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  1. This is my 2.4, with 6-cilinder flywheel and 9 inch clutch. No problems! The 2.0E clutch couldn't handle it. This is the engine of my 400, hard to see but with original the same flywheel and 9 inch clutch with also 4 bolt. The engine has got 182Hp and no problems
  2. I bought several parts and gaskets from this web-shop, never had a problem, always correct.
  3. Not cheap but new: https://www.edelschmiede.com/shop/navi.php?a=1072&lang=eng
  4. For sale in Belgium: http://www.kapaza.be/nl/onderdelen/windsplits-ascona-b-manta-b-115223029.htm
  5. Thanks for the info! Maybe that manifold will be usefull!
  6. Found years ago a set Sprint twin carbs, couldn't resist cause they were cheap. After installing I noticed I couldn't close the bonnet, even without airfilter... So I took a test-drive without bonnet and the carbs moved to the garage on a shelf eating dust. On a LHD "400" with DCOE carbs you will find the same problem with the brake-master cilinder, but the manifold is chaped as a "swan-neck" and the brake-oil reservoirs are replaced to the left:
  7. Looks great! Are they also available for LHD cars? (LOL)
  8. I did the rebuild more than 20 years ago. Think my daughter was just starting to walk so it was 1993... This picture will prove it is possible to keep the original thermostatic house with the DCOE carbs: The air-filter was "stolen" from a VW-Golf Diesel. The engine had a nice sound but not that more power than I expected, the idle was a lot better after using those multi-spark plugs. I remember I fixed the synchronise-screw between the two carbs so I had not that much work to tune them after some time.
  9. I have a 2.4 CIH in my Manta-B, with original LE injection, feul pressure regulator L injection. Nothing else changed. The head is yet a 2.0 CIH, had a flowed head but cause of the high compression and the unleaded feul I had to change it. The rods are balanced as the cranckshaft and it can have some revs, but the nice thing is the torque... I own also an original 400 with 182Hp (not that much...) but the 2.4 8valve has got more power in the low rev's! If you have an Omega/Frontera engine: check the pistons, and change them with quality ones.
  10. The heads marked with following are also able to run with unleaded: XR22 (engine 2.2E) P22 (engine 2.2E) X24 (engine C24NE) Those 3 heads have other inlet ports so you need original inlet manifold or (better) shortened 6 cilinder manifold.
  11. If you look to the big square hole in the head, the flat part on the left of it:
  12. I don't mind it's a LHD, it is a Dutch car for sale in Holland. Just on the other side of our border. Looks nice, except the price!
  13. Sorry you had a speed ticket in our country. Sometimes it's difficult to get one! Cause of the traffic jam or the terrible condition of our highway's.
  14. This is a decal off an A-series and B1-series,