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    Really... !! Do you need to ask ;-)
  1. That's strage, my brother in law has just come back from Veles in Macedonia! Anyway keep a project diary in the forum. It would be good to see your progress with you 1.3 coupe
  2. !
  3. What's the 2p trick?
  4. Good luck with it, let us know If you find the fault
  5. Welcome to the OMOC
  6. Good luck with it. Should be really nice when you've finished it. I had my rad recored by a guy in cheltenham with a 3 core unit. Cost me £120
  7. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  8. Is it a complete car? interior etc.
  9. I'm glad mine wasn't as bad as this! Did you say this is an exclusive?
  10. It defo sounds like a "connection" issue. If you hadn't of changed your coil I would have said look at the colour of your spark when you pull the plug out to check for a spark. It sounds like a Coil breakdown. When you've got your head under the bonnet it's fine but under load it fails, also the fact if you leave it it works is interesting and pertains to a coil issue. I have taken a lot of wires off my manta loom that were very stiff and brittle. This is meaning the insulation is on the way out and when we check the copper on these wires we find they it will have corroded a long way back. If you have changed everything else then something in the loom sounds suspect. If you have a spare loom get it out flat on the ground untape back for any connections (especially under bonnet connections) and inspect it very closely replace anything that is stiff back to good wire . I have replaced a loom before and I took about a day
  11. Its just at a stage now where it's just a lot of "Re-assembly" with light cleaning. As for the rubber strip, well i spent a bit of time fiddling with that, hopefully it wont end up flapping about in the wind on the M5 !
  12. The wings and doors were new and the sprayer (although not very good) fitted them, then removed them and sprayed them then refitted them, when I removed the sealer on the joints depicted there was not a sign of corrosion so I figured this is the way to go. I would have thought that the only reason they didn't do this in the factory is they couldn't be assed. another job to do and another salary to pay. If you have seen the "Last Manta" video look at the guy applying seam sealer! its very crude and I think any sort of finesse was out the window. I have looked at that video many times and thought "AHHHH that's why they rust there"!
  13. Hmm that's frustrating, and a tad annoying. The only reason I have done this is when the new wings were put on in 96-97 the body shop sealed them up, pre then I cant recall. I'm unsure if this will cause problems, but looking at the water run I don't think so, I think I might just have stopped another place for dirt and grime to hold moisture. Looks wise I prefer them sealed up, but if you know any horror stories please tell.
  14. Lights & Bumper now on final fit
  15. All seams finished now and blended nicely. Will Hopefully get the front end on completely today Will Upload Images Later