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  1. Jack's first Manta was indeed a white hatch "DUX" Jack's second Manta hatch was D622 JWY As has already been said the link to the auction is from November 2014 & yes it is Jack's second Manta which I think he bought from a dealer in 2015
  2. The rarest of all the hatches, a chrome bumpered two slot hatch only made for around 18 months. Its unfortunately had its original side strips & wheel arch trims removed & is sporting incorrect front seats but this could all be put back. Looks from the pictures to be in good nick
  3. Hi Simon, welcome to the OMOC. That's one hell of a car you have bought, it looks like you live near Bridgewater Somerset so you are in the South Wales & South West regions of the club. We have quite an active area for members & have some events coming up soon if your able to join us. Bristol Classic Car show - Shepton Mallet Somerset over the weekend of 16th & 17th June VBOA show - Market Harborough over the weekend of Fri 7th till Sun 9th July Classic car action day - Castle Combe Wiltshire Sat 22nd July South Glos show near Bristol over the weekend of 5th & 6th of August plus other events TBC
  4. I used to insure my Manta's with Flux but they became to expensive. I tried Hagerty last year & they offered me an excellent price to insure all three of my cars. My renewal came through for the 1st May & it was £239 fully comp including RAC breakdown/recovery for all three of my cars. That works out at under £80 per car. That includes agreed values on My Ascona & both Manta's, ok it is limited mileage on each one so would be dearer if I wanted to use them as daily drivers. Regarding the 29 year old wanting to insure a Manta, if he wants to use it as his main car & does not own/use another car then normally classic car insurers don't always offer the best rates in those circumstances. I have used Footman James, Adrian Flux & Lancaster in the recent past but Hagerty were best for my circumstances.
  5. Hi Guys I've just had my renewal through from Hagerty classic car insurance for my Ascona, Manta SRB & Manta A SR. I have all three cars with them under a comprehensive policy which includes breakdown & recovery. Each car is limited to 1500 miles PA I have an agreed value of £7K on the A, £6K on the B & £5K on the Ascona which I will ask them to raise by 15%. The cost for renewal (based on the present valuations) is £234 for all three cars, that's £78 per car. I think I will renew at that price.
  6. The chin spoiler looks great IMO on Chrome bumpered Manta B's as well as Cav Coupes
  7. Strange thing was on the run out model of the Ascona B SRB they slightly de-contented it by doing away with the headlight wash wipe. The real credit for how good my Ascona is must go to who I bought it off (Paul Newport). Even though the car was in time warp condition when Chris found it, Paul bought it of a guy who was thinking about modifying it & Paul wanted to save it as original or near original. Here is the link to Paul's project thread when he owned HDP http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/19201-opel-ascona-b/
  8. Don't look much like a Manta to me
  9. James Coghlan (stradacab) found some old pics from 2006 of My Ascona when Chris Burt owned it. Strange to look at it on the original Rostyles & before it was lowered
  10. I remember talking to Neil at Billing 2015 & I think he said he had fitted the spoiler earlier that year. He was looking to buy a spoiler back in Autumn 2014 http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/37096-wanted-gte-coupe-boot-spoiler/#comment-258088
  11. Vinyl roof was replaced late in 2013, what has happened to it since then ? http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/35042-new-vinyl/
  12. Thank god your removing the boot spoiler, the car looked so much better before Neil fitted it. Nice to know that a genuine low mileage Manta is in good hands.
  13. Hi Does any one have beige recaro seats front & rear for a hatch for sale ? even if you only have two front headrests too suit & a decent rear seat base it would be a help. It's for a secret project that could make it to the VBOA show this summer
  14. Lovely car in a non standard colour that I like. If it were mine I would fit a new headliner,install original rear door cards & carry out some detailing in the engine bay. If your only going to use it in Spring, Summer & Autumn who needs a heater I like the rear spoiler If I had the money & the room this would be in my collection GLWTS When I first joined OMOC back in 2009 I had just bought a 1980 Cavalier Sports Hatch for £900. fast forward to today & I now have my long term plan of original A series, original SRB Coupe & original Ascona B. Don't be a dreamer, beg borrow or somehow find the money to get your cars because they're becoming rarer & are going up fast