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VBOA Rally 2017..........Your views of the weekend.

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Thank you for your comments so far, please keep them coming.


My personal view of the rally.

Loved this year's show, not enjoyed the VBOA rally so much for a long time.

Liked the layout of the omoc stand, Felt that having the cars permanently on display gave the club a better frontage.

Altho I was against the BBQ when suggested, I have to admit I was wrong, worked really well.

I think Steve and his crew from LMF did a fantastic job, there was always going to be some issues, but they were quick to try and sort any problems that arose.

I think all of the bad points have already been mentioned, so I will not list them again, but I did over hear one comment, that being male I had not even considered...There was no light in the loos.  Now for us males, that is not too much of a problem, but I can understand that trying to hold a torch and use the loo is a little more complex for our female members.

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Posted (edited)

On 14 July 2017 at 15:31, MANTAMAN said:

( above sentance doesn't make a lot of sense ) Not certain it was a personal comflict, but i don't know for sure as i was kept out of the loop.


A meeting that did not include me despite being the clubs VBOA Rep whos job it is to tell the VBOA the clubs intensions, but as above, i was being kept out of the loop.

I was at the meetings both mornings so you needn't start putting it about that i didn't do my job and not show up, Lying to membership like this to try and undermine me has crossed a line, and I HATED LIARS ! i was a little late to the meeting Sunday morning because i was still trying find out what Mantas were going round the ring, information i had to pass onto Richard Watt who was organising the parade, but if course i wasn't privilaged to this information.

Bad idea, people are not always in a calm and fair state of mind at the VBOA Rally for various reasons and it becomes a case of who can shout the loudest gets their way, this is why we have an AGM that is run to very strict rules to make sure that the Club operates on a fair and democractic basis and not undermined by add hock fringe meetings.

No you haven't, there are only a small number of post in the Opel Manta OC that have to be filled by election at the AGM, events organiser is not one of them.

Ian. You were told on Saturday evening what was happening  when you came to my caravan with Paul  and Chris.  On the Sunday you didn't show up until after the meeting had finished. Richard watt was already aware of what cars were going in to the ring. The idea of a meeting on Sunday at noon was a suggestion for something to do on the Sunday. With regards to the events organiser perhaps you should speak to the chairman  or read his post from earlier. 


If if you have an issue with me then I dint think the forum  is the correct place to air it.  

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