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  1. OK, if I am going to move them on I will give you a shout.
  2. Yipee, fuel sender sorted, just had to redo the connection that goes to that poxy, little, broken, useless lug, drilled a tiny hole in the flange of the sender unit & connected wire to that, bingo..... Rear fog can wait till next weekend. And... tada, actually fitted one of my new wheels, the wolfies were a bit small with being 13" & a 60 series tyre, now going on 15" with 50 tyres, what do you reckon?
  3. Small steps, front bumper with new black strip thingy fitted tonight, all new nuts bolts & washers, all covered in the usual layer of grease. (Rutts loves it) Also got a pair of repro rubber covers for the side brackets, very nice fit.
  4. You know me so well.... Got gigs Friday & Saturday night so will be alive by midday Sunday hopefully, I will ding you & see if you are around. Or, come to Brown Cow on Livesey Branch Rd for the Saturday night gig.
  5. Cheers chaps, have set up a little tester wire rig with a 40 ohm resistor in line to look at the fuel sender.
  6. Determined to get back on the road this year, rebuild is almost complete, have bumpers to put on & passenger seat to fit, fired up today & running smooth & lovely, but.... the last two things.. Fog light doesn't work (not worked for 20 years) would maybe like to do the mod into rear light cluster & fuel guage is a non runner, suspect this is the sender as changed tanks & thing maybe sender unit is kaputt. Mr Rutts is hopefully being dragged in to help me swap sender units from old to new tank & maybe even show me the Fog Light thing. It's definitely alive, thought it had died again but realised it had run out of fuel, oops.
  7. Pretty sure we have seen it before, seem to remember discussion about GTE with side strips.
  8. Dead right, in the mid 80s I toyed with the idea of removing all the bright work, but left it cos I liked the look of it. Glad I kept it all on now.
  9. That's pretty good, got mine through today also, £112.69, actually a bit less than last year. It pays to be an old git.
  10. Welcome, that looks tidy.
  11. Sort your bumpy head young fella & help me get my bus on the road this year.
  12. Cool, are you putting some graphics or colour sections on it?
  13. think you have been on the space cake chap..... Did you find my wire?