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  1. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. Could not find my shrunken stretcher jaws anywhere!! Had to mak do with what I had to had to make this and make some slits. New piece for boot channel
  3. Managed to get over to Chris's for a day today to some more paint stripping and get the bias pedal box in. Bit if fettling needed. Had to move the mounting holes over 10mm or so, and remove most of the Column crush tube. But it's in now. Dash will need trimming to allow lines to Bolt in as you can see in the right of the pic. rest of the day spent with abrasive wheel on grinder hunting the rust spots Repairs I boot seal edging, pretty shot in some areas, took away one section to fabricate at home Chris has been working hard at the rest that needs doing in engine bay filled up some massive holes And made good some shite previous attempts at repair work The doors are both in a bad way. the drivers I've taken home to have a go at repairing, by the passenger is pretty bad indeed.
  4. Anyone have a good passenger side one or both. Asap
  5. Chris is progressing well
  6. I had a very similar thing with a bmw e46, drive me mad. Would just cut out on motorways etc, then work fine after 3-20 mins. Changed everything, no ryhme or reason. Gave up and sold it on
  7. Had the bonnet and and boot back from Andy the blaster. He's great as understands how gentle it needs to be on the thin stuff. they are rough but salvageable Some pin holes around the vents covered with paint! Boot not worst I've seen Will be repairing where needed with with the the tig to keep the heat I put down. Then a good coating of bilt hamber oxy.
  8. That's all I can upload......
  9. Need a pair of NOs or very good used ones. Don't need lenses really. p
  10. Chris has been busy on the A getting through the bodge tastic previous work. <img src=""> %5BURL= %5BURL= popped over for the day today to get the engine bay stripped down and see what other work is going to be needed. From this %5BURL= to this %5BURL= drivets wing off to assess this mess %5BURL= %5BURL= cracking on quite quick, sorting out a punter atmo to keep the pace going to get it back on the road asap for this season. For Christ sake I would get pics up can't
  11. Well the A has gone to Chris collier for some metal work on the back end. Possible colour change. better get cracking with getting the subframe built up and various other bits
  12. Your post made no sense whatsoever and in the wrong section. Wasn't a horrible dig more of a humerous response. lookes like something I write on my build threads after I've had too many sherbets!
  13. Wtf