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  1. Haven't seen one out and about for ages, last time I stumbled across one it was all sad and neglected on someones driveway, other than that there are always a few dotting around at Carl's when I nip over for bits.
  2. Me too, Hope you get it otherwise I'm going to end up with 2 that I have very little time to work on and a very unhappy Mrs Managed to get a bit of time for rust removal yesterday from the inner wings and was chomping at the bit to do more but then the real world kicked in again
  3. Ohhhh you tease same plate as my first Manta, which was an SR on a P plate, mine was a 76 though. Might not be to everyone's taste but I love the colour Same problem as most though garage full and not really got started on mine, wonder if the Mrs would mind her Corsa being booted out of the car port I hope you find a good home as that will be a beauty when done. I so nearly put a buying fever bid in
  4. My ex was a black belt in karate, I came in after a few jars and tiptoed in like you do...(was only 11ish) I was peckish so went for a tub of pringles but the lid popped off and hit the foor next thing she'd darted down the stairs and punched me right in the chops, not sure me then laughing and saying that's the second hardest I've been hit helped her mood much Know what you mean as I keep wanting to buy more even though I have hardly touched the one I have got! My current Mrs is a Geordie lass and has a bit of a temper but thankfully a lot milder than the pocket sized Stockport Ninja My Bosses Dad has a garage around that area and was restoring classics, not sure if he's retired now but I'll check for you.
  5. I can't compete with a pudding but I remember pulling newspaper and large balls of clear glue from the sill of my 76 SR as I was poking around it and replacing them with a much sturdier repair of ally mesh and fibreglass, bog and bitumen (I was a skint student and couldn't afford welding!)
  6. Me too just needs a 'bit' of bog and it will be right
  7. Back on at 1495 or best offer now. Could be a really good base for someone especially as it seems the owner is open to offers. It's all the way down in Torbay mind!
  8. Welcome My first Manta was a 2 slot and I'd love another, Looks a decent one, was eyeing that up as a driver until I get my Coupe sorted.... All I can see was the tax was last due on your Dad's car in May 1996, my old coupe NAD 357P shows last taxed in 1992 although I'm holding on the the faint hope someone has it in a lockup somewhere still
  9. Paint looks stunning
  10. If it's for a B then I think Mr Carlos has a decent pair of solid used ones still on Ebay
  11. It's back on Ebay again, bit out of my price range mind.
  12. Interesting to see what it fetches, it went for 2k last time.... it's pretty tempting at that kind of money as although it needs putting back to how it was ideally I'd have one to drive right away whilst getting the time to fettle with mine, Although I do think the Mrs might not be best pleased
  13. Stunning I'm just hoping to get mine to look as good as yours was at the moment!
  14. Cracking looking car Came off Facebook years ago, too much mither and being pestered over this app or x person has poked you
  15. Yep, would be a real shame to see it changed.