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  1. Great to welcome you to the forum Dimpas. There are a few Mantas in Greece so keep looking out for them. There is an i200 for sale on the island I believe at the moment. It will be nice to see your car as it progresses. A rare one so we are glad to hear you are Saving it.
  2. I've always run the i200 on Pirelli's. They are soft, so they stick to the road like glue but obviously tend to wear quicker as a result. But on a weekend car that doesn't do much mileage that really isn't a problem. They have been on the car for a few years now and show no sign of perishing or cracking either. I've had some crappy budget tyres on the Silver B for about 3 years and they are showing signs of cracking already. I've been running the Monaro on Bridgestones for a few years now and they seem like a good mix of grip and acceptable wear, at least for a car with rwd and 400bhp. I get through a set a year, which is okay.
  3. My god - it is only in Nuneaton (about 20 miles away) and I have ALWAYS wanted a White GT/E hatch....... Looks like a fantastic non sunroof project. That could be a minter in no time.
  4. Looks like a good project car for someone. That could be on the road after not a lot of work. Getting lots of bids already.
  5. I think it was PaulManta down in Cornwall that put these kits together. It was 4 years ago though so I doubt whether he has any available any more. It might be worth getting in touch with him though, he may still have the diagrams perhaps?? i found the original thread. They do look pretty darn good though eh!
  6. Looks solid enough. Wonder what its like underneath.
  7. Welcome Lee and I hope you enjoy your time on the forum. Keep your eyes peeled as there have been great cars bought and sold in the last few months.
  8. My Pleasure Glad that it helped out I must admit, I'm quite tempted to get one for mine as they do look better than the other "bolt on" type, (which is basically the same lens in a square box).
  9. I was told once that a MK2 Fiesta XR2 rear fog lamp was a better fit than the original. Not sure as I never tried it but there is one on eBay at the moment and I can see that it looks as though it would probably work. Depends whether you would call that desecration or not - although it is probably manufactured by Hella or some such company anyway.
  10. Wouldn't say no......I'll just check down the back of the sofa.....
  11. I saw this earlier on today and thought that it was a bit special - certainly one of the nicest Cavs I've seen on fleabay for a while. It is quite local to me, so if you want me to pop round and have a look, give me then nod. Probably best to ring - home phone number is in the magazine. I recognised where he took the pictures of the car as I used exactly the same spot when I sold our Frontera many years ago!
  12. Ouch - thats going to take a lot of cash to restore. Shame, it looks like it was a nice one before the tin worm got to work.