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  1. Thanks Andy. If you still have it out could you measure the full length too?
  2. I thought the r25/r28 box was used to mate up to a 16v, not a CIH?
  3. ...When I try to click on the pdf Nick provided, I get an error, saying my account doesn't have access: 'The page you are trying to access is not available for your account' Anyone else have that issue?
  4. What's the benefit of the updated one over the standard?
  5. Aaaah...I knew I read somewhere the a series auto prop was good for something! Just not my car by the sounds of it! ...ok, will need to add a propshaft to my shopping list regardless what engine I go for....thanks for the info...
  6. Thanks Chris and Andy. Chris - I don't have a 5-speed box myself yet. I'm just trying to figure out what way to go with the car. I have a 16V engine and 1.8 box, both in unknown condition, and a known 'good' 1.9 CIH, although that could do with a freshen-up too. Just trying to figure out what the financial/time/performance pros/cons are. On the GTE/1.8 prop, any idea of they need length changing for an A-series 16V conversion, or are they 'bolt on'? Andy - no panic mate! If you were able to measure the prop that would be appreciated, at least then I'd know if the prop in the auto is any good or not. Good luck with the clutch swap...take pictures!
  7. Pretty much the same as that... When I built my 2.2, I used a Monza 9" flywheel and a standard 4-bolt clutch on it. My engine is just standard, and I'm not driving the wheels off it, but no issues to date.
  8. My A-series has a remote reservoir sitting on the inner wing, it's from a jaguar of some sort. The master cylinder has 2 plastic push-in 90deg fittings, and the standard rubber seals. I don't know what the fittings are off though. I think I read on here somewhere that some flavour of Renault Megane (??) had a remote reservoir setup, the fittings from which could be used?
  9. Guys, I have an automatic A-series with a seized engine, and one of these years I will rebuild it... Options from this point are either a CIH engine or a 16V XE, both using 5-speed manual box. Questions... 1) If I want to use a 5-speed Getrag box with the CIH, will my A-series auto propshaft fit? I've seen on the forum one mention of an A-series auto prop fitting, but many more of using an auto B-series. Will either work, or only 1? 2) If I go 16V, I know I'll need a 1.8 box. What propshaft would I need for that - a GTE one, or a 1.8 one, or are they the same? Thanks, Fin
  10. Sorry if this is slightly off-topic, but anyone know how much/little of the advice mentioned on this thread would also apply to an auto to 16v (ie manual 1800 gearbox) conversion?
  11. My 2 cents...I would vote against closing the forum posting to non-members, for the following reason: Lets says I have a problem with my Manta in the morning. I post up a description of the problem, looking for help, on the forum. If this proposal is passed, a non-club member cannot offer me any advice or help. Therefore my chances of getting it fixed would be greatly reduced. How does this help me keep my car on the road? (BTW, if finally, in desperation, I post my issue on the Facebook page, and get the answer I needed, it's Facebook 1, Forum 0.) I've got lots of help with various questions over the years. Although I'm a club member, I always post them in the 'Basic Tech Help' section, because it's open, thereby increasing my chances of getting an answer. What is the ratio of 'club members' to 'registered forum mumbers'? I guess maybe 1:4 or 1:3? Or the ratio of 'Club members' to 'Facebook page members'? I guess maybe 1:10? So if we make this change, the chance of a person getting help with an issue, or any sort of question, on the forum, is greatly reduced than today. Someone said that the club was for preserving the Manta, not the club, and this is bang on. If you've lived and slept Mantas for 10 or 20 years, maybe you don't need to ask too many questions, but for the rest of us, reducing the chances of getting the help we need on the forum would be a backward step., it would reduce the chances of us being able to continue enjoying our cars. Fin
  12. Useful link....!
  13. That car looks familiar! That was the first Manta I ever went to look at way back in 2009, when I started looking for an A-series. A guy in Dublin owned it at the time, and it later was in Laois. A few years later the guy in Laois ended up selling me some of the spares that were with it, he had sold the car by then, but not the spares. She's a 1975 1.6 right? Good luck with the restoration, be good to see another one saved!