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    So the last time this car was stripped and welded was back in 2003/04. It’s seen a lot of action and miles all flat out and driven very hard. Life got in the way and I was going to sell up. I decided to stick it in a garage and leave it. I used it without a care in the world for a further two years and put it in a garage as it wouldn’t pass an MOT with the state of the chassis leg on the drivers side, it’s sat untouched since then for three years under a cover. So since then I moved back from Spain, bought my new home and got engaged it’s now the right time to get D114 BCW on the road and showing it the love I showed it 15 years ago when I bought it. Plans are replace the chassis legs, jacking points and wheel well (even if parts are solid there’re being replaced) the boot floor where it meets the back panel looks crusty too - basically all the bits I never did 15 years ago (I was only 15) 😬 i am going to put new doors on it and get a new headlining made for it as this non sunroof one back in the day was a hard find but it’s bloody horrible. And just do bits that annoy me. next couple of year I want an LSD and toying with the idea of englemanns 🤔 don’t know yet. Here todays progress, 1 man - 6 hours
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    Well that another manta on the road 😈just engine bay and titivating to do over winter time to enjoy now first trip on the road tonight some photos for you all.
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    Hello fellow members Thought I'd just write a quick article & show a few pictures of my Opel Manta A. She's an ongoing project. She's not the prettiest or fastest of the other Manta's out there, but she's mine! I've her now since November 2017, so just a little over 9 months. The pictures were took when she arrived on our drive last November. She was MOT'd when I bought her, but I wanted to go over the car, prior taking it on the road. After taking most of the interior out, I came across quite a few holes! But I took it to a friend with a workshop who came across more holes in the floor than I had found. But he patched her up, waxoiled her underneath & hammerited inside for quite a tidy sum of £900. OUCH! But a least she is safer to drive now. I serviced her a few weeks ago, with all genuine Bosch parts, fresh oil & antifreeze. But she's not quite running right. So she's going back to the same workshop in a the next few days for a little tune up. I removed the two spotlights a few months ago because I felt she didn't need them with her twin headlights. A previous owner had fitted a set of racing harnesses instead of the standard seatbelts. So I had to buy some of those (a Christmas present from my Wife). I added a few decals on the outside to add a little sportiness to her. Myself & my Wife have took her to a few local shows of late. Cars in the park (Lichfield) Moira (Donisthorpe) & The Barber B5000 classic car meet in Polesworth (Staffordshire) She gets quite a few looks because there isn't many Manta's left around our local area apart from an immaculate red Manta B that goes to all the local shows. She's requiring a few parts to finish off her interior. But as I said she's an ongoing project. I'm hoping to own her for a least 5 years or maybe longer. And I am toying with the idea of changing her colour, but I haven't decided yet. She's due another MOT in September, lets hope she passes. I hope to add a few more photos in the next coming months after we've been to a few more shows. Thanks for reading & looking. Ian
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    Productive night. Engine and box out. Going on holiday for two weeks so last bits to take off/out then it’s welding time.
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    Hi all, I’m Phill from Newbury, I’ve been following the group on Facebook for a little while and a recent post prompted me to get my finger out and join up properly. I’ve always loved Manta’s, since watching the rallying on world of sport/grandstand when I was a kid,. The love for these cars seriously grew when my Dad got a C reg GTE coupe in Carmine red in 86 (C515ORX). Sadly after being run into the back of once (where it gained a Irmscher 3 piece boot spoiler) and then being stolen recovered, Dad felt that it was a bit of a target being bright red and traded it in. The good news was he traded for a 1 owner 88 Exclusive coupe in Monaco blue. That was back in 1990 and it has stayed in the family ever since. Now with 88k on the clock it’s been my daily driver for the past 3 years. All in all she’s in good shape, with just some light surface rust on the back arches and front wing. The spare tyre is the original, and the jack has never touched the ground. Looking forward to getting her up to scratch with some subtle mods!
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    Performance Vauxhall’s magazine shoot this morning 😁
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    I've made some progress over the last few days, but its been painfully slow. The sill area itself is now fully reconstructed and feel VERY solid, which of course is very pleasing. Panel sealer and etch primer has been added inside already and (much later) after the access hole has been drilled I will be spraying Waxoly (hopefully) along the whole length of the sill with a pressurised lance. My next job is to add more welds, then grind them and various other bits back to generally tidy things up. Then I will look to fabricate the 'body curve' panel to close up the hole from above to the sill area. Anyway, this is what we have so far: Have a good weekend everyone.
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    And why would anyone want mot exemption anyway. Sure we all know our cars are perfectly alright and maintained to a high standard but try proving that to an insurance company in the event of a claim. Responsible owners who cherish and maintain their cars well will know their cars inside out I agree but there will be many an owner who is not as clued up on the full condition of the car (possibly even some who don’t care anyway as it’s one less thing to worry about) i can only imagine that this mot exemption has come about because the powers that be don’t want old cars on the road full stop.when a badly maintained and badly corroded car causes a major incident or two it will just be an excuse to ban all old cars like China did.i will personally continue to have mine moted every year regardless and know of many other classic owners who plan on doing the same.
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    No progress yet but have got a goal look and colour I reckon.
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    Went out with kev Abbott for a quick spin tonight ..good fun VID-20180803-WA0002.mp4
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    Hum, not had much done but, few bit and bobs, the shell is pretty tired. Worse than originally thought, but then again, they probably all are. Trying to stiffen shell, IMO late sunroof hatch model probably floppiest shell of them , the b’s with no sun roof had the stiffening in roof , coups stiffer in first place, people say the b’s used better steal, this was quite rotten too so put it all together you’ve got one floppy track car! So, box section inside new chassis rails then the previously mentioned gearbox cross member joining rails together. Not much but it’s a start. I know not everyone’s cup of tea but tbh not many would of bothered with it (even id considered reshelling) so it’s hopefully another car saved. (Probably by 2030)
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    1800 GT's are rare, there is another Red one near me and i have seen another one at Billing, but there are far fewer than other 1800's, with the one owner, very low mileage, this must be kept original, every change made to this will wipe hundreds off the value. It is the original, also note the lack of sound deadening over the pedal box, another original feature of the bargain basement GT. Kieth Mayman ( Anne Norris's brother ) red 1800 Exclusive is the same, but round washer bottle was because it's an Exclusive, as for the lack of pedal box sound deadening on it i always wondered if it was because this was one of the very last 1800 built had Opel's run out of pedal box sound deadening ? Studying the pictures the only none original parts appear to be the exhaust and the battery, Hope it does make the estimate, this will put the value of the rest of the remaining 1800 up and make all of them worth saving.
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    i can confirm he does talk b+llocks
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    10k! And it’s got a rotten roof, no headlining at it drips oil! Nice car but for that money they have to be get in, drive & enjoy 🤔😂
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    Hi chaps, I've been a member before, had 2 GTE Hatches, one was an exclusive, both were great fun, always hankered after an A series though & thanks to Paul B I now own one. It needs a bit of work, so I may be posting a few questions over the coming years. The initial concept for the car is road based, I've no intention to take it on track, I also will never be selling it so I want to get it right for me. So I am looking to use the Ford small block V8 with tremec T5, Salisbury 4HA axle and jag LSD. Here she is:
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    Manta back into the spray booth, this is after guidecoat and block sanding completed, 2k primer applied to complete shell including underside, Also 2k primer applied to engine bay, apparently the 2k primer highlights the guidecoat imperfections as seen below, The shell is now ready to be dry sanded, boot and engine bay ready for wet on wet primer then gloss top coat engine bay and semi mat black for boot. Underside ready for sealing then stonechip.
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    OB's are sought after in the coach world, they are smaller than later coaches so are easier to store, if someone was brave a ground up restoration would not be impossible as these vehicles were largely hand built, recreating it using craftsman's skills is not beyond an enthusiast, plus they when restored they are valuable, like this one - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/vintage-coach/263864599913?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D52945%26meid%3D5f5da5c0064d40809dd180021ddb95e1%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D12%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D163198954858%26itm%3D263864599913&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
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    Today i visited the Stansted Raceway, a grand title for a dirt oval track down the back lanes of west Essex, another one tick off on my list of race tracks visited, talking to one of the competitors he asked if I'd got any interesting cars, i said i had a terminal Opel Manta addiction to which he replied " i know where there is two of them, at a cars sales garage in Stotfold, you can't see them, one is restored and kept locked up, the other is round the back " Right i thought, who can't see them ? Google Earth !! What do you think, is that a Grey Manta Hatch ? it's the closest in appearance to a Manta of the cars 'round the back', the Google Earth image is dated 5/7/2018
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    The black compliments the lines of the manta A really well,....the 2.2 cih is an attractive upgrade for me over whatever the size cih was originally,,,especially with the megasquirt on it..with the addition of the 5 speed box aswell...along with the better brakes suspension exhaust its good to go...happy days......I would just recover the recaro's to match the original bench rear seats to give a nice authentic period look....GLWTS ..Shug
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    That's hopefully how mine will look, except in metallic green.
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    Nice looking car and a great advert, only bits missing is picture of the n/s, boot area and engine bay. 12 months mot and no advisories. Nice colour and charcoal interior, whats not to like!
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    I managed to sneak in another couple of hours this afternoon, after my Wife went off to the Gym This afternoon I cut out the rusty front and back bottom sections of the rear arch that I had grafter on (the remains of the NSF wing). After making up some templates I managed to get both plates welded in, so the outer arch is now complete and solid again for the first time in who knows how long. I also trial fitted the sill 'chrome' trim strips that Cavaliers have - it fitted perfectly! Now all I need to do is to get the inner arch patches sorted out and the whole passenger side will have the rust cut out and new metal grafter in. I cant wait for that, that really will feel like a massive step forward. Hopefully next weekend I can report this to now be the case, fingers crossed...
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    Off out in my Carlton i got stuck in a queue of cars waiting to get past the dustbin truck in the high street, Suddenly my jaw dropped, coming the other way was a Cavalier Centaur !! i couldn't turn round to give chase as they were in a long stream of cars, but i never expected to see something like this in my home town !! Cavalier Centaur, MAR633V , Bronze, white wheels of indeterminate type, small black boot spoiler of apparently after market type, driven by an old white haired couple. If by chance you know more information I'd be intrigued to hear it.
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    Hi Chris, this month's meeting is on the 13th, look forward to seeing a fully functioning Manta in the car park.
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    lol, bloody phones and predictive text Or maybe it was actually a whole galaxy... Like this one
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    Very interesting, learned yrs ago, that manta arent carved from stone, therefore not all are the same, ie little details like water bottles, and the like. Have noticed the spare wheel holder is different to my 1.8 hatch. This is metal, mine is plastic, so..... they run out or replaced one, for one reason or another. All i know is 10k+ for 13k mile hatch, very nice to see. Very nice car Would i pay 5, 6 or 7 k for a restored similar car, (welded, repainted, and driven to death, with maybe 120k miles, ............no. Thats how special this really is!
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    Welcome to the club. Good to see Facebook is working int he opposite direction!
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    I agree. With a carburettored car there isn't much you can fit that won't take minutes to bypass. That's why I used to remove the rotor arm. Also most professional thieves will turn up with a flatbed and hi-vis vests and take your car that way. No one would bat an eye lid.
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    Some good progress today. Firstly I made up a patch plate for the last remaining hole on the NS of the boot. This is the bit that meets the inner wheel arch. This is how it was before I started: And what we have now: And the same area when viewed from underneath (prior to the welds being ground / dressed): You can also see from the above photo that I have closed in the end of the boot floor to wheel arch section. This plate will have a larger one added above it one the inner wheel arch repair is tackled. Next I decided to take on the outer wheel arch itself... I had been informed that the front arch profile was very similar to the rear - and still having my old NSF wing I thought I should investigate. Incredibly, despite most of that wing been scrap the arch itself was probably usable. Using some reference measurements and the piece that I had cut out of the rear arch I decided to give it a try - I really didn't have much to lose. The next few photos show the process of plotting out and cutting off the section my template told me I would need. You will notice that the two ends of the arch are toast, but compared to the prospect of creating a whole new arch, I can deal with those very easily: Next I cut away the rusted section of inner wheel arch - my plan here is to get the outer arch welded in place, then repair the inner out (push it out of course) to meet that. Maybe my thinking here is wrong, but I just thought that would be simpler, purely on the basis that the outer arch will then be fixed, making taking dimensions easier. Then it was time to tack the outer arch in place to see if it had any chance of fitting and working out: Things looked quite promising, so I decided to continue. Fast forward 2-3 hours and I now have this - a solid NSR wheel arch again: There is some small holes that will need to be welded over, then of course add new metal to either end. But I think with a skim (or two) of filler I will have something quite presentable. Have a nice evening guys.
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    Some decent progress this evening. I managed to get the arch ISOFIX panel welded back in, primed, panel sealed, then primed again. This is what I started with: And this is what I have now. Have a good evening all.
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    Hi cam.in.head, i re-bushed my subframes with new GM rubber bushes, it took me a whole day. I removed the old ones and pulled in the new ones using holesaws. 44mm and 57mm was the sizes required. I buffed down the teeth to save them digging into the metal and produced a flat surface. Then I used a long bolt and washers to wind them out and new ones in with. The 57mm was used for the large trailing arm bushes and the 44mm was used for the swing arms and the rest of them.
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    Well at last mot hopefully tomorrow and we are done . Clip of the first drive to settle things in .Big thanks club memembers ( friends i have not met yet)for all the help with parts advice and enccoragment over the years .😈 could not have done it without you .hope to see some of you at the classics in the Castle next Sunday in Bodelwyddan castle. VID-20180722-WA0004.mp4
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    There 's one thing I don't like about that car. AND THAT'S IT'S NOT MINE!!! Don't part with it, cos you won't find a better one.
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    For someone who felt apprehensive at starting this you sound to be doing a better and more thorough a job than any garage would ever do!.ive seen some "proffesional" repairs over the years that have left me wondering !.how many places would bother to paint inside ? How many would even correctly repair the hidden bits you will never know. Your repairs now properly done and protected should never need touching again .you are getting it right first time round which is more than i did. When i first started repairing my cav (20 years ago ) various areas that i didnt paint properly both sides have had to be redone again ,and the second time around its a much bigger repair. I live and learn!. But its all immense fun and a great therapeutic way to relax,seeing grotty areas that people look at and say "youle never fix that!' Come together and be as new again makes it all worthwile.us classic owners are a hardy bunch.we wont be beaten and when its all done and finished you are driving a car thats basically your own creation that wouldnt be around if it wasnt for you . trouble is ....it leads to other things /hobbies/ ideas etc.. As i told you ian i have an interest in electronics too.hifi and tv's and been lesrning about the newer flat screen tv's ,plasma in particular . We were going to visit girlfriends relatives tother friday and spotted a tv out by the side of the road absolutely drenched with the rain we had that day.tv looked like it had been outside for ages ,dug up ! Covered in slimy mud and dirt. Day after when it wasnt raining we went past again and picked the tv up. Got it home . Stripped all the internals,washed the plastic casings etc and dried all the circuit boards in the hot sun.replaced a couple of bulging capacitors and reassembled it all. It now is working fine ,bar no remote control so cant access the menu fully but it works. Just wish i had taken some before and after pictures. Sure its not a mint keeper but it was more of a challenge as a joke realy .
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    Better late than never with the photos! It was good to meet you all! All very nice cars and has spurred me on to finish mine by hopefully renting a workshop with power near me.
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    Had a result. located 2 new rear lenses in Germany, bit of google translate (thank god for the internet!) and now just sorting a deal with postage. Thought that may take me some time to locate even a second hand drivers one, but to find a new pair is a score.
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    £900 is strong money for a Manta that's a project car, it all depends on what it's like underneath. Noticed it was in Luton, that's right under my nose, so to speak, Didn't know about this one, they're still out there waiting to be discovered. wonder where it is going to ?
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    Ladies and Gentlemen I am pleased to report that I now have a solid inner arch on the NSR. I managed to fabricate the ‘L’ shaped arched profile late morning, then welded it in this afternoon. The photos will follow, principally because there is wet paint, panel seal, underseal etc to try to avoid as I get under there to shoot. This is a huge step forward and means that the NS is now officially rust free and solid again. Oh I nearly forgot, this morning I also bolted on the NSF wing too. Slowly we move forward...
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    This looks rather nice: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-Cavalier-Sports-Hatch-GLS-2000-1979-Manual-Petrol-Private-Sale/132737503717?hash=item1ee7c591e5:g:hWIAAOSwV3pbbF6F
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    Shame you have to move it on, good project for someone who can either get the rails or is good at fabrication. There is a solid looking A on Ebay right now which I believe is owned by a well known member on here.
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    Ooh nice, one of my favourites! Another biscuit I am partial to is a Lemon Puff - remember those?! I'd enjoy both of these, but you can't beat two Chocolate Digestives arranged chocolate faces together, then dunked into coffee so as the chocolate melts together, expert 'dunkers' never have any biscuit fall into their coffee....
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    Got one in Coventry, not the best but very useable.
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    If I tell you where I hid my switch you would come and nick it ! ! ! Haha . Il email you a diagram when I'm at home . Cheers .
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    I believe that it is a GL4 spec oil. I have some 1 Litre bottles available at the moment priced £14. I have tidied the contents of this thread up and moved it into the Members Only area, under Parts and Suppliers. I have locked this thread for commenting and will delete in a while. New Thread is here (for members only) -
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    Fantastic mate, really pleased for you - enjoy these moments, you worked so hard for this.
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    If anyone wants something like this I know a very similar one coming to the end of a restoration that'll probably be for sale soon, a lot less money than 10k too
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