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  1. As anyone or no where I can get a set of spot light brackets for a ascona b with plastic bumpers
  2. Chull hello had to break in to my garage that's 25mile away tonite I think I mite have what you where after do you still need them parts mate

    1. Chull


      Hi mate,

      yeah I'm still after those heater bits, thanks for looking again, let me know if you find them and how much it comes to if you can post them, I'm not sure where you're based.


  3. 611 will you be selling the Monza flywheel and clutch when you take them out the car
  4. Thankyou for all the advice would a 1600 sump fit the 2.4 cih or do you need a 2 ltr
  5. Could anyone tell me if a 1600 flywheel should fit a 2.4 frontera a friend is putting a 2.4 frontera into his manta A is old engine is a 1600 he as brought a 2ltr gte box to go with the 2.4 Cih so we need to no which is the best flywheel and clutch to use any help would be appreciated he as also just brought a prop off a auto manta b to go with the box angina engine
  6. As anyone got a 2 ltr Cih sump they want to sell need one for a 2.4 engine going in a manta A
  7. Want to say a big Thankyou for all your help think mite of crack it now but will get in tonch if I have a problem mantadoc 👍✊️
  8. I am sure I have one in my lock up but it's 25 mile and working 13 hour days that the moment sorry I can't help you at the moment as soon as I get chance I will check for you Chull
  9. As anyone got a wiring diagram for putting a 2.4 cih in a manta b/ Ascona b taking a engine out of a frontera just need to no what I need from the wiring loom any help would be appreciated
  10. Thankyou for all the great advice I am rebuilding my i 2000 got a 2ltr Cih and a 2.4 Cih want to keep it stock looking but don't no which one to put in
  11. Do 2ltr cams fit 2.4 cih