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  1. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  3. In Monaco Blue: Lovely looking interior.
  4. Personally speaking, I'd prefer the red coupe in the background. I'm not a fan of the de-chromed look. Pity there's no further details as yet. Funny thing is, IMHO 2 slot Manta B's look wrong without the chrome side trim and wheel arch trims (GT/J aside), whereas the 4-slot B's look horrible with the rubber side strip. The same seller also has this tasty looking 3.3 Cresta up for sale along with a Viva GT estate. Obviously an old Vauxhall fan!
  5. Looks rather nice. It certainly stands out in that colour.
  6. I suspect this may be the same seller as above seeing as it is located in Invergordon (which is actually in Ross & Cromarty rather than Inverness-Shire). Further to above, it is the same seller:
  7. Drivers side. There's also this hatch rear door for sale:
  8. Being an F plate hatch it can only be a GT Exclusive. You can see the side trims have been removed and filled or whatever.
  9. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  10. Looks good but a bit pricey at £6K perhaps. Certainly a nice project for somebody.
  11. This has been relisted:
  12. Yes, that fact (Haywards Heath) hadn't bypassed me! The thought had crossed my mind (cheeky or otherwise) however my missus wouldn't be well pleased having to remove her mint Corsa from the garage. It would need to live on the drive and my Saab 9-3 Sportwagon would be relegated to being parked on the road. It does look nice, especially with the ATS alloys which weren't all that common fitted to Vauxhall's albeit they were an extra cost option. Still tempting however.....
  13. This looks very nice! Nice colour & the interior looks almost new. The MOT history makes it look well worth a punt.
  14. There's also this one for sale on the same site: GT/E interior and 2.2 engine.