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  1. Have you tried east kent trim supplies? I see they are advertising a Coupe one on Ebay so may do the hatch.
  2. That's fantastic, my black Coupe is still a jigsaw but that's inspiring
  3. I have been just to get the bits for my Coupe, will cost me more than buying a good one by the time I'm done but will be well worth it. Prices are Deffo on the up, didn't SGH go for 1500 a few years back and recently went for more than double?
  4. I bet it drives great with the LSD and extra horses, won a free lucky dip and I know exactly what I'm spending my winnings on if the numbers come in. I have a 4 manta long term plan, nice A series original as possible, GTE Coupe original, SR Coupe original and then one like this to have some fun in, yeah I know I'm a dreamer but I might get there before I'm too old to enjoy them Uh hang on missed out the GTE hatch, five it is
  5. It's very nice indeed, love the blitz recover! hope it fetches the asking price
  6. Enjoy, you have bought a really nice Manta there in one of the best colours imho
  7. Cheers if I can get through the crap in the garage I'll take a look under the bonnet to check
  8. Will the brake servo fit an 84 Coupe? Hate to see anything get binned! Think mine is okay but a spare wouldn't hurt.
  9. Be interesting to see what it goes for as it needs the usual welding and paint etc.
  10. Not to everyones taste maybe but i think its ace, always wanted a ginger car
  11. It's very nice and if I had both the space and the £ I'd take that all day long!
  12. Not had a proper look yet but my mechanic mate spotted a car on a drive less than a mile away a few weeks back, red Coupe that looks like it's been stood a while, my mate has just texted me about it again whilst on another job for them and said I need to get round there as they don't want it. Just nipped out in the dark and can't find it grrr. Not sure of your location but this one is in High Lane Cheshire, could try and see if the owner is really up for a sale and see how bad it is if you like? He only asked me as he knew I was after some rear quarters but I'm sorted for those now.
  13. Hi Lee, bags of pics on my Project thread, please join up and you will see them, might as well as it seems you are keen to own one and being a member you might find other areas on the forum where the cars for grabs come up first for members, the sale is a very very last resort as lots of members have helped out above and beyond to get me the parts I need but I will give you first dibs should the worst case happen. It probably costs more building your own minter but for me it's much more fun and satisfying, when you look at the finished car you will get the I did that feeling (well most of it)