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  1. Whaaaat??
  2. I miss the early B PYC i had, I like the colour too!
  3. I've thrown a bid in 🙀
  4. -I personally think the whole weekend was a success considering the new venue etc. -The issues highlighted were bound to happen really with unknown number potential and break in traditional roll of events and people organising. -with this years experinece over the improvements are obvious and hopefully public numbers will increase. -was good too see quite a few European members in attendance too. -the marquee was too bloody hot to sit under lol no breeze! -deffo get the BBQ back again from previous years and try and encourage a layout around the marquee to bring everyone together -maybe our own omoc Loos could be a good idea especially for the lady members of the club.
  5. As above asap if anyone has one. paul
  6. Gutted for you mate. I've had similar in the past. i may have that trim piece, should be same as a coupe from when I had mine
  7. Front screen now in, wasn't a bugger as much as I was expecting really. Dropped the last door off to painter. another week and they should all be done! have fitted the new rear GAZ shocks and lowered springs. Really need to get the subframe built up now, ready for engine out and new gearbox on. As have to order a prop asap.
  8. Thanks Peter, but went for a new retropower one in the end.
  9. Rear screen in. As advised by east Kent trim, I just cut out a section and superglued it, worked great. Still not sure why it is not the correct size? Have fitted the tea gas shocks and new lowering springs, but I will be cutting them, not enough lows! If they are likely to fall out on full drop I'll add it some retaining straps.
  10. Tricky, need to be patient lol I'm going to remove stretch one area as it has now dropped slightly drivers side has come out mint.