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  3. H-400

    New swan neck

    Hi Evo, thanks for the hint, it is realy so easy but never thought on that!
  4. Monaco Blue

    1.8 GT Hatch for sale low miles

    Still making circa £3K IF it sold at that price. I suspect you might get it for £15K or so if you bargained hard. It does look almost brand new in the photos, which given it's only done 13K miles it ought to.
  5. Now reduced to £16950 https://www.ppscltd.co.uk/used/opel/manta/18-gt/brigg/lincolnshire/18557914/#top-image I think they will struggle to make a profit on this car
  6. Dom400

    Manta B Irmscher Sebring Exhaust

    This is the one I’m looking for, was rare back in the day. This would finish the i200 off perfectly if I can find a good one.
  7. bris jas

    Manta coupe boot floor and front pans

    Retro power normally have the front floor pans in stock.
  8. Berlinetta

    Radio surround?

    I will send you a PM.
  9. Manta coupe panels wanted both front floor pans boot floor with our with out wheel well
  10. Yesterday
  11. peter evans

    Manta 400r

    OH YESSSSSS more money for the car lol
  12. IanMc

    Manta 400r

    Great news all round!
  13. peter evans

    Manta 400r

    Thanks Ian was paying private for the operation but nhs got in touch today and I can get it free if I wait till jan 7th 2019 so it’s a no brainier I’m saving £2500 so it’s back to work for a couple weeks more braking system next just waiting on the braided hoses then I’ll be under way thanks peter
  14. Another evening getting some small jobs done: - stripped the old NS Cav done down to just the metal shell. By the way @evo03 - do you still want me to cut out the lock section of this door too? - if so, I can cut it out for you at the weekend and send you both next week. - fitted the Cavs NS mirror and front glass support runner to the replacement Manta door. - fitted the Cavs lock cylinder and chrome outer handle to the Manta door. - prepared and fitted the Manta’s glass seal to the Cavs chrome door top trim strip. Both of the Cavs glass seals were totally shot, but the Manta’s ones are in great condition. Tomorrow I will probably look at adding a new flare to the OSR rigid brake line. Enjoy your evening everyone.
  15. Monaco Blue

    Manta B Irmscher Sebring Exhaust

    It was also standard on the 87MY GTE's. It sounded so much better than the 'normal' rear box.
  16. John mc clafferty

    Manta parts (many parts)

    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  17. Paul Barrett

    Manta A series rebuild - Phase 2

    Well... a great day then to end on a real sh*t note. finally picked up the machines block and head this morning , really pleased. Is a top spec build this c20let! works that have been carried out and parts -You gave me £300 deposit, long time spent. Bored block Skimmed block face Chemical clean Under piston BMW oil jets New Core plugs Crank lap/polish/check balance Omega 86.5mm pistons FCP forged rods ARP bolts and studs Big end/main bearings Genuine LEH/ZLET oil pump Full gasket set with bonded rubber baffle plate Cometic head gasket Uprated single valve springs INA lifters INA Timing belt kit Valeo Water pump Seal cylinder head Skim head New TTV billet flywheel and ARP bolts 6 paddle clutch (yet to buy) Garrett gt3071r turbo modified rams horn exhaust manifold fuelab regualtor an-6 fuel lines and fittings siemens 800cc injectors omex 600 —————— bow come the crap news. The head is buggered. as soon as got back I cracked on with getting the block painted to prevent rusting. then fee decided to get on with removing the exhaust studs as have a new GM set with the correct copper nuts. well I wish I hadn’t started! All of the were an absolute pain, had to double and even triple but them. Got them all out with some heat applied too and strategic cooling of the stud. By the last one didn’t want to play ball. snap!! Low down in to the thread hole too! Mom not going to post a pic of the mess I’ve made but let’s say the head has now got a hole into the oil gallery from the stud hole, I can’t believe it I’m so hacked off. Been waiting three months for this lot to come back. I tried drilling it, but stupid hard, cobalt drill and carbide you name it but would touch it. Tried welding nut on several times, move made a right mess now, wish I’d of left it and be done with it!!
  18. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  19. ®evo03

    Manta B Irmscher Sebring Exhaust

    Is that the standard GM that came on a exclusive coupe, oval shaped tail piece?
  20. !!! WANTED !!! Rare AF Manta B Irmscher Sebring Exhaust/Back Box Any hoarders out there want to clear some space and help me finish my project? Thanks!
  21. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  22. Last week
  23. IanMc

    Manta 400r

    Peter, I wish you all the best with everything. We will all miss your updates, but health first and everything else is second. All the best matey.
  24. peter evans

    Manta 400r

    Not got anything done this week as I’m in hospital for my pre op tests tomorrow and op next Monday so I’ll be out of action for a few weeks ☹️ So I guess I’ll be ordering lots of bits n bobs to finish the 400r, although I don’t need a great deal so all you people have a great Xmas and new year BACK SOON PETER
  25. MrCarlos

    2.0 GTE Exclusive Hatchback Breaking For Spares

    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  26. MrCarlos

    Radio surround?

    Yes that will be right with the surround i have - £30 plus postage ?
  27. Scratch that, all sorted now. It turns out that the top back edge of the glass was simply catching on the top seal. After adjusting the rear travel stop a little, all is now well.
  28. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  29. Pottered about for an hour this evening doing some odds and sods type jobs. For example, I refitted the drivers door glass, bolted the seatbelts back in and then got the outer door caps/seals ready for refitting after paint. I need your help with the aforementioned door glass though, I have about a 10 mm gap all down the rear edge - any ideas? By the way, it is definitely Coupe glass as it came out of the original Cav door...
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