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  2. Apologies all, I completely forgot to post the photos from underneath the spare wheel well... Naturally the bare metal needs to be primer, then top coat, then stone chip and underseal.
  3. Philips 752 radio

    There is one on eBay. It’s a Philips 751 which is a slightly lesser spec than the 752 which had auto reverse. Cassette is not working though
  4. Some decent progress yesterday and early this morning. I am pleased to report that the spare wheel well is now: - welded in - welds ground down and then any pins holes welded over - bare metal primed - sealed with panel sealer - given some extra corrosion prevention with White Hammerite (that will be over painted with body colour when the car is resprayed). The hole in the centre of the well is to be drilled out shortly today and is for the boot drain blanking grommet. By the way the rusty area in the corner is part of the NSR wheel arch and inner wing area that is one of the next on the list to be tackled, so that will be plugged up soon as well. And now the spare wheel well with the drain hole added: (Please ignore the swarf lol) Of course, with any car this age, the rust is never too far away... When I was pottering about in the boot with the spare wheel well I noticed some regular 'crispy' noises - peeling back the boot sealing rubber above the NS rear light cluster revealed a little more for me to deal with :grin: Oh well, I wont die of boredom thats for sure, UV from welding or paint and sealer fumes though maybe lol Have a good day everyone - C'mon England!
  5. Manta A series rebuild

    Agreed, stunning
  6. Manta A series rebuild

    That Sir is a thing of beauty
  7. Manta A series rebuild

  8. Yesterday
  9. 1986 Manta Coupe Restomod

    Also some more design progress for the front subframe - a few detail changes for how the bottom arms will locate in the new frame, using laser cut plates that will jigsaw together for strength and better accuracy when fabricated. Also the addition of an upper shock absorber mount to allow us to fit coilover suspension, allowing greater choice of spring rates, which will be very important to us, given that our drive train will be a fair bit lighter than the oe CIH iron block/cylinder head! https://imgur.com/a/w6utDwy
  10. 1986 Manta Coupe Restomod

    A little more progress over the last week or so, got the brake servo/washer tray repair section welded in https://imgur.com/a/pPwYgy3 Then moved on to the inner wheel arch repair section - found this a little tricky as what should have been there was long gone, so we didn't really have a point of reference to make repair sections - google images to the rescue!! So after much head scratching we realised there should be a return edge where the inner and outer panels join, forming a protruding lip - perfect work for the shrinker/stretcher machine! Started with a strip of metal for the inner, folded it 90 degrees, then stretched the edge to form the lip https://imgur.com/a/xNtbbB3 Then did did the same with the outer, except being a larger piece of metal when the edge was gradually stretched, it naturally tried to curve the flat part of the piece, so once happy with the stretched part of the curve a bit of reforming was required to get face flat again https://imgur.com/a/VuEfmcc Both parts tack welded together https://imgur.com/a/W2OfwaW Then fully welded https://imgur.com/a/T29p0qQ
  11. Manta A back on the road

    Hey Alan Is this the right one? Andy
  12. Philips 752 radio

    I know , I know !! A long shot indeed but does anyone have the Philips 752 for sale?? Even a broken one will do as I have been known to deal with electronics. A quick aside here, is there any other period radio for the 2.0 Gte Exclusive from 1987??
  13. Boot drain outlets

    thanks just found the pipes may have a dry boot now.
  14. Mike's Manta.

    The master cylinder refurbishment, machine bore the cylinder larger, re sleeve with stainless steel to original size, new seals, powder coat and test came in at £96. It comes with a 50,000 mile or two year guarantee. All the ATE master cylinders I could find were for left hand drive and I didn’t want to take the chance or the hassle of sending back and refunds etc.The refurb is as good as a new one and keeps as much original parts as possible. The servo work came in at £25. All in all given the work that has went in I don’t grudge that.
  15. Boot drain outlets

    Sounds like sunroof drain bungs green plastic pipes come down rear pillars and into them if sunroof fitted
  16. This one looks to be a tidy car: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-Exclusive/142842243589?hash=item21420faa05:g:hOMAAOSwNDZbLiIR
  17. Boot drain outlets

    Pulled the tank out to clean out old stale fuel and noticed two drain outlets( the type that normally have drain hoses running into) roughly level with the bottom of the tank next to the inner arch's do these have a purpose?
  18. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    @Titson That's the one that's mentioned in the above post BFG65T
  19. Mike's Manta.

    Mike, how much did they charge for the refurb? I bought a new one (master cylinder) from Germany and to hand i think it cost £120 delivered. Would be good to know for next time if your guys are much cheaper as you had both done.
  20. Last week
  21. Reviving GTE Starting tips wanted please?

    Just use some easy start to see if the ignition system is working properly. Pull the injection relay or fuel pump fuse. If you can't get the car to fire on easy start your ignition isn't working. You should be able to get the car to idle for a few seconds with easy start. Remember that the ignition system on a GTE is completely separate to the ecu. Although the ecu need so see the dissy to keep the injection relay latched the dissy only needs it's power feed to work.
  22. Reviving GTE Starting tips wanted please?

    Wouldn’t be a bad idea thou to make sure fuel is definately ok.you put new fuel in on top of how much old fuel ?. If you could empty tank completely and start again to be 100% sure .would be a shame to try all sorts of things only to find it was contaminated fuel all along.im sure you know what I mean. No offence intended .
  23. Mike's Manta.

    It’s just like a new one, I would definitely use these lads again, great service and decent price. It will give me peace of mind that my newly painted bulkhead will remain that way for a long time and not be effected by leaking brake fluid. The only progress I can make at the moment is the small jobs that either I can do or I have to get professionally done but I’m running out of these, most of my parts are now refurbished, cleaned and painted, boxed up waiting for the build back up.
  24. Mike's Manta.

    That looks like a good result.
  25. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    BFG65T Car number 33 has just surfaced, it will soon be making it's way back down to the west country for restoration.
  26. Reviving GTE Starting tips wanted please?

    Hi. Yes work your way back through the basics first and then we can delve deeper into things actually being faulty. Injectors can indeed become stuck.(proved by wet or dry plugs) but in most cases they free up eventually.if not they can be cleaned or swapped for known good ones. once you have proved fuel and spark and made sure everything is connected/plugged in where it should we should have some kind of action .at least as a starting point. Keep us posted as you go along . Cheers.
  27. Mike's Manta.

    Brake master cylinder and brake servo refurbished from past parts as the seals were leaking brake fluid. Master cylinder re sleeved with stainless steel, new seal kits and resivoir grommets fitted and a new powder coat finish. Brake servo vacuum tested and new hose fitted both sides of the non return valve.
  28. Reviving GTE Starting tips wanted please?

    HI Folks. Thanks for these replies and I think these are excellent tips to go by. Plenty good stuff on here.. My GTE was bought by the guy I used to work with as a non runner. He did not have the time or the funds to do anything with it and it just sat for around a year while I paid him up in a few instalments for it. He always said it would start but the reality is it only ever fired a few times & coughed. That was it. I figured I could give it the time and work it needed and being a kid who liked cars in the in the 80s The Manta GTE was always in the top 5. Basically there is nothing quite like these cars except Capris and the fact is the Manta is a better car. I put about 10 litres of good petrol on top of what ever old stuff was in there so that should have made thing pure and rich enough fuel-wise for starting. Hopefully. The plugs had sooty deposits on them when I checked them but I cleaned it it off easily with a wire brush then checked sparks for all cylinders and they all spark. I did not think about Blocked/Stuck injectors before but I will go thru this list of tips in proper order with my friend over next couple of days and return post about any progress made. Big thanks for all advise as it has helped my understanding a lot. Regards. Bar
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