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  1. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. No problem. As you say, it could be the best on the market. Agreed re the auto, but somebody might not be too bothered. I'd imagine it has led a pampered life in Japan. One wonders if any Manta's found there way to Japan! The same thought occurred to me about Malta and Cyprus as both would be RHD.
  3. This might interest someone. Looks rather nice in that colour. I owner, 36K miles:
  4. That makes 2 of us then! I never knew that either!
  5. Been re-reading through the tread again. Re your query as to how many GTE's were registered in 1988: If you look at the figures quoted above, there were 1533 Mantas registered in 1988, 1414 of these were Exclusives, which I assume actually means both Exclusive GT hatches and GTE Exclusives (coupes) rather than just GTE Exclusives, as he then says 46% of buyers preferred the Coupe to Hatch, and as we know there were no GTE Exclusive hatches apart from the 86MY Irmscher batch. Subtract one from the other and you are left with 119 which presumably can only be non-Exclusive GTE's as there were no other models available by that time, albeit there might have been a few old model GT hatches still in the system but I would suspect not.
  6. Lovely! I suppose it does have the rarity bit going for it. I read a comment on the Facebook OMOC re the GTE below. A possible buyer was only interested if it had the beige interior!
  7. It's looking good! and even better once it's all painted. I'm coming around to the dash mouldings etc! Are the seat bolsters grey or beige? .....or just grubby?
  8. Somebody in Turkey was selling reproduction Daytona check fabric recently. I forget where I saw it unfortunately. The same thread mentioned that (I think it was) Debenhams sell a very close likeness to the bolster material. Also found this old thread:
  9. I've no idea if this has been listed previously but I suspect there must be a bit of a market for this. They also have bolster fabric.
  10. Not many of these around: Would look great if returned to original spec etc. Albeit, painted in Dolphin Grey/Monaco Blue or Steel Grey and fitted with all the Exclusive bits & bobs would look equally good! I dare say it's been done before.