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  2. Manta i200 at auction

    Keep it, the value is only going rise ( rapidly at the moment it would seem ) and come along to a car show or two, you never know with a for sale in the window you might connect with the right person.
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  4. Manta A series rebuild

    Nice work Paul! Good to see a local brew helping with the proceedings
  5. 1973 A Project on Ebay

    Bargain at £1550.........wishing I had more garage space
  6. And now on Gumtree, posted up yesterday at £6250,
  7. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  8. Thanks Chris, in that case my car is correct as it is - well worth checking though. Thanks for the E-mailed photos by the way I did realise that the earth strap was on the wrong side, but when I went to move it during the Christmas break I spotted that the bolt on the other side had been sheared off.... Another little job for the list Thanks again for your help with this.
  9. also ian to prevent any shorting of wires i would get rid of that engine earth strap thst someone has put on near the alternator. it belongs on the complete other side of the engine. it bolts to engine at bottom of block/side using m8 short bolt and under the chassis leg . whoever had that car before certainly had someone fiddle about with it !
  10. Looks like ACA were a bit premature putting the result on their site. I notice if you look now it does show as unsold.
  11. hi ian. the 2 spade side connector that plugs into the side should have a blue/ white wire connection to IND and the other wire (originally a red with black covering) goes to the main alternator terminal from the BAT terminal.see pictures in email . cheers.
  12. Hi Herman, That is a VERY generous offer! Unfotunately I have just ordered a recon Delco unit from EBay (£30 delivered). However..... being a bit of a Magpie (read hoarder 😂), I might still be interested in a ‘spare’. Would you be able to let me know the shipping charge please? As I won’t be in any hurry, you can get a quote for the slowest/cheapest service available. Of course: 1) I don’t want to inconvenience you. 2) If any other members are interested I will gladly step aside. Thanks again Herman, top man!
  13. Hi Ian, I've got an old Delco-Remy alternator in my garage on a shelf. Never used it cause I'm more Bosch minded . If you have a problem with a Bosch the regulator/brusches/diodes are easy to replace. If you are interested you can have it for free, just need to pay for shipping. (from Belgium) But!! Got to test it first if the thing works! If not, the case isn't cracked...
  14. Just to give everyone a heads up on this i200 my Brother and I own this car Unfortunately we could not agree a deal at the auction so it never sold. Decided to bring it back and advertise it ourselves If anyone is interested in this very rare Manta please private message me
  15. Morning Chris, Could you do me one last favour with regards to the Alternator please? Can you confirm the colours and positions of the wires that go to the two spade connectors on the side of the unit. There is a plug that should make it imposible to get it wrong, but these two wires have been repaired before and perhaps the terminals may have been removed and switched by mistake inside the connector block itself. Basically I want to make sure that whoever has been messing around in that area before has got it right. It does seem right according to the wiring diagram, but just want to be sure before I plug the recon unit in... Thanks yet again!
  16. The Facebook group is great for getting immediate answers to a request for spares etc, for technical advice like you are giving you cant beat the forum.
  17. Manta i200 at auction

    Well Danny was right, its back up for sale at £5750 in Buckingham not far from Ian Virco. Sold for £5300 inc buyers premium at recent auction. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C962120
  18. Manta in Devon

    Not a Manta but a mk1 Cavalier in Torrington. Surprisingly not seen it around myself as its only a eleven miles away. Which part of Devon are you?
  19. Manta with Saab turbo engine

    It's an interesting one! As you say it looks like it's all be done well and it's crying out for a 400 kit, but it doesn't float my boat, however, each to their own. I suspect it will struggle to get more than the £5K starting price.
  20. you are more than welcome ian makes you wonder who actualy changed the rectifier years ago and why they didnt remove the linking strip inside especialy when it actualy had nowhere to connect to.cant see it being a repair shop but you never know. ive seen brand new motors on installations still with links in that shouldnt be there so nothing surprises me. ok . the ebay one looks a good deal .keep us posted. all the best to you and thanks to othermembers comments too . cheers....
  21. Yes it is MANTAMAN, very well spotted Sir. I had actually already dealt with that by using some of that chemical metal stuff - one of worlds finest inventions.
  22. Manta with Saab turbo engine

    Great spec on this manta,and the engine conversion looks like its been done to a good standard. But given the concept of the car its crying out for a 400 kit.....that would be the next stage for me. This has been offered for sale recently for a lot more that the current starting bid,depending on the amount of interest this attracts you could potentially have a well spec'd/tricked up manta for not a huge amount of money. I like it
  23. I love this section of the lengthy write up - Despite being superior to the Capri in every department and better engineered to boot, the Manta never really caught on with its target market in Britain who perversely preferred the workaday Dagenham bling of the Capri to the sophistication of the foreign-sounding Opel. With great balance, rear-wheel drive, a five-speed ‘box and a gutsy engine it was, and remains, a real driver’s car. Don't take our word for it: pitted against a Rover SD1 Vitesse and a Capri 280 Brooklands, it is the GTE that comes out on top in the March 2018 issue of Classic Cars magazine. With only 393 Manta GTEs still UK registered today, this pampered survivor looks mighty tempting at the sensible guide price suggested. Be interesting to see how much this one makes.
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  25. It would need an inspection but if everything is as good as the photo's suggest this is a really good Manta, £5000 is not expensive for a quality Manta now.
  26. Is that a crack in the case ? just where the flat area of the bracket transitions into the curve of the case, going through the dark stain ?
  27. After pricing up the parts I would need, it was only about a tenner more to get that recon one delivered. The seller assured me that I would be refunded if it didn’t work, so no brainer really. Sincere thanks to Chris (cam.in.head) for all of his help and advice on this matter, greatly appreciated mate I have certainly learned a lot today!
  28. Manta in Devon

    Looking for an Opel Manta B in the Devon area. All up together ideal, but would consider project. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help I miss my old manta and would still have it had it not been t-boned years ago. Steve can also mail me rekcuts1978@gmail.com
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