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  1. Some bits done, but painter is well behind now getting the rest of the panels done. Aero catches cut into bonnet, will be painted biddy colour. been playing with the rear lighting too. Grills are painted too, such a huge difference sprucing them up. badges painted up too.
  2. I'm so annoyed right now. Put an preset with supplier for tollacge with a few extra bits added. 3-4 week lead time which is fine. Process order and pay and then they tell me 7 weeks! Not happy at all.
  3. After I mentioned to the boss I'll probably be doing the odd track day soon in the manta she asked is it as safe in such an old car. I have been considering a roll cage for some time as the A pillars on the A are so thin and i have already had 'off road experience' in it. I've order a safety devices cage, it's stripped out already so seems daft to not to really.
  4. Moodoo look on ebay, cant remember seller, chris might know
  5. More doors, I have had to resort to using one of better doors from the V8 project as time is against me, going on family hols for a week Monday and ian the painter want the panels tomorrow to get cracking. Bith doors need the wing mirror hole welding up, by once buzzed down were pitted to buggery. So just cut out and plated. The 'decent door' still needed a repair section letting in on the bottom. Not as mint as I thought it was so I do t feel so bad about using it now! Oh and the shell is back couple of bit are going to need sorting but he needed out of the workshop. And I spotted some runs on the sills and missed area at the back. But the most frustrating for us both is the pi hole below one of the rear vents. Ian thought it was a screw hole for a badge but alas it is not it was a pinhole from buzzing back some rust. He reckons it can be sorted, I hope so or its a full repainted of re quarter! But that aside I'm very pleased with how it has turned out. Chris (mantray) will vouch how rough the original paint job was. Ian has done a sterling job of the very bad rear quarter where it had a fire in the boot.
  6. Nah can't buy much more apart from the outer lower skin which is available. The corners i'll make by hand again in few sections.
  7. Tackling the passenger door! got to get it done by end of play Saturday as hopefully picking up the painted shell. mick my metal man did a perfect job on the repair panels that I've had done, hey are spot on fit.
  8. She's coming along, bit more work for the body man than he anticipated but he reckons the shell should be done by the weekend.
  9. Boom, shell going to painters tomorrow. Then panels next week. The race is on. Got a bloody holiday in the way!!!
  10. Bargain NOS sach clutch release for the omega box sourced. £20! bushes on rollbar too once correct way round had been established!
  11. light bolts
  12. Exactly chris. For the time it would of took me to fab a version up it works out cheaper to go earn the money. Squeezing the hours in around work and family. mangaged to get both bumpers shaved and primed. Totally smooth now. Need very little filling thank god. An hours worth of panel beating though on the sections that fill the number plate lights on the rear