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    Hello my name is Pete, have been an OMOC member in the past and have recently joined again in the hope of finding some help, tips and or parts, my car is a Vauxhall Cavalier MK1 bought from new by my Father in 1977, I acquired it in 1985 and used it daily until it had completed 100,000 miles, had a flickering oil light and was starting to smoke, so in 1990 it came of the road with a view to doing the engine, I was young then and got the Manta bug after going to watch the RAC rallies of the eighties. After watching the rallies I purchased a 400 kit, changed the engine from a 1900 to a 2.0ltr, changed the 4 speed box to a Getrag 5 speed and bought some 13" 4 spoke revolutions and that was as far as I got, the car has basically just sat in the garage since then, disgraceful I know, after 30 years of shift working and now being Semi retired I have a rekindled spirit to get the car back on the road. Lots to do on the car, but I`ll get there hopefully, usual welding to do on swan necks, but want to get it running first, not sure about MOT now it`s 41yrs old?
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    Got most done today but run out of polar white😂 so off to get more tomorrow so here’s pics as it looks today
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    Spotted in London by a mate looks mint
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    Just couldn’t take a day off had to do something so started on the fire wall just loose fitting at the moment made from 1.5mm aluminium. hope to finish them tomorrow if I have peace from the wife so here’s a couple pics
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    Just a quick thread resurection, 3 years down the line. E100 OMM is now back in my ownership, 3rd time and feeling very lucky to have her back home again. Pics taken last weekend.
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    Now sold to a gentleman in Scotland named Jonh who has never owned a Manta before. He is going to join the club and will hopefully enjoy it for many years to come.
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    Hi all, Here are some pics of the Manta that I'm busy restoring. Fortunately there is minimal rust (thus far, thumbs crossed) so it should be a relatively straightforward job. It is still in process of having the paint removed so I'm hoping I'm not getting any nasty surprises! Here the fenders have been removed to check what's going on underneath - not too bad Fenders are still in good shape. Slight rust around the mounting hole for the bumper but easy to fix Engine bay looks alright, just very dirty due to years of not going anywhere! Crossmember/subframe looks to be in good condition but I'm going to remove that anyway to clean/spray all the parts. Will probably get that done over the weekend. Engine is (as is to be expected) very very dirty. Started cleaning that last weekend and will continue with that this weekend. The motor turns but is very tight, so i'm hoping there isn't rust on the inside. Oil was never drained but it looked to be in OK-ish condition when I drained it. I'll open the engine up to check the condition of the inside. I'm going to be taking the oil pan and rocker cover anyway, so might as well remove the head and ancillaries to check condition. I'm trying to avoid an engine rebuild on this one so hoping all is well. Engine number shows this to be a 19S I'll be putting on the Minilite rims that came off my Scirocco race car. It's a perfect fit - will just need to find 13" tyres that are wide enough...which could be a costly exercise. Might just go to a nice set of aftermarket 14 or 15 rims if the 13" tyre set proves to be too costly So far so good. There are a couple of nasty rust spots where I'm going to have to cut panels out and weld new panels in but the general conditon of the car is ok. The seats and dashboard have already been sent in for refurbishment. Now just continue on the way I'm going now and get the car ready for prep. Joblist for this weekend: Keep sanding and stripping paint! Strip engine to check condition Remove subframe if time allows Cut out rusted panels (might wait until all paint is removed first though...) i'll be keeping you all posted on the progress... cheers, Derik
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    I think the irmscher exclusives came with orange pipeing later ones were red
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    Hi evo, many thanks for your kind words. Yes of course, no problem at all. I will dig put the listing for the bushes shortly and post it up for you. Dear All, This is where I got my front crossmember brace to chassis rail bushes from: http://www.strongflexuk.co.uk/opel/front-subframe-rear-mounting-bush.html They seem to be good quality and the price is VERY reasonable too.
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    That A post sections are available to order from Retropower, they press them to order, hope this helps.
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    Hi All, This is really an update to say that there wont be any updates for a while. Its my Wife's 50th Birthday tomorrow and there are a few events taking place over the next few days that will mean that the Cavalier will be ignored I am afraid. I should be able to pick up the reins again in the middle of next week - sorry!
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    Managed to get most of the other screen corner done tonight. Pretty pleased with everything, just need to get the welds all dressed up a little better. So the front screen surround is now solid once again.
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    Many thanks Andy. I have sent him an email, Got to try all avenues!! Julian. I did buy a front timing case with an oil pump fro Snowy, but the ball and spring in it was knackered, he wasn't to know that as he hadn't stripped it, but fair play to him he gave me a full refund. That's what this club is all about, well worth and needed being a member.
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    Got bit more done tonight re fitted the loom and steering column cleaned up front anti roll bar and painted ready to fit aluminium being delivered tomorrow for the firewall side panels under rear side windows and for the kick panels so busy night cutting and fitting tomorrow then I’ll be ready to refit the cage post pics tomorrow
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    https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/opel/manta/opel-manta-400-2-4l-16v-5-speed-manual/9006409 And this weekends euromillions is?
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    Good point, the description says Coupe, however is that not a rear wash wipe knob on the photo of the instrument cluster?
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    I was awarded a medal in the 1950s for being out in the Sues Canal crisis, but when I look at some of the disasters you have come across with that Cav I think you should have a medal for attending to far bigger disasters!!
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    Got the engine back from the Machine shop at the weekend but didn't fancy flipping the head over and over to build it so made up stand for it which will also fit a four pot head. Now a small case of grinding in twelve valves
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    The PMC 3 camshaft is a good one. I'd use that rather than a OP214, its more similar to a OP234 from the specs. I have an old PMC catalogue and it lists the pmc3 as 288deg valve duration, with maximum valve lift of 10.8mm, and they were all machined from fresh GM blanks. Its designed for injection and was offered as part of their 150bhp gte tuning kit along with a ported head, raised compression decent exhaust and adjustable fuel pressure reg.
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    Sincere thanks Snowy, that is a massive help!
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    What the hell on gods earth made them do that to the rear end!!!!! Horrendous
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    These are the 400's in my life. The black one belonged to a mate of mine. Was originally white with a CIH. I resprayed it black for him and he fitted an XE on TB's The red one was my old XE'd road car. Both sold on a few years back. Im currently building a new 400r with Austin mchales old monza engine 😅 My lastest 400r is getting its shell prepared by a fella called Mick Harris. He owns mhmotorsport (on Facebook). he rally's the two escorts himself and I think he maintains the safari 400.