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  1. Manta on the move again, Bigger garage now so I can actually get to work on it finally oh and the cat picture was from move in day, She's an old moggie who decided one day that she was moving in( think She was the old lady's cat who passed on from over the road) so we brought her with us.... you guessed it she climbed up alright but couldn't get back down
  2. I need to get one too, not too bothered if it doesn't have the code as when it's finally on the road I'll be happy listening to the sweet sweet note from my Jetex system that's still sat in it's box at the moment
  3. That's owned by the chap on here who sold me my Coupe if I'm correct, I like the orange, always wanted a ginger car
  4. If this forum can integrate with tinypic then that would work and it's free, that way we could all upload as much as we like without having to mess about cropping photos on the pc. I ran a football supporters forum and had the same issue that photos were filling the expensive server space very quickly and the tinypic fixed the issues overnight.
  5. Cheers
  6. What diameter do I need to buy and how much will do the job? cheers, Terry
  7. Same here need to change my fuel pipes first mind - guessing if they are rusty outside then the inside will be corroded too.
  8. Have you tried east kent trim supplies? I see they are advertising a Coupe one on Ebay so may do the hatch.
  9. That's fantastic, my black Coupe is still a jigsaw but that's inspiring
  10. I have been just to get the bits for my Coupe, will cost me more than buying a good one by the time I'm done but will be well worth it. Prices are Deffo on the up, didn't SGH go for 1500 a few years back and recently went for more than double?
  11. I bet it drives great with the LSD and extra horses, won a free lucky dip and I know exactly what I'm spending my winnings on if the numbers come in. I have a 4 manta long term plan, nice A series original as possible, GTE Coupe original, SR Coupe original and then one like this to have some fun in, yeah I know I'm a dreamer but I might get there before I'm too old to enjoy them Uh hang on missed out the GTE hatch, five it is
  12. It's very nice indeed, love the blitz recover! hope it fetches the asking price
  13. Enjoy, you have bought a really nice Manta there in one of the best colours imho