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  1. Sort your bumpy head young fella & help me get my bus on the road this year.
  2. Cool, are you putting some graphics or colour sections on it?
  3. think you have been on the space cake chap..... Did you find my wire?
  4. Mind blowing.. spiffing job Sir.
  5. Philip, checking the market for the last 6 months (the winter months) will not give a true reflection. Like Motorbikes & Caravans there is a season to be jolly (to sell I mean) & it ain't in the winter, although canny buyers do their business then.
  6. Looks M M have a couple, listed as damaged, maybe a couple of dents.
  7. Have to agree there (especially the old fart) ha ha.... just redone all the trims on mine, couldn't wait to get them back on, the old lass looked naked without them.
  8. Thought the GLS had 6 clock dash & Head restraints not neck snappers like my lowly GL shitkicker version. So maybe the other set of seats are the original ones, one of the anoraks will know for sure...
  9. Good link, never seen this site before, they sure have a lot of bits.
  10. Rust, Manta !!!! How dare you use those two words together??? Ha ha, welcome.
  11. I suspect you got whatever was lying around at the time. I remember going to Dagenham & seeing the "cripples" as they called them, basically any vehicle that the pulled off the line due to missing components, they would finish these off with anything to get them out of the door.
  12. Try Blackburn Brakes, 01254 53463 tell em what you are after, my mechanic chap swears by them to find whatever he is after.
  13. Its the 80s when brown & various shades of brown were, well pretty cool.
  14. Hi Philip, would be best to keep your wanted posts in the Parts Wanted section & other stuff in the General bit, it saves the confusion of your sometimes scattergun posts. I think we all know that Philip is after any parts that may be available for his collection of Mantas. Good luck with your search for bits.
  15. I was lucky enough at the end of last year to get a pair of NOS ones..... cor blimey.