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  2. As far as I can remember the A auto prop will work. GTE and 1.8 props are the same. if you do go down the 16v route, I would be interested in your GTE gear box.
  3. Possibly got one, I'll look tomorrow and post pic.
  4. I may have a set. Will have to have a look and get back to you.
  5. Can't beat the A for looks. In 1970 when the Manta A was laurched at the Geneva motor Show, I was 9 years old. I feel in love with the looks and deceied I would have one, one day. That day arrived in 1984, when I bourght SAT 350N a red 1600. In 1997 I hit oil on a roundabout and she was no more. I bourght the car back from the insurance company, and set about looking for a replacement shell. YDF 750K was purchased, She needed some work, but by using SAT. for parts, it was put back on the road. I still own YDF. and she has just under gone a full restorasion. I do know of an A series that is for sale, but the seller thinks it is worth far too much. She is also very hard to deal with. I saw the car about 18 months ago and it did look quite solid, would need a respray. has 5 speed gear box & 2.0l injection engine. But as it has now been stood for 18 months ( it was on grass when saw it) who knows what the underside is like now. I offered £2000 and got turned down, was told she had been offered £5000. And yet she still has the car and I know she also turned down an offer of £2500 a few months ago.
  6. If you want a 73/74 Manta GTE, then you will need to look over in Holland or Germany, as the Manta A GTE was never sold in the UK.
  7. Really miss my Carlton Est. Was the best car I have owned. Omega is ok, but not a patch on the Carlton.
  8. Looking for a set of uprated std hight front & rear coil springs for an A. What has any one got?
  9. moved.
  10. May have one. Ill have a look tomorrow.
  11. may be able to help with lights. I am only in Coventry.
  12. contact Simon P on here, he did have a new full Cav nose cone.