pontefract,Yorks. 2.4 litre Phase 2 engine by Swindon Engines.Kevlar panels,made in Switzerland. This early publicity shot taken in early 1983.
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    I think thats way too cheap. worth 5-6k all day long
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    A666 MFC has been the subject of a little bit of chat recently on here and on the Farcebook group. Ive not seen the car for a while but I understand that it is in a good state of repair and has been well looked after recently. Go on.......you know it makes sense!
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    I hope that all O M O C members realize that we are getting all this excellent info for just 25 quid a year, I have never seen so much detail in any other club.
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    These 'bodge' repairs still kept these cars from being scrapped which mean they can now be repaired properly. Looking forward to seeing this when it's done.
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    More tig today. The A is so tight for space down the side of the block and tunnel. Im going to have to make the secondaries removable to get the manifold in. Lots of work involved in doing that now. The rest of the system should be child’s play compared to this mani.
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    Luckily i have a large shed for all the bits! So much nicer working in space with some light, back in the day i'd be climbing under the cars kicking parts and stuff as i went. Front and back panels in primer now and also the boot preped and painted in matt black. Took me a few hours to get the sound deadening in and looking nice, the pads were cold so kept cracking. Bit of heat and patients, happy with the results. All the sections needed are painted now to allow me to start thinking about fitting the axle, front suspension etc back in. I started to prep the axle and bits today using a wire wheel in my grinder, blimey suprising the amount of crap that comes off these bits, i was covered! I had most of the front axle and trailing arms etc powered coated. Hopefully gets these painted over the next few days
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    I have him! I have him! Safe now from the butchers who wanted to Manterise him! Spent a lot of money on him already and about £4K left to invest! Waste of money? All depends whether you luv Sapphire Blue Mk1 Cavalier 4 Door versions! I do and it’s the nearest I’ll ever get to my late fathers Cav CTL114T
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    The 2 top pics are taken by me, did some measurments of my 400 for a topic on this forum: Anyone Have A 400 Rear Axle Bracketry Jig? By falk5150, October 19, 2014 in Basic Tech help
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    Wow! i think I’ll out the black A series shell I have on eBay at the weekend.
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    Box has gone away for the rebuild, so while the engine is out, I have decided to give it a bit of a freshen up. Altho the cam belt has only done about 2k it is over 14 years old, so new cam kit was ordered. Changing the cam belt will also give me the chance to swop the current "A" Ex cams for some "G" cams. New cam seals fitted. New kit fitted and all timed up. It was a good job that I did strip the engine down, as on removing the clutch cover I found that the drive plate was starting to break up. More expense to get an upgraded clutch kit.
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    Keep it, the value is only going rise ( rapidly at the moment it would seem ) and come along to a car show or two, you never know with a for sale in the window you might connect with the right person.
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    Well after day one of stripping the front end there is some nasty patching up done so I must have this rectified to bring it back too its former glory ... Onwards and upwards
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    Yep thats the same one, needs a bit of love in a few places but Jon will work his way through it all and get it perfect again.
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    Sunroof back in and working with new seal in place. What a ball ache cutting and gluing that on. Now the bit i have been waiting for car up on axle stands . Let the polishing bengin.😂😂😂put up aphoto now of the sides of the car so I can see the difference in a week or 2 once it's polished up.waste paper bin used again on pic 5 for the mesh for a quid per bin and I used 2 bins for the bonnet and bit under the windscreen pmsl.
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    Cranked up the tig today to get going on the manifold. The car has a system I lashed together in my rush to get it ready last year but was always going to put a decent system on. Retro powers waiting list is so long now for stuff as they are so good, so seeing as I have all the gear and little bit of an idea bought a tonne of bends to have a bash. I’m not back purging, naughty but can’t be arsed. Half way through primaries
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    Love this topic, @robah: did this so many years ago on a starfighter F104...(sorry of topic)
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    Agreed on both counts. Some decent photos and a better description would make all the difference. The sun must shine up there occasionally! One thing's for sure, that's the engine that Opel should have fitted to the run-out batch of Exclusives. It would have made all the difference, as it did for the Cavalier SRi.
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    Thats exactly how I did it, used a stanley knife to cut into the bottom of the U channel section, and removed enough to simply glue it on with contact adhesive. Will try to find you a photo over the weekend. This is the only one I can currently find, shows the seal being cut down.
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    Pictures now added to gumtree and here ! Enjoy !
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    A good hoard there! if you look and of course can afford the parts are there. Should be a good built and a mint car!
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    Thanks 🙂 there are more 🙂
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    Encouraged by the advice above, I decided that this morning I try to tackle this little job and get the oil pressure gauage working again (instead of just flying round to max as soon as you turn the key). Being a coward, I thought I would start easy and gradually work through things hoping to find something like a broken wire to fix. With all wires present and correct, I turned my attention to the black connector block behind the back of the engine protruding from the loom. Generally the connector was very grotty, so I set above cleaning everything up and popping the terminals out for a good going over with some sandpaper and a liberal spraying with WD40. Imagine my surprise when I turned the key and the needle moved up to the start of the red and sat there with the warning light lit (as it did before). I started the car up and it was working normally! I only ran the car for a few seconds as the garage door was closed, but a couple of quick revs made the gauge needle rise and fall nicely, so all seems to be good. It must be my lucky day!
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    I wondered what my son was up to! The SRi started life as my company car and covered motorway miles in the first 3 years. Mileage whan I bought it off my then company was 66k in 1995. I used it as a daily until 1997 with the mileage then on 88k. Then I got bored of it and tucked it up where it’s been ever since. One day I’ll get it out, Steve Hancock (1900SR) is keeping guard over it. Think there are only 200 odd left? Steve will tell us👍
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    Hallo I am new, from Cape Town South Africa. Trying to restore my Manta. Jordaan
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    I was going to make a comment here, but I am lost for words, I don't know what to say!!!!!!!!!
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    I share your sentiments re those replacement rear aprons. Horrible! I've also read that about the different steering rack. Can't recall where though. My 87D GT/E Coupe came fitted with the Irmscher back box which at the time was a pleasant surprise. Re the trim strip below the headlights, take a look at the original German brochure photos below. It's in place and in body colour. Must have been deleted before they hit the UK market. https://www.flickr.com/photos/63416089@N06/albums/72157631537945394 Just noticed this car which was for sale a while back: http://car-from-uk.com/sale.php?id=25868 Another of the D Plate batch. It also has the trim strip in place and again in body colour. Maybe the runout batch were different. Probably saved a few quid by deleting it.
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    It says 'Exec' on the log books for some silly reason but the log books are different. The rear bumper was either a RMJ, Elegance or Irmscher aftermarket type as fitted to this car, i personally can't stand them! The different bits fitted to the exclusives were quad lamps (no trim strip under lights) no washers in bumper Red decals Black wheels with silver edges round washer bottle green glass (apart from the 2ltr hatches and dolphin grey coupes) different steering wheel red piping on seats A/C style heater controls (also fitted in later GT/Es) Irmscher backbox Irmscher 'fatter' three piece spoiler Irmscher rear bumper and backflash I also heard a very interesting rumor that the Exclusives has a slightly quicker steering rack on them which i would love to find out if its true with two original cars.
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    Totally agree, I've had a few escorts and they are just as bad. Just a lot more of them around originally, so plenty of good ones survived. Scrap yards still used to be full of them. Fords have a much bigger following with the prices to match. Just been having a clearout of old escort parts the prices people are paying are ridiculous.
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    I will try and sort something out for pics . If anyone wants To phone for a chat about the car or arrange a viewing feel free to contact me. I have text some people pics from my phone. Please understand I am not a modern person that understand s gadgets , computers. I spend to much time in the garage. I needed help to get pics on this site previously , between my wife and a helpful member , we managed to get them on previously. If you want to contact my wife email , she can send them. Her email is jcantwell@hotmail.co.uk
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    Trims sprayed in mat black just waiting on new s/steel hex screw to re fit. Quite just now letting bank balance come back up again😂😂
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    hi steven.any luck yet. im sorry if it sounds alittle overcomplicated and im sure someone will come along and say you dont need to do this and you dont need to do that but im just ensuring you get the timing spot on first before doing any carburettor adjustments . problem is ,we dont know who did what to it before you got it and why it was running fast.and also i dont want to insult you either by assuming you know more or less than i think you do!. dont worry mate wel sort it.
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    Probably just wrong time of year.
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    said the man who vowed to me that he would never have another Manta ever again.......
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    Gents, The car is my car, I been deliberating a while as to whether to sell this car, once its gone I cant get another like it. I been a member on and off over the years , there are posts somewhere that I have mentioned the mileage and condition of the car are possibly archived. There are pictures there also. The condition of the car is genuine as is the mileage.I been asked many many times to sell it by various people local to me. How much do you ask for ? is a good question , its been a part of my life for so long , that's what it would take for me to part with it. May not be its true value , either way low or high. The car is only worth whats its worth to a person wanting it, its got to be right for me to sell it also. What makes an escort, nova, 205 so valuable, why not a manta? I am based in Aberdeen , I know people like Jock , Craig and Rab , are probably aware of the car, Mike ,Andy, Jim are guys who can vouch for its present condition. Email is a problem for me at the moment , trying to get my account unlocked is proving to be a pain.
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    The Facebook group is great for getting immediate answers to a request for spares etc, for technical advice like you are giving you cant beat the forum.
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    I think that I am nearing the end of the first third of this project. Before I started this, I decided to split the project up into parts that I could focus on and (hopefully) achieve without feeling too overwhelmed by the whole bigger picture. My thinking was that this way, one of the ends was always going to be in sight. So I split it up as follows: 1) Try to get all major systems working again. 2) Tackle the bodywork. 3) Interior and exterior revamp i.e. respray etc So, with the above in mind, I thought it was a good time to take stock and see where we are and how far I have come in the 3 moths that I have had the car. When the car arrived, it was: - Not running (engine seized and ignition system 'messy') - Not driving (all of the brakes were virtually seized solid and the auto box was an unknown quantity) - Barely any electrical components working - Full of rust holes The car now: - Engine running - Braking system overhauled and fully functional - all electrics now working, with the exception of the alternator that is not charging the battery (diode pack suspected) - A running, driving, stopping vehicle for the first time in (suspected) 17-18 years. - Still full of rust holes So to finish off the first third, my next job is to overhaul the Alternator... Have a good week everyone
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    I have been using Cazana for a couple of years to check car histories etc. It's basically trying to sell you full vehicle histories etc. like an HPI check. Up until a few weeks ago it told where it was registered, how many owners it had, dates of changes in ownership and MOT history (same as the DVLA history). However, I note that the free information is now a bit more restricted. Probably to get you to pay for the info. It also links to any 'for sale' ads for said vehicle past & present hence why your Gumtree ad is being quoted. I'm not sure why yours is showing as £25K when the Gumtree ad states £20K. It's a bit odd.
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    Thanks again for the comments guys, Main thing is to make sure everything is as clean as can be, after using mig for the weld i grind first (making sure it doesn't get to hot) before finishing with 80 grit flap disc. This will leave a nice smooth finish, it then takes filler to finish off to a complete smooth finish before primer, then fine stopper, flatting this before priming again. I did brace the front of the car before removing a chassis leg and to make sure everything is square, this can take time but must be done to avoid any issues later with panels etc not fitting correctly. this car was exceptionally bad as both legs were gone so this made the front that much weaker. I do clean the metal to a nice smooth finish before welding, its just something i have always done. Yes i did shape the bonnet release hole as close as i could, i think there is a picture of this earlier in the build.
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    Hi Mick. Was pretty cool to accidentally stumble across this thread, I've just recently bought this car! I'm using it daily at the moment, but haven't had the chance to look through it properly yet, glad to hear it was in good Nick as soon as 2012, can't have deteriorated that much as it still has mot. I'm guessing you've had many a sportshatch have you? Thanks, David.
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    Cool if it is him could you sent him a photo of his old car from one of my posts pls .
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    It all depends on the rules the Young Timer series is run to, it might stipulate that the original glass be installed. I would guess that it is a Cam-in-head engine, Race series like Young Timer normally specify original engines which can be modified, so a 2.4 litre would very likely be a CIH. "Car comes with no papers" i would think this refers to either no homologation papers or no competition/race log book. I'd like to see a full, detailed spec for this car, it might be a really cheap way of getting a very well preped Manta which could be used for many different Motorsport disciplins.
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    Hope you do make £20k Gerry, it would set a new bench mark for Mantas, which woukld be good for Mantas in general, people would go to greater lengths to save more of them which would make it viable to create reproduction parts improving the parts situation for all of us. It has given me food for thought with my 31,000 mile hatch, 52,000 mile R reg coupe, at the very least the agreed value needs an increase.
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    Facebook is fine for what it is, however for in depth how to guides and the like it's pretty useless. You try finding something that was posted a few weeks back never mind days back and it's not easy. I'm for ever trying to find stuff I was following and it disappears. Fora, such as this one is a much better place for such things. The excuse always seems to be it's much easier to post photos on Facebook (which may be true) but I've never found it to be a problem adding photos here if you have a Flickr account (free) or indeed directly from my PC. Not so easy if using a tablet though.