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  1. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. It's very nice and if I had both the space and the £ I'd take that all day long!
  3. Not had a proper look yet but my mechanic mate spotted a car on a drive less than a mile away a few weeks back, red Coupe that looks like it's been stood a while, my mate has just texted me about it again whilst on another job for them and said I need to get round there as they don't want it. Just nipped out in the dark and can't find it grrr. Not sure of your location but this one is in High Lane Cheshire, could try and see if the owner is really up for a sale and see how bad it is if you like? He only asked me as he knew I was after some rear quarters but I'm sorted for those now.
  4. Hi Lee, bags of pics on my Project thread, please join up and you will see them, might as well as it seems you are keen to own one and being a member you might find other areas on the forum where the cars for grabs come up first for members, the sale is a very very last resort as lots of members have helped out above and beyond to get me the parts I need but I will give you first dibs should the worst case happen. It probably costs more building your own minter but for me it's much more fun and satisfying, when you look at the finished car you will get the I did that feeling (well most of it)
  5. I say this with a heavy heart but If I can't get mine in to have its rear quarters done whilst moving it might very sadly be up for grabs, I'll be gutted though after spending the last year gathering all the bits! I might end up with no choice and I'll no doubt have to pay more to get another one later, not many projects around with a chassis as good and with as low miles.
  6. Nice project for someone, not sure if that's just outer surface rust around the sunroof or it's going to need a roof skin/major roof fettling.
  7. Nice looking unmolested hatch on Ebay for sale, OMOC member owned.
  8. Going to try to keep mine original too, need to get those pesky rear quarters fitted, had a look at Mr Abbotts Cosworth GTE rear quarter thread for inspiration and it looks very tricky! I'm having to blinking move house before the end of March too not looking forward to that.
  9. Excited Giddy = Excited + kids book...giddy goat = giddy as a goat
  10. It's all coming together! took a trip to Reading yesterday! Massive thanks to Nick for the Jetex Exhaust and Paul for the 2 section rear quarter panel and to John for giving up his time to arrange collection from him, some really good people on this forum Got all the major bits now and can't wait to get moving with things. Not unwrapped them yet but giddy as a goat so had to share the news!
  11. What a belter, Get those Euro millions numbers on
  12. Nope can't reply either.
  13. Make a really nice car when done, great colour too.