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  1. I had to borrow from another member a jig to keep the front trailing arm bolt holes in the right place when I replaced the swan necks, these parts I had to fabricate myself as I could not find a supplier selling these. I used 3mm steel for the inner sections, cut them out in one section so I ended up with 4 parts, two for each side, and salvaged the little crush pipe inside for the bolt from the old ones then used 1mm steel for the outer covers it took a lot of prep and a while to complete but the end job was worth it.
  2. Retropower has a good selection of replacement panels from floorpans, front jacking points, chassis rails, sills, wheel arch repair panels and more it would be worth talking to them. The for sale section on this site has a good offering of spares, I've purchased a lot from other members on here and find them very helpful and easy to deal with, it's always a good idea when you know the part your after to use the wanted section. E bay is also very good. all the best with your project.
  3. It's been a year of long hours evenings and weekends to get my manta to this stage. I have now replaced the spare wheel well, both driver and passenger floorpans, both straight sections of chassis rails under the floorpans, both inner and outer swan necks, both front jacking points, both A pillar sections forward of the door hinges, washer bottle tray, battery tray and repaired behind both headlights plus various other small patches. I have replaced all the rubber bushes in the front subframe and refurbished it with top and bottom ball joints, track rod ends and new steering rack gators and a new coat of paint. The back subframe has been treated to a new coat of paint also. Next job now is both back wheel arches and both sills then that should see the welding completed, this I hope all going to plan will be approx June/July time. A few photos to let you see how she is sitting today.
  4. If you have received an e mail stating that your membership has expired scroll down to the bottom and there is a link to renew. http://membership.mantaclub.org/membership
  5. Job done, thanks for the advice and tips. As you can see from the first photo a ratchet strap was bolted into the shock absorber bolt and looped under bottom arm then tightened up, washers under the poly nut pulled the spindle through without spinning locking it into place then washers removed and poly nut tightened this process was repeated on top and bottom both sides. Last photo showes completed job on the bottom ball joint. 👍
  6. I just feel I have a job half done and maybe slightly impatient.
  7. I'm building back up the front subframe of my manta b after re bushing, track rod ends, top and bottom ball joints and a new coat of paint. my problem is trying to tighten the poly nuts on the ball joints, they just keep spinning as the subframe is off the car I have no weight of car to help engage the joints or I can't put a jack under to press them up. Is there a solution to engage the tapered spindles before I fit the subframe to the car?
  8. If this car sells for the full asking price its depreciation in 31 years is £255.94 that works out at £8.25 a year! BMW, Audi etc at least £2000. I would have this over a new car any day.
  9. looks like a lot of work and effort has went in to your manta How did you paint the underside, brush or spray? And what paint did you use? It looks really smooth. I'm nearly at that stage and I was considering white POR15 brush on as I don't have any spraying facilities in my garage.
  10. Fantastic looking manta, I hope my one will look as good as this when finished. Great job.
  11. I was able to source a replacement from Retropower, they would be worth trying if you still have not got one yet, it came complete with the plastic surround.
  12. Hi Davie, im up near your neck of the woods, just a little further north. Pictures of your manta would be nice. i have recently sourced a lot of parts for my gte from Retropower, floor pans, jacking points, spare wheel well, sills, inner wing A pannels, chassis rails, it's worth giving them a shout.
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322196801102 is this the kick plates you require?
  14. I have the 2.0L CIH GT/E coupe with the standard getrag 5 speed gearbox and the rubber gear box mounting has perished and detached and is now held together with zip ties, would this be a direct replacement?

    also could you provide a quotation on a full rubber bush set for both front and back sub frames as they are both removed from the car at the moment and this is my opportunity to get easy access to the worn bushes.

    regards Mike.

  15. When I enquired about this issue a short while back here is the solution I got, looks like I'm making one, doesn't seem too difficult. Hope this helps.