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  1. would it be ok to view tomorrow I could bring cash, and arrange for collection next week
  2. yes defiantly interested how much are you looking for, you no me I would restore this no problem, maybe not the highest standard but get it on the road, so I can use it,
  3. hi James really interested in your manta, ready for a project now, bodywork not a problem for me i love the colour, is the engine and gearbox ok, do you no if the diff is quite, house restoration nearly finished it has been really really tough working on our new house, it was in a real state, but ready for another car now,
  4. it will look great when the car is in for the mot
  5. hi there is a kit listed on ebay, you would have to make sure it is the correct one first http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CAMSHAFT-KIT-VAUXHALL-CARLTON-OPEL-ASCONA-MANTA-2-0-2-3-1978-1986-/161265570074?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item258c2d511a
  6. the car looks stunning you have got the styling just right not over top looks great, exhaust spot on, height the car is sitting, the classic wheels love it. the interior looks mint love the blue interior, any more shots of the interior, your manta is one of my favourite colour combinations, and the picture on your driveway from the 19th, you have blue sky in oz we can only dream of,
  7. yes thanks got the photos ok, but im getting cold feet about drilling holes in my front valance as its totally mint
  8. sounds great could you add a photo, and give me a price
  9. the handling with the higher springs fitted at the moment is rubbish, so im sure with the 40mm lowered springs it would be great, and look just right. The lip spoiler is something i def want to fit, if anyone has one for sale please let me no, it does not matter if its damaged i can fix it up
  10. the beer method sounds great, how many 24 packs can the manta boot hold. will there be enough beer for the full weekend, to keep it low, when it gets drunk, then i sober up the car will look like a 4+4 again by sunday, i will take a look at the 40mm spax springs, they are really easy to fit. The manta looks real bad high, im not into lowering cars but the manta looks great at gte height. yes i have got the tent sorted, i will book the billing trip in the morning.