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  1. Well known in the club , I bought this from Neil in Yorkshire over 2 years ago. Unfortunately last year,due to loss of job I had to sell it but a previous owner bought it back and it returned to Scotland. The new owner had a change of heart and sold the car on , to an uncommitted new owner who decided to "under seal" the car, then offer it up for sale. Its months away from my warm garage and cosseted care has seen a fair bit of deterioration on the body condition which I am temporarily treating - it reminded me how much first Manta literally disintegrated being outside over a Glasgow winter. Jobs done in the last few weeks: full wash and wax full day taking the underseal overspray off the paintwork oil and filter change coolant flush and change superglue the drivers door pocket that someone had carelessly "booted" fixed both the door speakers (loose connections) ordered a full new exhaust ! changed the fuel filter Plan is to use it for the next couple of months then put it in dehumidified storage until it can be stripped and fully restored to original spec with a 5 speed and PAS conversion. if anyone has any NOS parts for this they want to sell then let me know as I will be collecting them gradually as I can afford prior to restoration. I'll be losing the boot spoiler!
  2. Ok, so HOPEFULLY on the road THIS summer...... interior coming together, brakes all done, engine loom to be done then startup! Planning to get to Market Harborough as a day visitor.......
  3. Anyone any experience of the Sportex systems? don't really want to spend that much but the exhaust is blowing and it's been covered in under seal on NGA....... Also if anyone is selling a new downpipe gasket, I better get one of them.... just to find a classic friendly local garage as sadly the one I used has closed down . Not taking it to kwikfit for them to snap every downpipe bolt......
  4. Anyone got a correct new downpipe gasket for my 2.0 carb Manta B? thanks
  5. Have you tried Retropower for the kit?
  6. Cheap as chips .......
  7. Think they are the shorter ones - seems a lot?!
  8. With the 400R nearing completion I'm still looking for a NOS Wiper Arm (RHD) Also I'd love to add wind splits so if you have a new pair of Irmscher ones gathering dust in the garage/shed/attic then please pm me with a price. Thanks
  9. Thanks for all your help Nick
  10. Nick, are these different RHD and LHD? Thanks
  11. Thanks Nick!
  12. Later style I'm after - thanks - would take a pair as the one I have coming may be for an early one then!
  13. BUMP - got one, still looking for another