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  1. Try East Kent trim for the door seals and sunroof seal
  2. Socket is 7/8th
  3. There is a threaded ring that holds it all in place. with the catch removed, look through the hole at the rear of the lock, and you will see the ring with 2 small slots in it. As Paul has just said best way is to make a tool but it can be done with 2 screwdrivers if it is not too tight.
  4. I have locked this topic. This forum will not condone threatening behaviour,
  5. Thank you for your comments so far, please keep them coming. My personal view of the rally. Loved this year's show, not enjoyed the VBOA rally so much for a long time. Liked the layout of the omoc stand, Felt that having the cars permanently on display gave the club a better frontage. Altho I was against the BBQ when suggested, I have to admit I was wrong, worked really well. I think Steve and his crew from LMF did a fantastic job, there was always going to be some issues, but they were quick to try and sort any problems that arose. I think all of the bad points have already been mentioned, so I will not list them again, but I did over hear one comment, that being male I had not even considered...There was no light in the loos. Now for us males, that is not too much of a problem, but I can understand that trying to hold a torch and use the loo is a little more complex for our female members.
  6. This is exactly why I stated the above, I wanted to keep it simple and not start arguments. Please stick to feed back of the weekend, if you wish to have a discussion, please start a new post.
  7. Sorted the bars out, thanks to Alan Biggs, but now need pics of how the head lining fits around the sunroof handle, if anyone can help.
  8. Has anyone fitted a new roof lining into a Manta A with a sun roof? Are the 2 roof bars at the rear both straght? Any help or photos please. I have fitted non sunroof ones but never one with a sunroof.
  9. Now that we are all home, and the Rally is over for another year, the OMOC commette would like to ask you for your views of the weekend. We have been given a feed back form by the VBOA and LMF and need your feed back so we can fill it in. Please do not comment on other members posts, just list your personel views, good or bad.
  10. This years rally, just goes to show what a great club the OMOC is. With the new venue there were so meny un-knowns, and yet all club members came together and made it one of the best VBOA rally for a long time.
  11. The VBOA show is here, Please come along and say hello if you are visiting the show this weekend. Show details can be found here:
  12. Just cut the rubber flexible bottom off and fit a UJ
  13. Nice.
  14. Got one in Coventry, if any good to you.
  15. Just got back from a great day out at the motor fest. Big thankyou to Mick & lou Maher, Will & Amy Wall and Simon Powell for bringing your cars, lot of interest in them as normal. And to finish the day off we got to rag the Mantas round the closed section of Coventry ring road. Deffenatly do this show again next year