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  1. Adam, what date is it and where is itt be held please. Is it a weekend event? It would be good if we could organise as many cars from the club as possible
  2. Ian. You were told on Saturday evening what was happening when you came to my caravan with Paul and Chris. On the Sunday you didn't show up until after the meeting had finished. Richard watt was already aware of what cars were going in to the ring. The idea of a meeting on Sunday at noon was a suggestion for something to do on the Sunday. With regards to the events organiser perhaps you should speak to the chairman or read his post from earlier. If if you have an issue with me then I dint think the forum is the correct place to air it.
  3. Paul I don't think our efforts were in vain i for one had a fantastic weekend Ian. I was told on Saturday afternoon this the manta club had pulled out of the ring after the vboa meeting on Sunday morning after a personal conflict. I was fuming as Paul and Chris will confirm. I had spent Thursday Friday and all of Saturday morning making sure the stand looked good and people were happy with their camping area. After an ad hoc committee meeting we decided on the cars for the parade ring and I confirmed with the owners that they were happy to take part at 9am on Sunday morning. I attended the morning vboa meetings on Saturday and Sunday morning along with Anne. if you had been there you wouldn't have been the last to know. Danny. I totally agree. Weekend car shows always start to decline early afternoon on a Sunday as people need to travel home and get ready for working Monday's. A club meet on Sunday at say noon would be good to discuss anything and everything perhaps even a second bbq to bring people together. Another couple of points that are maybe worth considering. The club marquee wasn't used to its full potential. I'm not sure having the shop separate worked as the marquee seemed to be empty apart from Natalie sorting out membership. All weekend I didn't really see anyone use it even though it was the only shaded area in our vicinity. Secondly. There are a lot of complaints going around about the toilet facilities yet it seemed to me that a lot of club members considered it acceptable to urinate against the fence behind our campsite. On on a closing note. This was my first year being involved in organising the manta club stand which I was asked to take on by Simon a week before the show. A lot of what I did was a learning curve but judging by people's comments I don't think I did too bad a job. As I have been elected as the club events organiser I will have more involvement before hand and moving forward we can hopefully do things a bit better and with more organisation next year.
  4. I was told it was down to our vboa rep to make sure the car was there for the chairmanship cup
  5. There's no need to be nasty Jim. It was my manic attitude that got everything in place and organised 😀
  6. yay, ive finally gained access to the forum. for those of you wondering who the hell is this lunatic, its Shaun Broadbent, a regular attendee at Billing, constant freeloader and all round good egg. i took the plunge and decided it was time i actually became a member this year. i dont own a manta nowadays however, in the past i have owned a GT/J back in the late eighties when they were still a modern car. as some of you are aware i have been having forum access issues fr the past two weeks but thanks to the wonderful comittee this has now been solved. let the good times roll
  7. i would just like to say hi, even though i am a new member, i am not new to mantas, i owned an 86 GT/J back in 1992 and have recently been involved in bringing Lewis P's lhd manta back from belgium.