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  1. Can anyone give me advice does 2.2 inlet fit a 2.4 frontera because I no the 2.4 inlet sits to high to shut the bonnet
  2. As anyone got a inlet manifold for a Monza for sale I want to convert to 4 cylinder please
  3. Can anyone give me advice for a replacement fuel tank for a manta A running fuel injection system old tank rusty regards Gary
  4. Can anyone give me advice want to upgrade my ecu for my 2.4 frontera engine which is going in my Ascona b please
  5. Speak to Callum or Nathaniel from retropower they have done a few Ascona with bias pedal box and red top engines I have a mk 1 escort basis hydraulic pedal box but not used it needs a bit of work to convert it so keeping it standard
  6. Dave did you get the measurements I sent about the rear brakes mate Andy what sort of price are you wanting for yours bits mate
  7. Yes Andy going to run 2.4 cih injection mite change mine on gearbox I have the r25 cih same side for the starter motor but because its hydraulic mite going for the gte gearbox because it's cable and mite be interested in your Monza flywheel and clutch but will check if Dave as spoke to you for it yet
  8. Is that you Andrew
  9. Anyone got a gte gearbox for sale
  10. Can anyone give me some advice on how to convert my clutch to hydraulic to use with a r25 cih gearbox or go with a 2.4 cih frontera please
  11. Can anyone tell if Rial Mesh 8j 9j 5x120 will fit under a standard arch of a manta or Ascona drive shafts have been converted to 5x120 but don't no if the 9j would be to wide to fit in the standard arch any advice would be appreciated