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  1. Hey Gary I have not seen the r25 so not sure on the setup of those. Im running full throttle bodies and use to hate the way the clutch cable went across them so im doing the pull master cylinder. I have still got the clutch and flywheel as not heard from Dave. Its sat in the conservatory in the dry which annoys the missus, so if your interested make me an offer as it would be good for it to go to a good project as i now have the S10 all fitted up on mine. let me know. Andy
  2. Just about to fit the pull type master cylinder to my A series. Had a mounting bracket made, but waiting for it to come back from the powder coating place. some info on one here. http://www.opelgt.com/forums/7a-clutch/76121-hydraulic-clutch-ideas.html my bracket and will have some more pics soon of the setup. http://www.theopelproject.com/?p=1148 http://www.rallydesign.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=4080 I did think about the push type in the bell housing but as the box is such a bugger to get out of the A i decided it could be a pain in the ass to setup and if you had issues. What you running on the 2.4 spec wise? injection or carbs? (just interested, nothing to do with the clutch :-) Andy
  3. How long has the fuel been in the tank for? Couldn't get mine started and tried everything and then read a thread about fuel going off after 6 months +, drained the fuel and added new and it started first time. Mine is an A series running fuel injection. Worth a try? Andy
  4. Lee, that all sounds like a bit of a nightmare and im surprised Thomas wasn't more helpful, he usually is. It's a shame to hear he didn't get back to you. Still good to see you have it all sorted (which is more than i can say for mine!!) did you take any pics of the master cylinder setup? would be interesting to see and maybe helpful for others. Still glad its all up and running now :-) Andy
  5. Hey Fin Here you go. Andy
  6. Hey Chris There are a lot of discussions on the + and - side of the 2.4 on here already if you do a search. Some links on my blog for bearings and rings etc.. http://www.theopelproject.com/?page_id=219 and these guys are good for engine parts. http://www.krause-rennsporttechnik.de/shop/Motorenbereich/CIH/Kolben http://www.tsr-performance.com/webshop/wossner-forged-pistons/opel-vauxhall-forged-pistons/manta-asconda-frontera-omega-cih-2-4-8v-high-compression-wossner-forged-pistons/ http://forged-pistons.co.uk/webshop/wossner-automotive-forged-pistons/opel-vauxhall-forged-pistons/manta-asconda-frontera-omega-cih-2-4-8v-high-compression-wossner-forged-pistons-9006/ I think you will find the pistons are going to be expensive as they are quite hard to get for the 2.4 and any high milage 2.4 will need the pistons changing as they scuff the skirts. To run carbs you will need a different manifold for the 2.4 as the 2.0L won't fit as the inlets are higher, you will also need an adaptor for the thermostat housing as the are different on the 2.4 http://www.risse-motorsport.de/ have them. All the bits are quite easy to find but its not going to be a cheap build!! You will also probably need the monza flywheel and uprated clutch. I think the 2.0L would be the cheaper option, even if you did have it bored out and the head flowed as you can easily get bits for those. I hope some of this helps and im sure some others will jump on this thread with some advice as well. Andy
  7. I will take a pic tomorrow with the measure against it so you can see where everything is measurement wise. Just bought an engine stand so i can get this clutch fitted easier and give the engine a check over before it goes back in. :-) Andy
  8. Hey Lee Thomas is really helpful so im sure he will sort it out quickly, but if it does take a while you are welcome to have mine and then send me the right ones when you get them, as mine's not going far for a while :-) Andy
  9. Nick ( CalCol ) has a Monza, so he will be abe to let you know which box they run and if it will work with the 2.4 Your going to need the Monza flywheel or Chris (lamchop77) will be able to let you know what other setups you can run. Im sure this has been covered a few times before on the clutch and flywheel side of things, not sure on the gearbox? Andy
  10. The should have a much smaller washer, only just bigger than the hex head? like this pic. What do the ones you have look like? If they are not right i would email Thomas (if you got them from the edelschmiede site?) if your stuck and need some quick PM me your address and i will pop some in the post as my engine is in bits while i fit the new clutch which is probably going to take a while! so your welcome to have mine while you get the right ones. Let me know if you do want them. Andy
  11. Some info from Thomas about the ones he does that are uprated. Hello Andy, yes, there were some doughnuts in very bad quality on the market, some time ago. Check out following link for informations: http://atz-online.com/k/news/ Our HD doughnut is made of EPDM, it's a good quality, a little bit harder than the original one, good for your engine :-)
  12. Hey Fin I have the prop out and it measures 26 1/4 inches from the UJ knuckle centre to centre. I can measure the full length if needed. Andy
  13. Also Thomas has them in standard and uprated https://www.edelschmiede.com/shop/ Andy and it arrived today :-) went for the uprated one.
  14. He does have some nice parts on there. You could end up spending quite a bit of money with him. He is also super helpful if you have any questions about parts. Im tempted by quite a few bits every time i look on his site :-) I did buy one of the washer kits last time i was buying a few bits!