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  1. Nice. Looks pretty much original. It had bypassed me. No idea why sellers would list it without a type or whatever.
  2. Looks strange minus all the brightwork/trim.
  3. Blimey! That's quite a find! Will look forward to seeing some photos in due course.
  4. Nice! Looks like you have found yourself an unusual (1.3 GT Coupe) and solid looking Manta!
  5. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  6. In Sapphire Blue:
  7. Or not. Re-listed for a 3rd time:
  8. A bit pricey perhaps, but it does look very nice: Not 100% convinced about the Diamond cut finish on the alloys.
  9. This sold for just under £3K.
  10. Looking good! You are cracking on for sure! You made a fine job of fitting the black trim strip between the bumper and headlights. I've noticed a few recently that look wonky or not fitted at all, leaving a bit of a gaping hole which doesn't look right. As for the seam sealing, anything that stops water gathering or penetrating can only be a good thing.
  11. This has been re-listed with no reserve:
  12. That does look pretty tidy! Always liked the gold GTE hatches. How long has it been stored for?