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  1. My manta B is insured with Adrian Flux and at 68 pounds is extremely competitive. My 2014 T5 camper is also insured with Flux.
  2. I'm after a pair of rear mudflaps for a manta but would happily buy all 4 from you if you could take a pic of them to make sure they are the ones I want.
  3. Yes Dave you are right it does, Now ive seen a blue one in the flesh thats exactly the same as mine i might go ahead and get it painted and fitted.
  4. Cheers, Kenny i would love it thank you. Much appreciated mate.
  5. Yeah, Sorry Kenny i think that was down to me having a love of the black boot spoiler.
  6. I always liked the boot spoiler on the B but not in body colour just natural black rubber i still think it suits the coupe lines with a little flick up at the back, Body colour spoiler just doesnt look right on pre 82 cars i agree. I have the plastic front B spoiler but cant make up my mind to fit it or not on mine, i love the look on a plastic bumper B but not sure on a chrome bumper B.
  7. Yes i did James and yes it had a split at the bottom sounds like the same one. I sold the car to Mick Maher and he broke it, i ended up with the spoiler back. Then sold it to Paul.
  8. A friend of mine bought the exact same car as you describe from Pedestal Garage back in 1981 brand new, RWL 46X. It went to a company called motolec in High Wycombe where we lived and had a top spec Pioneer KEX-73 Stereo fitted with Pioneer TS1600 rear speakers. Often wonder what happened to it, great memories. I owned 2 Hazel Browns Asconas, one W reg SR and one X reg SR, W reg didnt have the big front spoiler but the X reg did, and that spoiler by a large coincidence was sold by me to Paul when he owned my old Ascona thats featured in this thread.
  9. Thats when i first owned it in the top pic, had just recovered it from Basingstoke area. 2nd and 3rd pics are at the town and country show at Stoneliegh. I then put the ATS wheels, mudflaps, and SR steering wheel on and then it was lowered. Still think its a stunning looking car today, A real credit to you Dave. Would love another pair of those mudflaps now for my current B.
  10. Am i the only one that has a bit of love for the boot spoiler? I had one on my X reg coupe many years ago, car was only 5 years old and was fitted by the dealer when new for the first owner. I still quite like it personally.
  11. Got to love a silver B hatch. It looks lovely, My first Manta was a silver B hatch back in 1984 CYX 882V, only 4 years old when i bought it at age 20, Thought it was the dogs danglies back then, Still got a real soft spot for them now.