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    Good morning Manta club Hopefully i should have my Manta A back on the road shortly although i am looking for a new acelarator cable if anybody can help me out I owned a Manta A sr back in the late 70s i could not resist this car when i saw it at auction 3 years ago hoping to have it out for early August Regards Alan
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    We had a great weekend, some pics: The Missus made some pics with the handy, got to upload them... Herman
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    Ok so here are the finished pic's! Sorry about the shade and glare, just when you don't want the blazing sun!
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    Quick pic of the wheels after i'd painted them Painted them inside and out. Car is now finished and today drove it on the road to the MOT station, drove really well with no issues While the car was on the ramp other mechanics kept walking over to it and the tester kept pointing at things, made me a bit nervous what he was pointing at, seemed like ages and he came back into reception to see me with a smile on his face and said!!!!!!!! i've had to fail it as it hasn't got the original radio, i then explained it was at home and will be kept with car, had a bit of banter and he handed me my new MOT well happy. Boss came out and asked what it was worth and loads of questions, before he asked i mentioned it wasn't for sale, the garage used to sell them back in the day and he remembered them and always fancied one. I will be valeting the car over the next few days before i post up the finished Pic's
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    Some pics from the smartphone: We had a great time, nice weather and I think a lot of "facebook-fans" cause we saw a lot of thumbs going up...
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    Back to welding and grinding for a while this evening - boring! Finished welding the top and edges of the lower patch panel in place, then ground down the welds a bit: There are some tiny pin holes to fill with weld, but generally that whole corner and lower edge is coming along fairly well now. The 'flange' that you see hanging down will be pushed up after the wheel well is cut out. I now totally agree with evo03 when he says that grinding is tedious and boring, it really is.... Anyway, Rome wasn't built in a day was it?
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    Apologies all, I completely forgot to post the photos from underneath the spare wheel well... Naturally the bare metal needs to be primer, then top coat, then stone chip and underseal.
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    ....and now on the Facebook Group for £8000 with additional photos. Would look more tempting if it were on it's OEM alloys and had the Exclusive decals applied. Easily sorted though.
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    Lets see if I can explain and add pictures editing while I go along The Blue dipstick is the 1.8 setup the other is Redtop At a rough gestimate their is a 40mm difference (the 1.8 is deeper lower item) Tried to show if fitted to block Measurements on dipsticks, one next to the rule is 1.8 dipstick Difference in bung height when both the dipsticks are level from the picture above. Maybe a cut down on the extension tube of the redtop setup by 40mm (approx.) would keep the redtop dipstick in play and remark the upper and lower limits as per 1.8 setup. Only a suggestion and not gospel or correct science as I have to work this out myself in the future.
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    Had a few spare minutes this afternoon, so decided to take the knotted wire wheel to the 'new' NSF wing to see what horrors were hidden under the surface... It was a pleasant surprise to find only three areas with smallish holes: I will get that cut out during the week and get some little plates welded in, job done. The two small holes above the sill location are for a 'Berlinetta' badge that was fitted, so they will get welded up too. The good news is that it is an original GM wing, so the fit is excellent.
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    I'll be popping down on Saturday, will be good to see you guys on the OMOC stand, my red GTE will be out in the car park. First outing!
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    Another hole patched up in the wheel well tonight - bit tricky to work on this one. Two elbows would have been useful It needs a lot more grinding back and levelling off, but another small step forward all the same.
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    Wishful thinking at £12,500 no matter what it actually cost to build 20 years ago. As has been mentioned previously, I doubt he will get many offers more than £7500. More so as it needs some work done to it. It's definitely a marmite car. He would probably be better holding on to it.
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    Why don't you just pay the £15 to become a web member? It's not a lot really!
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    Hi Chris, Sadly I can confirm that the wire feed motor is dead... Anyway, good old Facebook Marketplace to the rescue - I found this little fella nearby: It has only been used twice, great price and the seller said he would meet me half way - top man!! So this morning I was back in the game and I am pleased to report that I now have a solid NS floor and inner wing area - very pleased. All the plates are welded in, welds ground down and seam sealer applied (just the primer and/or underseal to apply once the sealer has dried): I realise that my work is rubbish compared to what many others on here turn out, but I did it myself, it is all rock solid and I feel quite proud to be honest. Chers all, have a nice evening
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    I think that the fact that this car is still up for sale at £14K but sold last year for around £6K tells most of us what we all know, the market dictates the price not the vendor. However it is a great example of a good car well presented with an excellent Ad.
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    Great day out at the Modified Nationals, with Simon Peckham. Yes, the Fast & Furious / Max Power cars certainly stamped there mark, but there were a good variety of other cars too. Not too many Old School, but thous that were there stood out from the crowd. Both Mantas drew a lot of attention and compliments. I overheard one chap say to his mate " Wow Look at that" as they approached the car, then after looking around it, as they were leaving, the same chap said to his mate "I f***ing love that!"😁 Definitely think it would be a good show to do next year, either camping or for the day.
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    It's a good guide to what it's worth imo.
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    A quick update JusT passed the mot with no advisories!
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    to a Manta here in Portugal
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    Some decent progress yesterday and early this morning. I am pleased to report that the spare wheel well is now: - welded in - welds ground down and then any pins holes welded over - bare metal primed - sealed with panel sealer - given some extra corrosion prevention with White Hammerite (that will be over painted with body colour when the car is resprayed). The hole in the centre of the well is to be drilled out shortly today and is for the boot drain blanking grommet. By the way the rusty area in the corner is part of the NSR wheel arch and inner wing area that is one of the next on the list to be tackled, so that will be plugged up soon as well. And now the spare wheel well with the drain hole added: (Please ignore the swarf lol) Of course, with any car this age, the rust is never too far away... When I was pottering about in the boot with the spare wheel well I noticed some regular 'crispy' noises - peeling back the boot sealing rubber above the NS rear light cluster revealed a little more for me to deal with :grin: Oh well, I wont die of boredom thats for sure, UV from welding or paint and sealer fumes though maybe lol Have a good day everyone - C'mon England!
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    That Sir is a thing of beauty
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    Another little hole filed up tonight, the last one on the 'new' NSF wing. Before: And after: So that is actually the first complete panel that is rust free and ready for some basic paint preparation - all together now - wooooooo! ps I've just realised what the orange shading is in some of my photos - its the reflection of my 'loud' overalls in the shiny new metal - oops, must try harder to stop that. Have a good evening everyone.
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    It’s all that excellent advice I have been receiving evo!
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    Great photos! Couldnt ask for more if you tried, has to be worth the membership cost alone!
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    And another little bit cut out: And some fresh Steel roughly tacked in: That's it for this evening.
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    Don't know if this will help with the position of the drain hole in the spare wheel well.
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    I have just removed one from a coupe, it was a runner but had a rattly cam chain, it needs a strip and rebuild but is a good core with a good head. I removed it from an 85 Vauxhall Carlton hearse back in the early 90s, low miles but short trips. Hearse died from rust not mechanical failure at less than 10 year old, the joys of our sea air ! The hearse was an auto, I put the whole 2.2, loom and all in my 86 coupe but put a manual box in so I put a spigot bearing in the crank and blatted about in it for years, always ran well, loads of long trips to go clubbing in London at the weekends. I laid the car up into dry storage because of chassis leg rust back around 2005ish, its sat in the car unused since. I removed it to do the chassis legs and I have a brand new 2.4 going back in so its surplus to requirements. Never ran hot, never leaked and did not blow oil out the breathers, I changed the oil every 5000 miles religiously because I drive fast and like it all to be tip top. Let me know if he might be interested, I am in Cornwall but I can put it on a pallet easily and ship it.
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    Oh yes, I'll come over.
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    Moved around to the NSR boot to lower quarter panel area and got my friend the knotted wheel busy again. Then proceeded to cut out some more rot: Then spent the remaining time making up some basic patches and tacking them in - much more work is needed here though... One or two small holes in the metal also presented themselves, although strangely they were not rust holes. I simply used the MIG welder to slowly fill them up (to be ground flat later). Slowly the rust is getting banished from this area. Once the 'frame' is solid, I will proceed to cut out the spare wheel well and form a new one. Have a nice evening everyone.
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    Some free Health & Safety advice: always make sure that you wear thick works gloves when using a grinder with a knitted wire wheel. If you wear thinner work gloves and you ‘misjudge a corner’ the wheel makes short work of destroying the glove and removing the skin on your knuckles... Don’t ask how I know this!
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    The Manta-400 was available with factory-sunroof, 100% sure there I know some owners. Not sure the Ascona-400 was available with it, saw also the pic I posted but never noticed it... Think it will have not the same influence there we don't drive them daily and store them in a dry garage. I have a electronical air-dryer with a humidity sensor to keep the car dry, even naked steel can't rust where the car is stored.
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    TJ Motorsport and Retropower supply the klockerholm replacement panels for the Ascona /Manta/Cavalier mk1 look them up online but I think Retropower is running low on stock at the moment but could be wrong. I have dealt with both companies and found both very helpful. e bay has often got a selection for sale as well.
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    Got some more progress in this weekend, removed the front wings, doors (which took hours - very seized roll pins!), front suspension uprights/arms, steering rack and brake master cylinder/servo Found some 'interesting' previous repairs on the inner wings! Nothing too bad though, wing mounting rails need some repairs and the rest we will cut all that out and start again methinks.......
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    Hi everyone. New to the manta forum and new to my new gte coming tomorrow. ( thanks to Mr Carlos) Looking for ideas on fitting a new engine what are you running. And choices on Carbs throttle bodies cams etc for modifying my 2.0 cih
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    Welcome to the club Gary nice to have you on here as I said the other day to you let the welding marathon begin. So glad you got the Gte it's going to be good to have another manta on the island. Check out the parts wanted section once you /we have made a list club members as you will find out have a mass of knowledge contacts and bits your going to need .
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    Welcome to the club....im a newbie too this club has Great people with great knowledge
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    Kano Aero kroil comes in 10oz spray this stuff will penetrate 1 millionth of an inch and dissolves rust not cheap about £20 got a can from work never let me down yet and very impressed best stuff by far...just make sure you read the warnings on the can as it's very nasty stuff.
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    So we've had a few issues surrounding where we were supposed to be moving the manta to start work on it (the place caught fire!), which has slowed progress somewhat! However we've now started prepping the shell for recieving it's new front floorpans, chassis legs and sills! Started by leveling the car up it's axle stands so it keeps everything nice and square as we cut the old metal out - happily managed to get it within 2-3mm side to side! Then we got busy... https://imgur.com/a/Obi2MwW
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    It all sounds & looks very nice but it's a lot of money for a GT. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C997637
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    Nice car, very rare find. Its a shame the pictures are a bit rubbish.
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    Very nice! It would probably cost a lot more than that if you were to set about restoring a rough example. Two (minor) observations - - Is the steering wheel a bit 'shiny' for the mileage? - Non-original radiator? Overall a great example with original-looking paintwork and shut lines.
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    OK so we are back in the game with a little tools update. The new vice has arrived and just been installed - it goes 360 degrees, wooooo! And here is a photo of the basic sheet metal bender that I mentioned I had bought a few weeks back. As I say, its simple but easily good enough for the jobs I have to do. You can never have enough tools Have a nice evening everyone.
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    Dont worry ian you will get there.welding is an acquired skill like many others and practice is the way forward.higher power settings may well penetrate better but blow through easier and low power has less chance of blowing through bit also less chance of penetrating and actually welding. My first welds years ago were like blobs and you could pull the patches back off with your hands!.keep trying on same thickness metal and experimenting with power and wire speed and technique until you are happy. Regarding replacing some bushes for poly bushes.this is a matter of personal preference.i would recommend definately using them for the front anti roll bar end post support ,those rubber ones have a hard life and dont last long but that’s it. like I say it’s MY preference but I won’t use them anywhere else. Others may disagree and that’s fine .obviously there are various grades of poly but people tend to fit firmer ones which can make the car rather harsh.cavs were designed to be a relatively soft cruiser and not a sports car so whilst fitting them may make the car handle a little better it does spoil them in my opinion.same applies to firmer grade springs and stiffer shocks. many years ago a friend of mine had a great mk1 that drove pretty nice. He mistakenly took it to Kwik fit fit for a tyre and they told him all his shocks were weak and needed replacing. (They were fairly new,standard gm items in perfect order)They replaced two tyres for him and all his shocks for some much firmer ones(99% of aftermarket non gm shocks seem to be firmer even basic spec boge or Sachs !)and told him he would notice a big difference !. He did and so did I.the car was now a horrible,firm,banging machine that had lost all its refinement.but yeah it would go around corners with hardly any roll !. this is my same reason for keeping the original bushes.gm bushes tend to be good quality anyway in my experience.it all depends on what you want the finished car to be like.as it was intended to be and nice and soft with a bit of roll and still pretty good handling or inprove handling and loose some comfort and refinement.
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    Anything manta replacement may be a lil expensive But any how it's there to help if needed