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  1. Wouldn't be surprised if it's relisted as bidder had only 1 previous bids/purchases.
  2. Great purchase there Dave, look forward to seeing her in the flesh.
  3. I was also at Combe yesterday, your car looked great on the track and also nice to see 2 others going around as well.
  4. Great pictures and some beautiful cars.
  5. The low rider look, look out for the speed bumps. Look forward to seeing it on Saturday, maybe next get some air suspension
  6. I think it looks better sat at that height, although you won't get the full ride height until the fronts are done. Stripes look great, see you Saturday?
  7. Looking great, time to enjoy it now!
  8. Scrape off what you can then use 180 grit on a da sander carefully then finish off with 320 grit. Few good coats of primer, good as new and ready for top coat of course after flatting primer with dust coat on. Make sure you don't get the discs hot and keep moving the sander. Good luck!
  9. Looking very nice, the wheels and colour go spot on together, keep up the good work!
  10. Hi Guys, I'm after a servo for my manta B, ATE type. Thanks
  11. I'm looking for a ATE brake servo for Manta B please Thanks
  12. Glad you've got it sorted
  13. When its running is it smooth or lumpy and when you push the pedal does it hold back or picks up fine but with no power? What fuel pump are you using and is the pressure correctly set and all filters clean? Last thing when the engine was rebuilt were the leads, coil and dissy replaced?