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  1. Its a shame more are not out and about, when the sun's out, there's nothing better than taking her for a blast, the looks you get are priceless, I was stopped by the police last year just so they could have a look.
  2. Ours was out on Tuesday, Drove down the A55 for a quick blast, but only seen a silver manta on the A55 some time "12/18 months ago".
  3. Hi, Sorry if this has come up before, and it might sound daft, our manta is kept garaged over winter and is back in service this summer after being SORN for 2 years, I carried out a full service after it was rebuilt and put on the road 4 1/2 years ago, however it has only done approximately 1800 miles in that time to date. Would it be appropriate necessary to change oil filters plugs dizzy and rotor? The car is started roughly every 3 to 6 months and up to normal operating temperature during storage. Oil used is Mobil 1. Secondly I am having some difficulty in sourcing the appropriate service items that are either genuine or OE, any thoughts or advice where they could be obtained from would be much appreciated. Thirdly is it worth replacing the coil on these??? Your advise and comments will be much appreciated. Regards Disco
  4. Hi Stu, Yep I ordered this, not from ebay but direct along with a few other bits and Bobs, will do wheels as well now too many thanks. Disco
  5. Not a bad paint job, for a DIYer and in a home made spray booth, all waxed and sealed now looks great, now to enjoy the Sun
  6. Hi, might put ours in too, hope the weather stays good. Cheers Disco
  7. Hi Stuart, One I had not heard of, old fashioned company too, might just give this one a try, I recently painted ours in RED, so would like to keep that way Spent a lot of time getting it right, don't want to waste it, many thanks. Disco Wet flat, machined, Ta Da.
  8. Hi, I was just wondering if any of you, have used these types of sealants, protectors. Have searched and come up with various products Have just clay blocked, machined polished and waxed the Manta, but wish to put some form of long lasting sealant on? Any info thoughts much appreciated. Disco
  9. Sorry yes Sat๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. HI, Just wondering if any one was attending this show in July. Friday the 30th. www.classicshows.org Cheers Discodas
  11. Hi Looking for a replacement mechanical fuel pump, think mine has given up the ghost:( Based in RHYL N WALES Many thanks Disco
  12. NEW SHOW FOR 2012 (as below) RHUDDLAN CAR SHOW โ€“ Sunday 15th July 2012 Bodrhyddan Hall*, Rhuddlan, N. Wales. LL18 5SB Just a reminder for any one who wants to come along, lets hope for SUN B) http://www.jgcarshows.co.uk
  13. Perhaps he's the one who is right? and we are all sitting on millions of pounds of manta's happy days.....Ohhh I just woke up from a very odd dream
  14. :) Got my Goodwood FOS tickets today, first time visit :)
    1. 611


      Its a great day out, loads to see. Make sure you leave early as getting in takes a while as the traffic can be a bit of a nightmare!

    2. discodas


      Thanks for the heads up, we are traveling down the night before, so hope to get their for 730ish, got some pre booked evaluations drives now to:))

    3. 611


      That's a good plan. It's such a good day, lots of walking and so much to see. Im not going this years as im going to the revival one later in the year which is also worth going to.

  15. This might be of some use? http://www.trussform.co.uk/download/TJI_Technical_Guide.pdf page 14 onwards http://www.haringey.gov.uk/note09_-_ceilings_and_flat_roofs.pdf http://learning.covcollege.ac.uk/content/CITB%20Craft%20Information%20Sheets/CnJ/materials/CJ12_Roofs/M125.pdf http://www.secure.dover.gov.uk/planning_online/acollate_docs/92354_5.pdf Page 6 http://www.trada.co.uk/search?for=span+tables&tab=search_TRADAarchive&sort=0&page=all HTH Disco..