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  1. Thanks Rob for the offer I was thinking of silver decals for the 400 on the rear, and on the front wings down the doors. I will have to scroll the internet for some photos and ideas.
  2. I would like 400r above the rear No plate between the lights . I don't know what else open to ideas pls link photos col
  3. Well after a very long time I have at last got some cash to finish the 400r . Took it out for a wash last weekend after it standing for 3 years . new s/s/ exhaust , bonnet diamonds to fit and a quick paint work blow over , then off to be tuned and some fun to be had . Thanks once again to all the club members for the advise ,parts and words of encouragement with this my first project . Col video-1489597757.mp4
  4. Hi does anyone have a power cap for the air intake on a c20ex engine or something along the same lines ? I want to do away with the big efi air box. Thanks Colin
  5. TRAC MON On Anglesey are holding the drifting championship this weekend . this is a fantastic display of car control where you can still get up close to the pits, and see the vehicles worked on in the pit garages see . You can camp there or there are loads of cheap hotels and b&bs in the area . Hope to see some of you there col
  6. does anyone have c20 ex power cap for air induction kit or an induction kit in place of the sfi box. manifold and exhaust complete rear brake upgrade to discs and pads thanks for looking col
  7. Hi All . please could anyone help, I require a new exhaust complete for my manta 400r it has a red top in it and I would like manifold back . does anyone have one for sale or can you point me in the right direction of a way to do this on a budget. With thanks Colin
  8. I do hope this works copy of Neils post today
  9. Hi all does anyone have a pair of wheel spacers and bolts knocking about spare, as my front wheels are catching and i need to fit some spacers to my 400R . Or does anyone know of or used anyone who supplies them not too expensive {i know you get what you pay for lol} With thanks
  10. Hi Phil , welcome to the club i am sure you will find lots of things here to help you on your way, Or make it a lot harder what your going to buy manta a,b,200i 400 lol
  11. arr just like that post but you know what I mean .
  12. If the advert was up at a price and money has changed hands{you paid for it} if he is a parts dealer he must uphold the price by law {or offer you a full refund} If he is a parts dealer quote sale of goods act to him worth a try > Hope this helps Col
  13. can you tell me how much the dimonds are on there own as I have the scoops,with postage to Anglesey pls lepo5 thanks ,
  14. Hi All The race track on Anglesey @tracmon is holding the final round of the maxxis British drift championship on the 19-21st sept with some of the worlds best drift cars . The kids are all back in school now so the weather should be good too .lol They do let you camp on the site on most of the weekends so that cuts down the cost but there is a travel lodge and loads of b&bs I just read this back and it sounds like I should work for the Anglesey tourist board col :D