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  1. looks like clives old car opel 2000 think reg was gec somthing but that was many yrs ago!!!
  2. im looking for the boot reinforcers for a coupe as mine are rotted at the bottom b4 i ask my m8 to fabricate them cheers wullie
  3. hi folks i purchased a pair of floor pans for my i200 from retro power can any body tell me where i can get wing bands for it ? cheers wullie
  4. fair braw shaun hope ma car looks as good bud! cheers wullie
  5. hi folks happy new year as per title im in need of the spring at the rear of the steering wheel as ive misplaced mine im sure somebody on here has a spare lying around thanks in advance wullie
  6. right up to date power going to switch when the hazzard light is selected it will light up dash warning light but nothing at front and taillights and still no indicators????????
  7. i will check that today bud cheers wullie!
  8. hi robah a thought it was only no 6 for indc/hazzards???yip that was with ignition on btw
  9. cheers guys i think its the live feed out ward as their is power to fuse 6 just hate electrics with a passion! cheers wullie
  10. any thoughts on this folks??????
  11. any thoughts on this would be appreciated chaps