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  1. wye i'm down the road durham
  2. U breaking the 3 up northumberland way, i went down to kent for 1 . 1 from scotland,1 from birmingham,and 3 from burnley off carl 5 exclusive g t e and 1berlinetta 4 are hatches two coupes exclusives but one is getting chopped up for the parts from the mint one, and two hatchs the same to for parts .spent with transport and storage over 18 months near £10 k no more in the 80s used to buy em &200 quid.
  3. Can anybody tell me how to post photos from my i phone 5s gallery over on to here. iv tried the paper clip to no avail.
  4. trouble is i live on a posh estate, but i'm not posh but i'm a council estate lad and proud of it. and it's the storage costs on top of the £6k wot has killed me and still. it working out with transport cost and everything in 18. months and odds and ends in total over £10 k , so i have to get everything cut down in great full to the club . but time waiting and holding on advertising costs more, i wouls not advise anybody to do it if you don't stick in and and go skint like iv done , bloody hard dream. welcome back to the real world for me.
  5. i but got wot i won't from the beginning i said i was not in it for profit atal just for pleasure, i no i'm losing money, but iv kept important spare parts. and not bothered about the cash loss just the gain of my dream sines 1979 and to 1986 to own the last ultimate manta hatch and coupe gte exclusives mostly thank to carl and co
  6. 10 weeks then scrap parts body and panels all scrap coupe and hatches interior dash windows going to make tin can. 6 mantas and 18 months later and spent £6k later on everything u can think of. to make 3 crackers. going to get pleasure.
  7. i would show i if i new how to put photos on out of my photo thing on this's i phone crap photo
  8. sorted now looking at 8 week job , then the rest scrap .
  9. dav mate u got payed ,so stop making slandering remarks on a public group, you no they are unfounded so , keep it up and there will be either a letter through your letter box or a nock at your door mate. ps u were paid ,BUT You ROBBED ME BLIND PERIOD. you it i no it and every one knows it.
  10. Yes,i've 28 days and if i cannot x2 started i'll have to think of breaking my hart selling ! years storage costs £500 last year then £300 so this year£800 were u in the uk
  11. Endless headaches, first bord out of my brains sitting on me holss , to much to do nobody to find local, i've never nown it so hard to find a person to do a big car strip down cannot find nobody . i've payed more in storage than in fresh air .any body no anybody local to me in geordie land , i know there are ones far a field .!!!!!
  12. just to let people no I've had problems with e bay today , I noticed £1had been taking out of my bank account the other day, so I reported it to my bank, And I had two other payments to pay for I'd bought to go through PayPal. Thinking my disputes was only with the unknown identification of the £1 only they bank and PayPal suspended 3 instead of only one, and it's caused a whale of problems ,and has a knock on affect with other people's PayPal accounts being suspended and they being unable to take there cash out or use it to sell and receive advertised item . But parshly my fault . I.e. Sorry 909 ok.
  13. I no a bit about this subject , legal no . If any body goes down that road , bitter concerquences . 4 crimes straight away , fraud deception and theft , and perjury , and one other planning and excuting , and the c p s will throw the book at the so called idear. First offence , will not be a fine or probation. Prison sentence at her m p. You will never have the police of your backs . The perjury and fraud parts are the big part. And falsifying . And that just the start, a criminal record. For wot because you are des pride for help yer but the legal way. But for a peice of metal .
  14. Dear all you manta but heads, happy manta head ack day . If you are like me it's a decease these cars ,you buy one and start to repair it as a project . Then it never gets started because you see another one and then on and there on. Then you either run out of space or costs you to store them or you don't tell the wife . And then it either pan over the head or a devorse .but getting to the point is there anybody in durham Sunderland areas good at doing resturation at a respective price , because iv got to many thing to do but little time to do it. Please if anybody knows of anybody it will help me out. Then I'll be able to try the dating game again . And be able to have a clear mind instead of finding metal and 4 wheels more attractive and treating it like a it's already cos me one marriage .but iv never mested about behind any lasses back in my life .but the frying pan hurts and kitchen knife and the kettle and any other gear there , you no wot womens tempers are like to use poor mid life crisis men . It hurts.