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  1. Thank god your removing the boot spoiler, the car looked so much better before Neil fitted it. Nice to know that a genuine low mileage Manta is in good hands.
  2. Hi Does any one have beige recaro seats front & rear for a hatch for sale ? even if you only have two front headrests too suit & a decent rear seat base it would be a help. It's for a secret project that could make it to the VBOA show this summer
  3. Lovely car in a non standard colour that I like. If it were mine I would fit a new headliner,install original rear door cards & carry out some detailing in the engine bay. If your only going to use it in Spring, Summer & Autumn who needs a heater I like the rear spoiler If I had the money & the room this would be in my collection GLWTS When I first joined OMOC back in 2009 I had just bought a 1980 Cavalier Sports Hatch for £900. fast forward to today & I now have my long term plan of original A series, original SRB Coupe & original Ascona B. Don't be a dreamer, beg borrow or somehow find the money to get your cars because they're becoming rarer & are going up fast
  4. The Sportshatch is my old car I owned from 2009 till 2011. Ziebart treated from new so solid underneath.
  5. I think it sold for around £3500
  6. I think half of us on this forum have owned SGH, me included. It's a good car & worth the asking price IMO. When I owned her it won a prize at the 2013 Bristol Classic car show, mainly thanks to James Coghlan's work on the car whilst in his ownership.
  7. Re-listed & went for £840
  8. So agree that removing the wheel arch trim & running strips from an early B or a Cav just looks wrong imho. But then I am an old fart ☺
  9. If I could afford too I'd buy it for you Rob, just to see a man lusting over a MK1 Cav Coupe (your favourite car)
  10. Not so much a drop in prices Phil, more a case of sellers expectations being too high. This time of year is not the best time to get top dollar for your car.
  11. Well it found its possible value as the ebay auction ended at £3350. Now been relisted as a classified Ad at £4500 Sounds a more sensible asking price
  12. That would make a good buy for someone who wants a car that needs very little doing to it. £3600 is a fair price but unlikely to achieve at this time of year & given the fact that Hatches of that era i.e. pre 1981 both Cav & Manta are generally not sought after. Not far from you Martin, why don't you make him a cheeky offer
  13. GLS did have a six clock dash but head restraints were not fitted on Cavs until 1980 & by then the Coupe was phased out as the Sportshatch was outselling it. I agree that it needs some minor work i.e. detailing in the engine bay, door card tops repairing & some seat repairs. What's it worth imho £3.5 to £4K as it stands, could be worth closer to £5K once the work is done. I sold this one in August 2015 for £2250, it was in similar condition but was an Auto & a GL (three clock dash). New owner has now had the seats recovered & I would estimate the cars value is now £4000.