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    Whooppee Dooo, we're back in one piece. Had a few other bits diddled at the same time, but looking cool again. Thanks again to Dan & Kev for helping me with the bits needed.
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    Went to a car meet at Cotswold Airport (RAF Kemble) this morning with James Coghlan, Martin Meadon & Jason Honey it was more a petrol heads meet than classic meet but our Mantas attracted plenty of attention in amongst the Subaru's BMW's etc. Also got to see some classic aircraft including the last Bristol Britannia to fly in 1997, a Folland Gnat & a Hawker Hunter.
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    inside and the engine bay sprayed white.
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    I'm happy I could help you, this is again a proof this forum helps!
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    When It paid it's first visit home
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    Yep. Just got a reply saying that he is currently living in Turin and isn’t available to show me the car in person. and if I could send the payment via PayPal as soon as possible that would be great. He will then ship it for free to London. Such a nice man 😂😂😂 i might play along with this one for a while 😂
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    Thanks guys for all your advice. I purchased the car earlier today. And yes it is definitely the car that Robbie restored (found an old letter of his still in the glove compartment). Had a good look underneath the car today and no signs of any rust. Plus it has been kept indoors too. Is Robbie Stinson still involved in restoring cars? Something a bit odd, i've been told it's a 1973 but when I check the UK reg on UK.GOV database it shows up as a 1971 Opel first registered in June 1971.
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    Well I got my Irmscher Exclusive hatch delivered yesterday. And how surprised I was to see such a damn good car.... Doors that shut, Excellent Glass, Superb window and door seals, windows that don't leak, a bonnet catch that works. Seats that are in excellent condition just need a clean, a carpet that is possibly the best Manta carpet I've ever seen. All the hideous niggly bits I normally have to do such as spending a day getting the door glass to seal correctly, and farting about with those stupid little quarter glass retaining hinges GRRRR. and trying to attach the front bumper steel bracket back onto the ABS bumper before spending hours filling and sanding and prepping......... This car in many respects is absolutely MINT Everything is there the car is complete except drivers side wing, (N/S wing a bit suspect, need to have a good look) and the black strip that sits between the nose and the bumper. Car got delivered late yesterday (long story) so only had a short time to see what was there in the car and fit a few bits into place before giving her a wash and a quick wipe down. Abot to go and get a battery and check out the engine bay and fuel lines before seeing if she will start and what does and doesn't work on her. Piccies...... From first receiving her, to a quick wash and wipe.......
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    The value of any restored manta in my book would be based on the quality of work done and the type of restoration, was it limited to only addressing the bad points then getting an mot, leaving for instance storage marks and paint blemishes etc or was it a complete nut and bolt strip down, bare metal respray, engine rebuild, suspension and brake upgrades etc? A ballpark figure guessed before a restoration has been completed could be wildly out. I do agree with starmist for a well sorted manta, but if your project is a labour of love and you strive for perfection you may well spend over that and never recoup your outlay, not in the short term anyway. I would base my insurance value by my total of parts and labour spend along with the initial outlay of the manta, not leaving myself short in the event of a claim.
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    Hi. I could tell you but it takes materials used in bulk that cost around £200. The hydroflask is about £400 and the lab is about 20 grand I can make them to order at £30 a set inc post. I can reproduce some items using the same method too. Show me what you require.
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    Some more progress made. Wiring loom had a crappy alarm butchered in so I took that out. Honestly, it was wires wrapped into wires. I probably have the receipt for it in the file. loom laid out and rough additions and bodged wiring fixed all engine bay earths to be replaced. All new brake pipes. Painrted servo and MS pipes p clipped into place plenty of parts painted and replaced bolts cleaned nuts cleaned new self tappers in black and zinc pressure valve cleaned and polished new volt reg gauge in new led dash lights in all switches and dash engine bay sticker added from the club and other graphics from the club to go on (many thanks to Paul B ) vent mesh painted block back into engine bay head on new gaskets all over new water pump washer bottle cleaned and bracket painted sump off . Cleaned out. New gasket. Back on. I found that the centaur had solid glass guides in the back edges of the doors so I removed them. Took them to my Laboratory and I made a silicone mould using them as templates, and used that to cast new ones in acrylic . Then autoclaved them to set them without porosity and trimmed them up then painted them satin black they fit very well
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    We are back home... looks like a nice job, had a couple of other bits tidied while at it. Took the opportunity to clean up & refit the passenger seat, it's come up really nice with some leather cleaner, if Mrs B asked me to do this with the household furniture I would think she had gone mad !! I see now what a great job the trimmer did when he made the seats for me all those years ago. Thanks Club members for the bits, it's how we keep em going.
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    This is a really excellent 400 and I'd be amazed if it doesn't smash its rather conservative estimate. This particular car was converted to RHD in Ireland by Pentlands Vauxhall dealers when it was virtually new. Original parts were used for the conversion and even under close inspection is is very hard to tell that it is anything other than totally standard, such is the quality of the conversion. On the topic of RHD Manta 400's, there was never really an "official" RHD version. Tony Fall had a RHD Manta 400 commissioned for Vauxhall to evaluate in 1982, with a view to it becoming a road production version. It was a special "one off" order from the Opel factory and when it arrived in the UK it was registered as DPP 117Y. From what I gather, there was little appetite for this to enter the Vauxhall model line up and the car ended up in the storage area of W Grose Vauxhall in Northampton, where it stayed for a number of years covered in dust (they were one of the original DOT dealerships). In 1990, DPP 117Y was purchased by Thurlby Motors in Lincolnshire who bought it along with all the associated paperwork and notes relating to the meetings that were held with GM executives about the project. It was professionally restored and spent the rest of its life in the Dealership showroom, as possibly the most awesome exhibit ever. Richard Walsh (the owner and still very active boss of Thurlby Motors) is a petrolhead through and through and has had various interesting cars and projects come through the doors over the years. When the dealership decided that they needed to free up This car was for sale via the OMOC magazine in 1994 for an amazing £12k (Oh hindsight etc etc). It was sold to another dealership up in Scotland I believe and sometime later, into private ownership. Being a 1982 car, it is a "pre Facelift" shell with a two slot front end and 2 air intakes on the scuttle panel. If I recall, it also has the earlier Blitz Interior, which makes it a very interesting and very rare beast indeed! If I could pick a favourite Manta from any that I have seen in the 29 years of being a member of this club, it would without a doubt be DPP 117Y and I am always slightly eaten away knowing that I could have bought this car 23 years ago.
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    Er looked tidy yeah lol However, I knew just by looking at the back arches they were rough until we got stuck in to them and removed old newspapers and 3 tins of filler lol New arches on order along with new sills and to be honest the rest of the car is solid I just cant work out what went on here as they had filled over rusty patch repairs. Soon have it put right and looking how it should.
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    Cor blimey that's a nice bottom......
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    Well, that's another great Classic show over for another year. Just like to say a big thank you to all involved. Simon Chapman, James Sene, for displaying their cars, Paul Brennecke, Simon Peckham, Natalie Hill, Tillie, David Hough, Mick Maher, & Louise, Ben Chapman.
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    Some more pics of the stand today.
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    here’s the the engine bay of my Manta l have just sold
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    I have just put it on standard springs Danny that i got from Carl as it was sat on its arse and looked hideous lol Yeah looks like the rot has been cut out but I dont think whoever welded it up was a fabricator but its undersealed and looks better than its ever done.
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    Me and my brother were there for the second time. Anyone else with more pictures?
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    Well she's a runner.... So all I need to do is get the floor repaired and get the seat in so I can drive her, There are one or two issues.... I have no rear wipe (i have wash) no brake lights, and FFS no heated rear window (Godsake how many times have I had heated rear window issue with Manta's) Revs are a little high at 2000 rpm but could be anything, from dizzy out to the airflow meter adjustment bypass thing, to sticky throttle cable or the stop screw on accelerator pedal. judging by bodged repairs in the footwell area I'm going for the latter. Just need the weekend to come so I can shed some light on this and start getting stuck in. But I need to ensure everything is working first before I start undoing anything so I know it would have been something I have done if something doesn't work. (thoughts come to mind of "why the hell did I bin that timing light, I'll never have a car that needs this again he said") Also gauges are showing that there is ..... No charge from alternator, (which means my new battery will be stuffed in no time and where the fhell is that multimeter that Bettyswallox gave me?) Oil Pressure really high and needle flicks over to full pressure on ignition before firing up (usually cables wrong way round) Temp gauge showing a Bit too high, but could be true, heater was working well and quite warm..... Fuel gauge shows empty but moved up a little the other day when I dropped a gallon in her. Corrosion looks to be mainly floorpan and lower chassis rail apart from the lower A pillar on passenger side (drivers side is fine) And sorry people out there who are struggling with corroded and totally fcuked chassis rails (swan neck) but mine really are not too bad at all.... The exterior chassis rail around the bolt though is not so good, and crossmember will be dropped out and this area will be tackled, Drivers side again is excellent on the outside of the swan neck, but can't as yet see the inside chassis rail.
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    This is an awesome rebuild of a very rare early 1.8 berlinetta coupe. No corners have been cut & when it comes up for sale it will be a great car for someone. There is always a temptation to add skirts, 16V it & rip out the "burnt orange" interior but its the originality that makes this car interesting & unique. I am not anti modding by the way I would love to see this car at MH 2018
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    Finished. Full mot. No advisories.
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    That would make sense as he owns the pier at Weston Super Mare & thats the town where the car gets its MOT's. As the area rep i'll have to see if he'd be willing to display his car at next years Bristol Classic Car show, we would definitely make room for it on our stand !
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    I decided to try something a little different with the original wheels - just Black Hammerite (hammered finish) with the chrome rings and centre caps. Think they look OK to be honest.
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    You got the deep red dash & binnacle that I had on mine, shame that the thing has split round the speaker holes (as usual). Good luck with that little lot.
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    That will certainly keep you occupied for a few years!
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    It shows how dead the show was! not many cars there so hopefully more next year! You can also see the huge void of no-mans land.
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    Is this the one that came to Billing in the 2000's in a Brian James trailer, from Ireland I think? Absolutely stunning!
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    Heated gently with a hair dryer and they loosened off nicely.
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    It does show the largest number of people supporting the show by camping there the whole weekend are the Manta Club.
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    Hi Don, I thought that must have been Robbie's manta, being the same spec, body colour, interior and opel gt rear lights. The registration plate had a 'J' suffix back then, so that should also make it a 1971 model. What suffix is on it now? Must say, that car was one of the best Manta A restorations Iv'e seen, while being a omoc member, for well over 20 years! Not sure if Robbie or his project build posts are on here now? I contacted him a couple of years ago, via his own Facebook page or give a shout out on the Facebook page .. Opel Manta fan club. I guess Robbie would still have the full rebuild history, photo's etc on his computer and may agree to email them to you. If no luck with Robbie or other members, then I do have a full printed off copy in 2 thick A4 folders, but would take hours to scan or photo copy them. Robbie even had a purpose built Manta garage at home, more like an Opel showroom! Cheers.... Mal
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    Notice on all his other adverts the email addresses vary too, the account must be hacked as it's had plenty of good feedback over the years. Generally only one picture on each of the adverts too, if I was selling a car that nice I'd have loads of pictures to do it justice......... I'd ask him around the other motors too You will get some tale around him needing a deposit or the likes via money transfer I'd guess next, tell him that you are an African millionaire but you need money from him to facilitate getting your funds out of the Barundi bank in order to complete the transaction In all seriousness this person needs shopping to the old bill, I'll bet quite a few have fallen for it.
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    Hello, I'm new here. Heading into the workshop for a couple of months for some intricate TLC. 27,000miles since new 30 years ago. She will remerge soon. More to follow.....
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    Hi guys Thanks for your replies. Really appreciate it. I'm attaching a link to photos of the car. I took it for a test drive recently and all went well. The one thing the owner did say was that the rubber seals around the drivers door will need replacing due to wind noise. Are door-seal rubbers easy to source? I did have a good look around it for rust and didn't spot any, and the owner assured me it was rust-free too. The car isn't actually publicly advertised. It was a friend of a friend who told me about the car and that the owner 'may' sell. Spoke to the owner again this afternoon about he price. Final price he'll accept is £10,480. It's not a great deal more than the one currently advertised on ebay. Link to photos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3dvtvi8McbeUndTT1FGc2tNckk Thanks Regards Don
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    Totally agree with Mike, it comes down to what standard it's been restored to i.e Shit standard Good standard Very good standard Showroom standard One man thinks he's done a great job and the next guy comes along and would class it as rough.....everyone's standards are different. Obviously a better idea can be had from a decent description and some photos but nobody can put a true value on any car without seeing it in the flesh.....
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    The figures on the DVLA site are not accurate. As when it went over to digital a lot of the cars were not transferred over. I know of quite a few Manta's that are not on the system but still live locked away.
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    Took the speedo cable off today & found it was indeed snapped near the gearbox end, Carl Morris (Mr Carlos) is supplying a replacement. Found the length of the cable outer is 1675mm if anyone needs the dimension. Whilst the instrument binnacle is out i replaced the crap gauge lights for LED's. Going to tax the car from Wednesday 1st November & get some more quotes for paintwork to be done on lower half of doors & sills.
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    I reckon it's probably this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263252932272?clk_rvr_id=1345805271248&rmvSB=true
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    As usually we had a club meet at the Nürburgring. This time we had bad weather, raining the whole weekend... Though the bad weather we had a good time , it was nice in our club-tent...
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    So I went to this meeting, some pics: Next pictures are already posted in another topic: Grts, Herman.
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    Yeh i think the mileage is genuine, you only have to glance at the seats to know its not high mileage. But at £8k! i would want a few more pictures, the steering wheel is horrid, the gear stick gator is knackered, over spray on passenger door pocket and the carpet on the passenger side looks ripped or damaged near the kick panel. A rare car which made strong money.
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    Was thinking the mileage was unlikely when I saw the auction, but seller claims to have all old MOTs to confirm!
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