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  4. Hi there ! I need to get rid of my contacts so i need this Bosch breakless setup. Its for the 1.3s engine. This is like the one on these pictures. Please PM me or just reply here Thank you
  5. I will keep a full diary and photos of all progress made.As i am not in a hurry so I will collect all parts first and then make all repairs. To be honnest I study my Msc in Quality Assurance so i have not as much time i like to have.... The topic about what is called Macedonia is HUGE.(and off topic). Just ask yourself, can French people claim H.M. Queen Elisabeth being a famous French queen??? (!!!!)
  6. Today i drove it for about 30 kms... It has a very short gearbox and final ratio. With 4th gear and 100 kms per hour i have 3600 rpms. The bad stuff: The carburator need cleaning , a good complete engine overhaul as it has 280.000 kms on it. I will keep it original. I am thinking of clange the stock contact ingnition system to electronic one. I must find a geniue piece of cloth like the one it has so to fix the 2 front seats. The good points: No noise bang or rattles. The engine gear box is nice and all gears are smooth to engage. All locks lights and all work as it should be. I will make a good restoration plan so to have a nice result. Thank you all for the welcome and I feel comfortable enough to ask your help. Oh, Thesaloniki is a great city to live and it is the capital city of Macedonia a North Greek territory.
  7. Here you are... All original ! Rotor arm is from 1984...
  8. Yes ! The first owner is located in Sidirokastro near Thessaloniki. I came here to pick it up load it on a train and have it in Athens so to make all things needed to be in A1 condition. Saloniki is sortcut to tell Thessaloniki....
  9. Any update or pics for your seal repair ? I must do mine so i need the info ! Thank you.
  10. Thank you all for the welcome... I am in Saloniki right now and all day I and 2 good friends were working on the Manta....I have many to show to you boys but today i will share with you the purchase receipt of the original owner. 6
  11. Hi All I just joined in the Club and i hope to help and to be helped. I know many about cars as i have owned for 13 years an Opel Kadett D and writing in mk1oc.com. Now i have bought an Opel Manta B 1.3S GT 240.000 km with sunroof . The car is totally unsprayed and in original condition. There are no holes no previous accidents no . The seller was first owner and gave me the receipt of purchase in Deutsche Marks ... I will upload pictures so you can see the car and i guess that if i need your advice i can ask for it ! Thank you for accepting me as a member of the manta club forum. My best wishes from Sunny Greece.