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  1. I've got 8X15 et 23 wheels and 205/50/15 tyres. The car is 40mm lowered: Touched once the front wing when driving back from a kerbstone with the steering turned completely left.
  2. Looks great! Enjoy it!
  3. Great news! And we are waiting for pics! I have an account on photobucket to post pictures on forums, If you google it you'll find out how to use it. I own also a non welded Manta, keep it in a place with an air-dryer, controlled with a hygrometer. Some weeks ago had to dismantle the bumper to install a cold air intake: Only dust, no rust... But if it rains during a meeting, it rains. A car is made to drive! Drove to Denmark,Germany, France, Austria... When I'm back home I clean the car, even the engine and suspension. Don't put it in a glass box, enjoy it!
  4. The car looks to be in good condition. Thanks of the nice weather over there... The 1.3GT was also available in Belgium, but not very common. I was once stationed in the harbour of Thessaloniki to transport Leopard battle tanks via Macedonia to Kosovo with my heavy tank transporter. Keep up the good work!
  5. Welcome! Is Saloniki the same town called Thessaloniki? Been there , was just wondering... Waiting for pictures! Grts, Herman.
  6. Before I did the make-over of my GSI it had Road-Stones. They were as new but terrible. As the name says "as hard as a stone". And when it rained they threw you of the road. Even in 3th gear drifting... Always wondered how they got that CE-label.
  7. Have you already tried to change the voltage-regulator on back of the alternator? If the bruches are worn they give the same problem, and it is an easy job to fix it yourself.
  8. Hi Rob, still live in Belgium, between Antwerp and Sint-Niklaas. Found this (great) forum while I was surfing the www... Grts, Herman.
  9. Hi Rob, nice I'm not the only one from Belgium. Where were you from? Grts, Herman.
  10. Hi Guy, send you a message, still interested in the cam. grts, Herman.
  11. The text under the picture says "die abbildung ist nicht fahrzeugspezifisch" means the picture is an example, not specific Manta-B and yes, not cheap.
  12. @RGBS:Thanks for sharing this info about Ferguson, never looked for it and it never passed my eyes but very interesting. About the Kadett 400: It was a project of Tony Fall (Opel Sportsdirector) and he left Opel with slamming doors after his project died. The reason why is (I think) the cost of building those cars (Kadett D with Manta chassis), the Kadett E was comming up and Opel had already Manta-400 factory rallye cars in 1981! (have copies of the papers, can't show them cause of privacy rules) I have taken some pictures myself of the Q625 PDS , years ago if someone wants I'll upload and show them. Yet the engine-compartiment is more disappointing... @Danny:Minor detail: I know someone (also a member of the Opel400Club) with an original Manta-400 with original sunroof! And the car is original Black!