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  1. So, is this where having a sunroof fitted is actually an advantage!! A bit of a Catch-22 situation!
  2. A nice project for someone. I've always thought hatches looked better in gold than coupes . I've never really understood how the rear seat can end up in such a poor condition! What do people do with them. When my coupe went to meet its maker after 12 years & 160K miles the rear seat was as good as new. The fronts weren't far behind with minimal wear .
  3. Looks like it's been sold.
  4. If it's a as nice as it looks, I'd say it's worth the asking price, or at least close to it. Bear in mind given it's an 86 Exclusive, it's one of the original Irmscher machines. I paid £9500 for my non-Exclusive GTE back in April 1997 which included approx 10% discount for having no trade in.
  5. The original thread was deleted. I'd say the latest asking price maybe a tad ambitious. However, it's certainly a lovely looking car, and the Ice Blue paint really suits it. I wouldn't say no! But it has no heating, no roof liner and I also noticed the rear seat door cards are not original, all of which detract to some extent. I'm afraid that rear spoiler would need to go and replaced with an Exclusive 3-piece one. I'm also not so keen on the wheels. Hopefully it will find a good home.
  6. I suspect the sellers will probably add a thread themselves, but in case they don't:
  7. Try this:
  8. 77 GLS Coupe. Nice colour that (Signal Red) when it's polished up. 1980 1.6 Sportshatch:
  9. You are right about the Victor:
  10. Lovely looking example. A bit of a bargain at the asking price!
  11. Doesn't look too bad, but will no doubt need a fair bit of welding:
  12. Yes, given it needs a full respray and a fair bit of welding I think the asking price may be a bit optimistic. It does look nice though. We shall await with interest.