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  1. sound
  2. HI, what condition are they in, and how much including postage Thanks, how would you want paying
  3. thanks a lot just bought 2 from this site,bargain
  4. has my GTE got an lsd
  5. standard.Cheers
  6. I require brake cylinders for my manta gte can anyone put me on to a suplier
  7. anyone know of a sender unit.Cheers
  8. anybody recommend a supplier of front springs for my 85 GTE.Cheers
  9. HI, just rang got tank booked in very reasonable on price, thanks again.
  10. Thanks for that, I will ring them today.
  11. Hi all, just found a 1985 GTE hatch in a garage that was in need of a new life, so I had to have it, I am not that familiar with using forums so bare with me.My last project was a triumph stag, I also own a Capri, cant wait to here the manta run again. Hopefully with your help and advice it wont be to long. Mark
  12. sorry Kevin, I am new to the forum, how do I get in touch with Carlos, Cheers.
  13. HI, can you recommend anyone.Cheers