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  2. I replaced all the rubber fuel hose round the fuel pump/filter (8mm and12mm id) assembly to find every join leaks are these sizes correct or are we in the olde world of imperial?.
  3. GTE Side Skirts reqd

    Thanks again for helpful offers, appreciated. Glad to see the skirts did sell, given I chose not to follow up on those. Now decided against fitting them, mostly as they are just something else to get broken or hold onto dirt (this is on my rally car, btw)
  4. This morning I adjusted the hydraulic tappets using the 'cold set' method sent to me by cam.in.head (Chris) in a PM. Many thanks again Chris, the engine sounds quiet and healthy - such a change from the bag of spanners I had to put up when I turned it around last weekend. The only annoyance is the blow from the exhaust/manifold area. That could be several things of course as things settle down after being installed and just left a few moths ago. Anyway, that's a job for another day, I'm not worried about that at all. Have a good day everyone.
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  6. Coupe boot lock surround

    Hi guys, I am looking for the ‘chrome’ barrel surround with the ‘slot window’ - I don’t need the cylinder itself. Anybody got one kicking around? Beer tokens waiting.
  7. 1984 GTE

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  8. Don't they do that naturally if you leave them sitting long enough??
  9. 1984 GTE

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  10. 1984 GTE

    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  11. I wonder, this might look look quite cool:
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  13. Manta B ignition lock barrel

    Hiya - i can do you one at £25 posted to you 🙂

    Thats why mantas where faster than cavaliers, Cavalier had a solid front, no grill, therefore no air feed, on the manta it was in line with the slot, but had an air trap door to stop 100mph bugs etc, getting to the air filter, would benefit from removing this trap and adding a tea strainer, would need cleaned out regularly, cars a bit sluggish, hold on until i remove some bugs. been reading up on air feed, its pretty interesting, a redtop xe is meant to run cleaner on original panel filter opposed to a cone, to get the same surface area that is force fed, you would need to run a 12 inch round cone filter, and impossible to force air in, without incasing it, gonna play soon, Been playing with a 400cc race bike, redline starts at 12,000 and revs to 16,000! Experimenting with manta inner airduct tubes etc, interesting, one is cold air forced, with a metal gauze, other is slightly hot, fitted wee digital temp gauge it each, very interesting, seems perfect temp is 10 to 15 degrees at 100 mph, 10,000 revs, no dyno, but the induction noise is magic! 7am morning or 8pm night. Why go for a spin on a hot day! I gonna experiment with a redtop xe next, starting with forcing air into a cone, need to find or make a air capture or will remove one inner lens.
  15. Like this! Could be a new trend, I hate petrol, and welding, i remove the tank and pipes, and place it in another building. As for the filler neck, its fixed so wont leak, shouldnt! As you are carb only one feed pipe, should be plastic if original, you could replace it. Make sure pipe work is removed also, vapours etc. I read somewhere to weld a petrol tank, you flood it constantly with carbon dioxide, ie exhaust fumes from a running car, i wont try this, wouldnt even watch someone do it!
  16. Fasteners - Suspension

    They will all be listed in the parts CD. None are available from Vauxhall/Opel anymore and they are specific to the car and some will be high tensile but do be tempted to use stainless fittings. If you search some of the european suppliers you should be able to find some kicking around. Andy
  17. Rocker cover for 2.0S engine required

    You can use wavin sewer pipe, approx 5inch. Try to get a stop end, cut it in half, one front, one back. Cut the pipe in half horizontally, width of head, use can even drill down into pipe at 90 degrees, to hold in place. I wouldnt destroy a perfect rocker cover if i could help it!
  18. Rocker cover for 2.0S engine required

    Have also a rocker cover as Ian wants, as you can see need some rags to keep the engine-bay clean:
  19. Rocker cover for 2.0S engine required

    I made a cover for the cam chain to do my hydraulic tappets, just an arch with two semi circles welded up out of sheet steel, not totally successful because there is some splashing from the rockers/tappets.
  20. With the tank full of just petrol vapor it's in the most dangerous state, I've heard a story about a Jag with a drained fuel tank exploding when being welded. Take the tank out and you know you'll be safe, plus you can inspect all the pipework, which unless it is very obviously new replace. you could even clean and paint the tank, how about this for a left field idea, paint it Polar White to match the rest of the car ? wouldn't need a cover for it to look smart when you opened the boot.
  21. Wanted LSD for Manta B

    Vote for gripper, they’re exspensive but they seam to hold there value when they sell second hand. I know it’s a cliche but it totally transformed my manta. 👍
  22. Rocker cover for 2.0S engine required

    Cheers Shug, much appreciated
  23. Rocker cover for 2.0S engine required

    You only really need to cover the cam chain and pulley. I cut the end off a rocker cover for that. I'm away thus weekend to get destructively drunk for a mates bday party but I'll get you a pic when I'm back on Mon. You're welcome to it if you cover postage.
  24. Bloody hell Julian, what a story. Point taken - I will get it out.
  25. Hi All, I want to set the hydraulic tappers on my Cav. According to my manual, the engine must be at normal temperature and running. As I don’t want to get oil everywhere I want use a rocker cover and cut a slot down the middle for access. So unless anyone can tell me how to either set them cold, or suggest another way, I am looking for a spare cover to butcher. Because of how I intend to use it, condition is not important, provided it doesn’t leak oil from the base. Beer tokens available.
  26. Fasteners - Suspension

    What vehicle would they be for?
  27. EMPTY VESSELS make the most noise Ian, I'll give you one instance, a mate of mine had a pacemaker fitted,(heart) I was with him, but a distance away when he was cutting a piece of chassis out of an Austin Sheerline car, in a scrapyard, the tank was empty, next thing there was one hell of a bang, the gas that was lurking min then tank exploded, the explosion threw him onto his back, and somehow or other had an effect, I don't know how, on the pacemaker. He was dead, I think that when a tank is empty, and rust forms on the inside, fumes from the petrol are trapped in the rust, well that is what the policeman who attended the scene told me.
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