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  1. why a floor mounted
  2. did manage to get the back axle finished for race retro
  3. i belive that your vehicle will actually not be able to claim free tax untill april next year mine is 1976 reg and i was told april 1st is the date when the 40 yr rolls over
  4. has any body got a resonable o/s lovre trim behind the drivers door at a sensible price they could post mine on the rally car got damaged when it got rolled and its at the nec show next weekend thanks
  5. there is one of the ferguson 4X4 senators on display at duxford air museam it was used by the british army
  6. great pictures i was talking to the asconas owner last weekend at race retro steve magson he told me one of the reason why he sold this was the back axles kept breaking and the last axle he had bought was £6000 he had tried to persade the MSA to accept the atlas axle as a cheaper replacement in the historic class but they wouldnt have any of it at the time.
  7. another update after a year of search finally managed to find a pair of 8inch and a pair of 10 inch ronals also bought 4 brand new michelin tb 15 finally managed to get front suspension and brakes on just waiting for new fully floating rear 5 stud hubs from rix enginering otherwise it will stil be on 4 studs for raceretro
  8. i think simon has found cars for this show
  9. i have zf lsd and a 5.2 crown wheel and pinion for sale belive it is a phase 2 i am also buying some phase 3 crown wheel and pinions which will be for sale
  10. finally got some time to sort front suspension out. ordered all new rose joints for bottom wishbones but did find one wishbone had some accident damage to it which goes back to [the tour of mull rally 1992] as luck would have it i had 1 brand new 400 bottom arm to use as a datum point 400 wishbones are different to standard arms and have extra strenghtning done from the factory. i mentioned french uprights in the last post basically in the mid 80s the british opel dealer team took some british built rally cars to france and even though they were both running the same tyres the british cars were getting much more tyre wear and increased tyre temp after a lot of head scratching and much asking of questions, the french had moved the bottom wishbone out by 8mm and then welded up the hole in the upright and redrilled it 8mm closer to the wheel. appently it makes a big difference on tarmac. after speaking to tim aston a former works mechanic and chris birbeck who runs asconas and manta rally cars they both confirmed this i have also incorperated this mod finished wishbones ready
  11. rally car or the exclusive available the exclusive is nice but not concours
  12. possibly a bit biased but my own car
  13. another update the above pictures show we made it to castle combe although the car looked finished i did run out of time with certain things. the front suspension being the main thing the old suspension was either bent or cracked so was scrap,i had earlier in the year bought a van full of genuine works parts but when i started to look at it i realised all of it needed new rose joints etc what i didnt realise untill i had a visit by tim ashton a ex dealer opel rally mechanic was how different some of it was bottom wishbone for tarmac is like this this has rose joints in both wishbone rear holes the hole in the middle is for a rod to limit the drop because of the shorter springs the forest arms are even more interesting only the front wishbone hole is rose jointed the rear being a standard bush but the front ball joint is the interesting bit i thought the ones i had got were both bent but tim explained in forest spec the factory found the travel is limited by the bottom ball joint so they had a special batch of cranked ball joints made which allowed more dop front arm is forest rear arm tarmac. another thing is all 400 ball joints are a bigger diameter so you have to use 400 uprights ill leave the FRENCH UPRIGHTS to another time but this is very involved all bottom pick up points have to moved
  14. what a week been working on it every night and and since friday dinner time have put another 27 hours in to it the dash and wiring loom have been the nightmare i thought they were going to be the main problems being the fact i didnt take it apart/the loom has modified beyond belief and the fact it has now got the correct dash after much head scratching with the mbe ignition finally got it started bled the rear brake and managed to drive it fora few yards still waiting for front brake bells
  15. got wiring loom in place during the week and also fitted fuel tank/pumps/brake lines in engine bay and fire system pipework built and fitted front suspension yesterday engine and box today rear gearbox mount requires fettling