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  1. Yeah, what photobucked did was really unethical and most of people that has so far used their services won't do it twice, myself included. My friend from DSRLeasing told me just to post all the pictures on my own server and upload them from the ftp.
  2. Best idea for hosting photos is getting your own server and adding them to ftp. They are very cheap and stable. I haven't used photobucket or imageshack for like 7 years, basically since the internet boomed so much all those hosting services sucks now, you either pay - and they want a lot sometimes - like photobucket or you can't even host a pic for a longer period of time. Like my friend had shown me some pics of the ride he got at DSRLeasing and hosted them on photobucket - they were gone, unless he obviously paid, which he did because he deleted them from his PC.
  3. Great looking V8, one of the best I've seen to be honest. Would love to have one like that and I should seriously check into that instead of going for a deal lease at DSRLeasing! Much more fun.
  4. Just saw a topic, so I may as well greet you! I'm from Poland too, native, but living in the US for 3/4 of the year. Nice to see a fellow friend here!
  5. Welcome, it looks really great! My friend who works at DSRLeasing has had very similar one. I remember he truly loved it.
  6. Yeah, those colors of the car and windmill looks really amazing. Shame that you can't get a deal lease on old school rally cars I would love to pick one instead of family car at DSRLeasing as my wife tells me to.
  7. Lovely collection! I would love to some day join some meeting with other people that share common passion. I only joined it once with my friends from DSRLeasing and we talked about cars for so long
  8. Don't know, but yeah it would take a lot of money and work to restore this one, but if I had more stable financial situation I would really like to have such an project on the side, altogether with a new babe from DSRLeasing on a lease deal
  9. Great looking Manta. Can't say much without a history, but it looks very fine. I even told my friend to get some Manta for project instead for getting himself into a lease deal on DSRLeasing, but noone listens to me
  10. Hey, looks great for a first rally especially. I don't have one yet, but I think of getting into one instead of getting the DSRLeasing deal on some new car. I rather put my heart and time into something, instead of just cash.
  11. Damn, this is the beauty. I love those races themes in cars
  12. Yes, it looks really great. Would love to attend to such an event
  13. A shame that pictures can't be viewed by normal users. Will donate for the OMOC in a few days.
  14. Looks like a nice car. I don't mind not having an Opel badge though. I'll pass it to my friend.