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    So it should be back home tomorrow ready to build back up.
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    MOT PASSED !!!! All good, MOT tester said that he has never tested one before! He also said that as he only tests cars of a minimum of 3 years old, he has never seen an underbody so new!! Result. I have a couple of issues which have come up in the first 20 mile shakedown. The first is a brake issue (which I go into detail in the Tech Help Section) and the second is she don't like starting when hot. I have had this issue with this car before the refurb and I'm going to start by changing the Positive battery lead as this is as old as the car and if this don't work I will revive my old post in tech help! I will keep everyone updated as to its progress here. UPDATE: Brakes could be brand new warped disks! getting a DTI gauge to check.
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    Bought this hatch a while back from mantasrme as I knew it would be solid and mechanically sound (sri 130 engine)it was a few shades of white so I decided to go Matt black again (not everyone's taste ) I like it as it's tidied the car up I also put a black recaro interior in took it for mot today and it sailed through 👍I use this everyday and it always turns heads it's not a gte as the decals say but I like the gte stickers
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    Well, I’ve done about 1000miles now and most of the snagging is now done. Plan for the winter is boost control, up the boost, a full days mapping and fitting traction control and air con. It’s getting quite a bit of use so had it 3 stage polished and ceramic coated to protect the paint.
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    Sorted out the idling issue today. The brass throttle flap was not aligned properly and was not shutting properly. Now she idles like a new car.
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    HI all haven't posted here in a while as I sold my manta last year. But finally I have found my dream car which I will have within the nxt 2 wks . It's a black opel manta 400r running 2.0 gte engine. Will post pics once collhttps://photos.app.goo.gl/4ctahZhJhQeIQGuu2ected .
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    Thanks for the comments. I used the alloy cover as the pressed steal one I had looked like it was battered about a bit. The alloy one does look better and it seals better. I have finished the car now, and she's going for MOT tomorrow. It's going to be Wierd as it's. The first time I've driven her since 2006! I will upload another update very soon.
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    Its all getting a little real now! The engine bay is filling up with all the parts that have been sat on the shelves for years, and the garage is starting to look a little empty!
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    New fuel relay and coolant sensor and it's as good as new! I even fitted the decals!
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    My fake one will be in the car park.........
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    i did try to include the club with this event but there didnt seem much interest i have organised a feature display any way there should be 6 manta 400s and 4 ascona 400s all proper rally car i am going to see if i can sqeeeze in hermans car as well seeing as it a proper 400
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    Very nice. Few people know how hard it is to restore a car to this level. The blasting. Powder coating. Disassembly reassembly plating grinding cleaning it never seems to end. I wa speaking to my brother today regarding projects and just look at how many projects are ongoing compared to the completed ones shows how hard it is to get over that hurdle great job.
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    That picture says so much, not only do you have a beautiful bright Red Opel Manta just look at the rest of the cars in the picture, uninteresting modern blobs in black, grey and silver, if anyone asks why classic cars are so appealing heres the answer.
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    Oh don't worry about it. These things happen. It's hard to see in the picture but three gasket hadn't blown as such but rotted away. I have my plan now for the engine. I will refurbish the head with 41mm inlet valves and 35mm exhaust which will bring it to gte spec. Then something odd that I've done once before. The block will be removed and fitted with 2l crank, rods but 1800 pistons. This will give 1940cc roughly. So the car keeps it original engine but with a bit more go. Wish me luck.
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    Just found a picture I took a couple of years ago.
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    Yes there is help, it comes in the form of group therapy at the annual VBOA rally and if a full cure is not achived there is further therapy available in August at Opel Power Show in the Netherlands. Congratulations on getting your beautifully restored Manta back on the road, bet you feel chuffed to bits !
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    And so it goes on, and on and............................With the gearbox painted (first coat) and the starter motor and alternator fully refurbished.
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    A couple of very nice examples. A six cylinder 3ltr gtj coupe And a 2ltr gte hatchback Plus my spitfire as I don't have a show ready manta available at the moment.
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    I know that there are some parts that can be used off this car. I was only joking 😃.
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    Nice car but shame no pictures of engine bay, underside and why didn't they fit 5 stud hubs!? COME ON!
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    Can I just say, I had a Monaco Blue GTE for 12 years. I didn't see many others either. Re the white coupe, it's had 6 previous owners which would make me question the mileage if nothing else.
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    Your going to encounter a really strange problem if you get this engine running correctly... It'll be too good !! I had a MK 2 Cavalier and i built a 1800cc block and big valve head matted to a 1600cc cam & carrier ( to get the mechanical fuel pump drive ), a replacement Weber carb ontop of a carb manifold, this bolted to the 1800 head and with a little opening of the manifold ports it matched up smoothly. The torque this engine had was unreal, i could drive the Cav by only using 1st, 3rd & 5th gears, i could drive down to 30mph in 5th for a speed limit and then just accelerate afterwards, no need to change down !!, The test reports gave the Miles-per-gallon of a 1600cc MK 2 Cav as 34mpg, mine always did 39-40mpg no matter how i drove it. The emissions were next to nothing at the MOT test and futher reduced by the great mpg, It give me trouble in a strange way, it tore its engine mounts apart, i had to wire lock all the bolts into the block and gearbox, weld on strengthening ribs around the mounting points where it had cracked the chassie rails and add a torque brace front the drivers side turret to the end of the top of the engine, which it broke once. The engine your are proposing to build has a even higher potential for torque by virtue of being very under square, long stroke, small bore, it'll test everything else it is bolted or connected to !!
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    Sorry for the delay, only just back from work but will tear the garage apart tomorrow!
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    Game on buddy! Looking a very pretty. Good luck with the MOT :-)
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    https://www.mantablog.nl/category/techniek/ If you click this link you'll see on top a pic of the house without filter. In de centre the tread to screw the filter on and next to it the valve with ball. Check if it is still there in your distr. house.(timing cover) Never knew it could escape! If the valve is gone don't start the engine! Got somewhere the procedure to replace it (in a manual) Has the car still got the original engine? Normally that type of CIH has got the pressure valve aside in the timing cover, as Mantadoc mentioned. By the way: if you opened your oilpump (with gears) you've got to fill up your pump with oil !! Otherwise the pump will not suck oil and no pressure! This via the plug to open with a 7mm inbus key, aside your pumphouse: https://www.mantablog.nl/cih-opvullen-oliesysteem/ top picture. keep us informed, Herman
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    I've got the following 2 KJ stamped sales brochures Macgraw Engineering press release "Date-line Motorfair" Motor magazine 1/4/78 review John Taylors article "Vauxhall Cavalier 1300 and Centaur", not sure what that was published in, is that the Autocar article ? Original operating instructions with my car number on them Sticker from in the glovebox 2 spare "Centaur" badges, just bought 4 more, interestingly from the previous owner of Robbie Stinsons car A framed print of the Beryl Cook painting featuring my car, there's 2 others mentioned by Richard Watt, I'll track those down as well If there's anything you have that isn't on that list would be great. If you want copies of anything I have I can send you those Another oddity, this is on the back of WJN360W, never seen that one before
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    You probably came across this auction last year in order to note 065 in your listing. There are a couple of errors but it does note that a red car (VMV 77S / YGW) was the first and the 1978 magazine article below states WGU 777S was the second, with differences in the design compared to production versions. I did a V888 history enquiry on WGU - will put up some details later. Decent photos will be tricky as it is locked away in storage away from home at the moment but I will see what I can do at some point. LIJ 9716 may be a red herring - cannot see KJ Motors registering a car at Downpatrick, County Down VRO. All the KJ cars are London and South East VRO - MV, GU, GW. Even my 083 was first registered at KJ Motors - MY. Possibly a typo with the dates, or when the car was exported or re-registered? Centaur details from eBay auction – December 2016 KJT 202W – Car 065. Registered 1st August 1980. Orange Tan The colour is called Orange Tan. I worked at Vauxhall dealer KJ MOTORS Bromley which was owned by Garth Macgraw who also owned Magraw Engineering. He was also best friends with the owner of Crayford Convertibles who lived locally to Bromley in Kent. All cars were Cavalier GLS Coupe models and never the Opel Manta versions. I am not sure how many were made but i think about 200. The very first one made was a solid red one which remained in the ownership of Garth Macgraw in his Bromley showrooms until his death in 1983.
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    Found it! Probably the rarest part attached to a Centaur because they just degrade in UV light - bit of a problem with a convertible... The dashboard badge is from a 2000 production car MMY 679W - car number 083. The glove box sticker is from a 1900 pre-production prototype car WGU 777S - car number 026. Badge is made from a very thin acetate-type material, about the thickness of heavy cartridge paper. The 'Centaur' wording is dull-embossed from the back to give slightly raised lettering, the 'Cavalier' wording is not embossed (too fine). Lettering is then printed on the back and then the black over that, also on the back face. Looked like this when the car was less than six years old and now been stored away in a box since I bought the car 31 years ago. Unfortunately the outer ends had disintegrated and the parts were too small to keep for reproduction. Best I can do I'm afraid and trying to remember what it looked like - thinking maybe it was diagonal stripes or chequered or maybe chevrons like my slightly dodgy sketch. Font type is exactly as the glove box sticker but about 30% larger. I think it may have been silver originally but is now gold-coloured after the plastic turned brown. If you want to make a reasonably accurate copy the 'Centaur' wording is 67.5mm overall from end of the 'C' to end of the 'r', lower-case characters are 9mm high, upper-case 'C' is 11mm high and the stylised 't' is 16.5mm high. Lower-case and the 't' letter located centrally on the strip, which is 19.5mm wide. I am guessing the badge was about 200mm long (as per the sketch). 'Cavalier' wording is very feint but is approximately 33mm long. 026 and 083 are both with me, so if you need any more anorak info...
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    I'll definitely be there
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    Hi all,My dad and I have just finished fitting a 20XE into our Manta but we have ran into a problem and so far we have not been able to fix it.When we check the timing with the timing light it all seems to be working the opposite of how it is suppose to.Instead of getting advanced timing we are getting retarted timing and the more you accelerate the more it retards it, all to an unhealthy level.The car starts and runs it just overheats under load because of the combustion happening way too late.We have checked the crank and the knocking sensor and they both seem to work fine, we even swapped them for spare ones we had.There are no error codes coming up when checking the diagnostic ports.It is the early dizzy type XE with Motronic 2.5. We checked the wiring with the multimeter to make sure that sensors are all connected and there are no severed wires but nothing abnormal here.If anyone has any ideas it would be great as we have completly ran out of them haha.Here is a picture of our bay for attention.Many thanks,Tel
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    Disc size is not really relevent to master cylinder size, piston size is more so. But even then the only real difference most will see is the pedal travel before the brakes start to have an effect. The most common brake swap for the Manta in the UK is 256mm discs from an Audi with astra calipers marked 52/24. After that is the larger 284mm discs from a sierra with the early calibra turbo calipers (also on calibra v6, cavalier 4x4 + v6) marked 54/24 with these i normally also recomend rear discs to level out the braking performance.
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    Hi Chris, you do realise that you have one of the rarest varients of the Cavalier MK 1 / Ascona B / Manta B. As far as it is known there is one two door and one four door 1256cc left, your find has added a third one to this list, which is it, two or four door ? By all means modify it and have fun with it, you have saved it after all, but due to its rarity perhaps limit modifications to reversable ones and keep stored any parts that came off the car, like the interior which is probably unique.
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    Ahha, that one! I tried to find it without avail. Typical Facebook! There was a lot of different figures being mentioned as to what it was worth. If I recall correctly, a figure of £10K was put on it eventually. I'd like to think not, but if true, he must be feeling sick!
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    I bet it wouldn't...I once sold a mint 16v exclusive for £1500, I did only pay £950 though! If they were still dirt cheap no one would bother restoring them.
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    Like you rightly say, its hard to tell on pictures. Either way they are nice colours!
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    Mixed messages Dan, the Baryt Brown photo was for Paul C. Your Exclusive coupe being registered in Jan 87 should be one of the original batch. Are you sure it's not Dolphin Grey rather than Steel Grey? I don't think there were any Steel Grey Exclusives (just 87MY GTE's) and was discontinued by the time of the 88MY Exclusives, as was Dolphin Grey. It's a complicated business!
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    Good man. Me and my 11 year old lad will be there. Hopefully see you there and we can have a chat etc.
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    8mm microbore, one roll will do the car. £10 ish from b&q I once told Dan it was 10mm for a laugh.... Oh how he struggled
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    under side got red oxide primer