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  1. Hi all, I need a new alternator for my GT/E at the moment as the current one is low on voltage. I'm surprised how hard these are to find compared to other versions - does anyone know of a good supplier in the UK? There seem to be different ratings too - I've seen 45, 55 and 65 A. Anyone know what's normal for a standard GT/E, and if there's any detrimental result in using a higher rating? Thanks and best regards Stuart
  2. Hi Sid, That would be great - pm sent. Best regards Stuart
  3. Hi all, On Wednesday I found that the rear wiper on my GT/E Hatch was slipping a little when the motor turned, so I tried to tighten the nut a little bit - but sadly the bolt sheared off. It seems that the threaded part is not separable from the motor assembly, so I'm looking for a rear wiper motor; does anyone have one or know of one for sale please? Thanks and best regards Stuart
  4. Hi Sharon, Sadly I'm going to be up in Kidderminster that weekend - so I can't make it either. Sorry Stuart
  5. Hi, yes that's right - I'm away in Winchester this weekend so I can't make it I'm afraid... Stuart
  6. Hi all, Yes I'd like to do this if it's not too late Cheers Stuart
  7. Hi all Couldn't get out of my concert next Sunday sadly. Shame as I'm picking the Manta up on Saturday from a week's attention to the paintwork so it should be looking particularly good. When's the next pub meet scheduled for? I can't remember which Sunday in the month it usually is... Cheers Stuart
  8. Really gutted I can't make this - supposed to be in a concert in London during the afternoon and it's tricky to get out of - but maybe I'll try. Other trouble is that the Manta's off the road at the moment for the first time since I've owned it - sheared bolt in the driver's seat so the back won't stay upright and, so far, I can't get the rest of the bolt out of the hole Stuart
  9. All good Dave Cheers Stuart
  10. Hi Dave, Yes put me down for it too please Thanks Stuart