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  1. Got the new Sportex system on, it's settled down after a few miles - it sounded as bad as the old blowing one initially but now sounds quite good and reminds me of my boy racer days along time ago when I had a Piper straight-through on my Cavalier SRi130
  2. Congrats - hope you have somewhere dry to keep it . When I lived in Glasgow in my youth, my exclusive coupe disintegrated in front of my eyes over a winter!
  3. Wanted NOS OR very good used and known working , MUST have intermittent wipers
  4. Think I've one on the way - uk cars have the 2.4 frontera gasket apparently
  5. HI - I am desparate for 1 - i keep getting supplied ones that are too small but showing as for 2.0 The size on mine (and both old and new downpipe flanges) is 140mm x 75mm - can you help? Been on the ramp at the local garage for nearly 2 weeks and they are losing patience..... Thanks
  6. Hi URGENTLY need the correct gasket for my 1980 2.0 cih carb Opel Manta 3 suppliers have all send the incorrect one - both the old and new downpipe flanges are the same so not sure why! The correct gasket is 140mm x75mm and looks like this
  7. There are 2 seals on it - I got mine from Dr Manta but they were not cheap!!
  8. big redd
  9. Chris, when the time comes, and if it comes off in one piece, the spoiler is yours! 😂
  10. Amazing how these project update posts sidetrack lol! car is currently stuck on the ramps awaiting manifold and downpipe gaskets - all non spoiler related lol
  11. I'm using terrible Nankang ones so this is great news
  12. Engine Loom spaghetti all done very neatly
  13. Its really easy - put (more) tax on fuel and abolish road tax completely - remove all of that bureaucracy and overhead costs. Your drive more or your car is less efficient then you pay more as you use more fuel - simple!