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  1. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. Cheap as chips .......
  3. Think they are the shorter ones - seems a lot?!
  4. With the 400R nearing completion I'm still looking for a NOS Wiper Arm (RHD) Also I'd love to add wind splits so if you have a new pair of Irmscher ones gathering dust in the garage/shed/attic then please pm me with a price. Thanks
  5. Thanks for all your help Nick
  6. Nick, are these different RHD and LHD? Thanks
  7. Thanks Nick!
  8. Later style I'm after - thanks - would take a pair as the one I have coming may be for an early one then!
  9. BUMP - got one, still looking for another
  10. A second Manta I hope !?
  11. I eventually got hold of him through facebook messaging.
  12. Hi all, looking for another NOS WINDSCREEN WIPER ARM for my Manta B (rhd) Got one so far ! A long shot I know but worth a try before some old rusty ones get blasted and painted any help much appreciated to get this car finished at long last.