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  1. Has anybody been in touch with the organisers and booked a club stand? The write up suggests we have a display organised. I know Simon was looking for cars that are attending.
  2. click for more info regarding Rallyday 2017. Castle Coombe circuit, Sat 23rd Sept.
  3. I'm toying with the idea of getting my i200 on the road for this event Simon, but either way I am a interested in going.
  4. Darn it..... in Tenby on hols othwise I'd have been interested in a bit of Goyle thrash.
  5. I feel the need to chip in again. As Chris says, and as Gary and Paul have continued to do, let's stick to discussing any points we can take forward for both our own stand and the VBOA event in general. Shaun did as excellent job and volunteered to help out as National meeting organiser. I naturally accepted his kind offer as we need all the help we can get. Let's not start picking fault with one another otherwise we end up in the position where no one wants to volunteer for fear of getting it in the neck. Play nicely or not at all. Nuff said.
  6. Very nice looking B series. Welcome to the forum, hope you have fun here and find it useful.
  7. Looks like our efforts were in vain then......... we did try.
  8. Just as a point of clarification, the site, I believe, is jointly owned by William Davis Construction group, Leics council and is managed by the Leicestershire Agricultural society. There are plans afoot to turn the show ground into a large agricultural ground similar to the NAC at Stoneleigh or the East of England showground at Peterborough. It will take time but the plans are already in place, and will be delivered as the funds are permitting. The small office block was built by William Davis construction as an initial gesture to get things going. They are a local developer and over the years, have put a lot into the local communities, unlike some of the larger Bovis/Bloor homes type that do little for local amenities. Living quite local to the site, I see some of the other events that have been advertised there, and it is starting to gain impetus. There was a decent sized music festival on the week before we went and more use will mean that the roads and other facilities start to come together. The agricultural show last year was large enough to bring Harborough town centre to a standstill, so they have hosted larger shows than the VBOA one already. The site is still a bit rough but as the ground settles down it will only get better I'm sure. It wouldn't take much to get the old airstrip repaired either, which would also be a useful addition to the site as it provides a roadway across the whole site. The bad issues I noted were: Toilet facilities were inadequate, especially on our side of the field The layout of the show was utterly baffling....large space in the middle with nothing on, clubs cramped up on the edges IMHO, John should not be allowed to organise the map/ layout again, as it is clearly beyond his abilities. My little boy could have done better with his aquadoodle There was nowhere to empty a chemical toilet The water standpipes were few and far between and none on our end of the site, which was not acceptable really The catering facilities were poor, but that can easily be improved next year. We will bring our own BBQ Man! The grass cutting was a bit rough, again this will improve as the site gets more use I'm sure The VBOA display was poorly set out and located. Perhaps as it was the other side of the field from us but I saw very little of what went on No PA system for the event covering the whole site. I agree that Sunday was a let down. I was really surprised to see just how many folks were leaving at lunchtime. We ought to have a think about this as get something organised to provide some interest. Personally, I always liked the concours on the Sunday but ho hum. Ian has covered the main issue in his post above but the biggest problem by far was the way in which the OMOC was stuffed in the corner and not given anywhere near enough space for the number of cars and campers that attended. We are by far the largest single make club in the VBOA and I feel we were treated poorly this year. I will be making my feelings known in a letter to the VBOA in due course. If this was to happen again, I would suggest that we look at organising our own show and withdraw from the event as our national meeting and just go back to how we used to do things beforehand, we attended as part of the midlands area meetings and anyone was welcome to come along. We had a separate concours event in July. On the good side, there were loads of plus points but the main ones I noted: LMF did a fantastic job. The gate wardens were happy, smiley and generally pleasant every time I spoke to them. You dont get that at Billing! It was nice to be camped in close proximity to one another as we all mixed and mingled much more than ever before The site was very Easy to find and get in and out generally all weekend prices for camping and visiting were very reasonable considering what you would normally fork out (perhaps the lack of Vinnies and the chip shop helped out with that,) The skylarks were great to hear as you woke up in the morning! Personally, I would be more than happy to go back again and do it all again next weekend. It was more like one of the shows we used to do 20 years ago and it really did give me a massive boost. Loved every minute of it.
  9. I had some written Feedback from a member on the day, so to start things off : Rally Plaque for the OMOC please for next year (complimentary as part of booking in) Judging for the show and shine - Perhaps look at getting an impartial judge from another club to do the show and shine to make it more fair I know theses are more specific to our own display than the VBOA show as a whole but keep the ideas coming in. We are aiming to have a committee de-brief meeting soon, so would like to look over all your suggestions then.
  10. Thanks Shug for bringing me the Servo down - much appreciated and nice to meet you in person for a change. Apologies I didnt have the opportunity to catch up with you again before the end of the show. It was all a bit of a whirlwind to be honest! Hope you had a good trip back home.
  11. Thanks to everyone that Came along and made the VBOA event such a big success. We wondered how well the event would go and thanks to all the enthusiasm of every club member and guest that attended, it was a great weekend. Special thanks to Shaun Broadbent, Mick Maher, Loobie Meagher, Chris Collier, Simon Peckham and all the others that helped put the show together. We welcome Shaun as the new National meeting organiser.... a baptism of fire! Class winners from this years OMOC Show & Shine. Best A - Tim Rolfe Best B - James Sene (car of the show) Best C - Simon Chapman
  12. The OMOC stand was probably the busiest one at the show yesterday, great to see how enthusiastic our members are. DON'T FORGET - This showground is not like Billing. There is no shelter from the sun, so bring your suncream and remember to keep it topped up during the day. I saw some very very red people yesterday who are going to be in pain today!
  13. I dont have one spare but can happily give you the dimensions if you are struggling. It would be pretty easy to make one up using Millboard, or similar. I have just a coupld of Fibreglass rad trays left and will take them along to the VBOA show this weekend, if interested - let me know.
  14. I would say that an Autojumble is probably the best bet for something like this. We found a lovely Opel sign at one a few years ago - Is this the sort of thing you are looking for?
  15. Hi Nick, I had a rumage around last night and could only find GT/E badges, not the Recaro ones. I'm pretty sure I didnt give them away but I;;l probably have to search after the weekend now. Its time I went and washed the Silver B.