Genuine full chassis rails for sale plus upper and lower valances

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Hi All,

I have for sale to you guys first, before I put them on eBay this weekend, the following parts so far (a few more bits to follow when I find them).

2 Genuine full length chassis rails, the passenger side is an Ascona B part and is shorter than the Manta B rail (at the nose end). Drivers side is a Manta B or Cavalier rail. 

They both have surface rust, mainly on one side each. This was from storage and the exposed sides have aged. Inside the rails are pretty good, fortunately no rust in the area where the inner reinforcing plate and outer skin don't quite touch, this would be a bugger to eradicate. The surface rust is heavy in areas but it isn't deep, I rubbed it with a bit of emery paper and it came off easy but it is uniformly covered in areas. If you are going to the trouble of replacing a rail you will have been dealing with proper rust so this is nothing to fettle. Also a million times easier to sort than fabricating your own rails. 

Also I have an upper valance or front panel for a Cavalier and the genuine lower valance for Manta/Cav. 

I am hoping to use photo bucket and add quite a few photos below (if it works). 

I am going to be totally honest with you all about my reason for selling my manta stuff. Firstly I have been a manta/cav owner since age 16 and at any one time had 14 examples. I used to be utterly obsessed. Sadly with work I haven't touched my cars for 13 years, they are just rusting away in the garage. I still watch the manta scene from the sidelines and know how crazy the market is going. 

I am selling because I have my self assessment tax bill to pay and I need a new boiler, neither HMRC or the Plumber will do discount so without any other savings I am looking after myself here and have to realise the true value without feeling like I am ripping people off or being a wheeler dealer. I have had many parts for nearly 20 years and have to admit I will never get round to using them. They are just deteriorating and  I guess that also makes me selfish for hoarding them when so many people need these parts to fulfill their hobby. 

5 years ago, In 2012, on here, Alymac sold a chassis rail for £450 (admittedly in mint condition) 

Recently on eBay an upper valance with surface rust on both sides sold with 4 bids for £180

There is a genuine lower valance on eBay now for £275 (I realise that it hasn't yet sold for that price so maybe it is over priced?) 

Sooooo I am asking £500 each for the rails

£180 for the upper valance

£200 for the lower valance. 

If those prices are no good to you guys then I will try eBay and take from there. I just hope you all see where I'm getting my values from. I haven't just Johnny Balled it! 







PHOTO BUCKET IS THE MOST TEDIOUS SLOW LOAD OF SH*TE! If anyone wants pics please just send me your email address. 

The upper valance has some blotches of surface rust on the outer but clean black primer underneath 

The lower valance has a few blotches of surface rust on part of the outer area but the back and the additional pan that the genuine ones have is all clean and good. 

All panels have dealer stickers on and are genuine old stock. 

Regards to all OMOC members - James 





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Drivers side rail provisionally sold 

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Hi James. I will try and get over at weekend to collect the parts the club has paid for.

Rail prices are spot on. club should snap up all your panels and genuine spares



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Hi Kev, 

This weekend is fine but just give me a bell as I've a few places to go and I put the quarter in the loft to save it getting bashed in the garage. I thought about offering the rails to Louise but I thought she just wanted panels. The right rail is provisionally off to Scotland. 

See you soon


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Which panels have the club bought? 

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lets hope we can get some re manufactured :thumbup

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