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    Really... !! Do you need to ask ;-)
  1. They are actual QH parts as well in QH boxes.
  2. Ive Just bought a pair off eBay QH part number " BWC3247 " they turned up this morning very cheep £6.50 each
  3. All parts sourced now thankyou
  4. Also over the past week (or so) I have insulated the cockpit of the car, and fitted most of the interior, all apart from the drivers seat as getting to the pedal box area is a pain with it in. If you are looking for something to clean the interior with I am amazed at the JML magic eraser. Just use clean cold water and keep rinsing it out and change the water regular. My door cards and seats had a brown tinge to them and its cleaned them up almost like new and restored the original colour.
  5. Fitted all new copper brake pipes today with brass fixings and new front flexi hoses.
  6. Part sourced, Admin can remove
  7. I'm in need of the rubber top hat grommet that holds the vacuum pipe that bolts onto the inlet manifold into the ATE servo. Mine has perished. If anyone has one or knows of a alternative, please PM me As always Thanks to you all
  8. Hi there that's great, how much do you want for it, and would and would you be willing to mail it?
  9. Hi yes I have something like this already, but thank you for your suggestion. I was just looking for someone who might have a torque tube kicking around whilst I'm in a stage of assembly. I'm pretty certain that they never wear out and that they are in abundance in somebody's parts shed somewhere! I live in Cheltenham so if there is somebody local to me I don't mind coming over to pick it up, but I don't think it would be too expensive to post as it is very light.
  10. I need an alloy torque tube, just the tube as the flexible brake pipe bracket snapped off mine years ago. If anyone has one with a descent rubber mounting please contact me. It's for a 84 coupe. Thank you
  11. Nice to see it running . I can't wait to start up mine for the first time ... It will probably rod itself!
  12. Thanks to Snowy for the heater cable clip.
  13. Dash and clocks now in. All bulbs tested!!!! Fuel tank with new breather pipes fitted. The old ones were like granite!
  14. That's strage, my brother in law has just come back from Veles in Macedonia! Anyway keep a project diary in the forum. It would be good to see your progress with you 1.3 coupe
  15. !