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  1. Anyone got a panhard rod for sale not bothered about bushes av got new ones cheers
  2. I've bought a 2.4 Frontera engine for my cav a was looking for advice on building it I'm not wanting to run fuel injection what would be good set up for it carbs wise also I've heard a bottom end rebuild is a must where can I get pistons etc any other information you may have would be appreciated I'm trying to get all the parts together before I start cheers Chris
  3. Pm'd you mate
  4. Hubcentric nuts you need loads on ebay
  5. Im still running the cih i have already converted the rear to mk4 astra discs and want to upgrade the fronts as they are the original ones 40 year old now and there just cutting the mustard just looking for a nice easy upgrade cheers chris
  6. Ive got 15s on it ive just converted the rear to mk4 astra calipers and discs and went to bleed it and the front bleed screws snapped plus they are proper ancient so just looking for a upgrade on them
  7. Hi anybody selling a ready to go front bolt on brake upgrade anything at all ? Cheers chris
  8. Hi anybody selling a ready to go front bolt on brake upgrade anything at all ? Cheers chris
  9. Urgently needing a brake servo for my cav if anyone can help cheers chris
  10. Anybody got one or know where i could get mines has started leaking cheers
  11. Anybody?
  12. Hi I'm going to start looking at fitting a micro heater as part of my turbo build and was looking for pics and info on how to do it cheers in advance
  13. The rear arms mounting points are in the exact same place its cut bent lengthend then welded the pics aren't that good so the axle hasn't moved at all I have got an adjustable panhard rod on it the axle was a mile out when I dropped it lol . On the front I can't go any lower unless I cut the chassis legs its out the tops of the wishbones that hit against them the height its at the now is about as low as I can take it and still be drivable lol I'll find a way though I want it even lower haha Was looking a 3.0 24 valves don't know what's involved in converting it though ? It's great mate u arrive at a show and every one else is spending hours making there's cars shiny and I just lock it up and walk away job done the amount of attention it gets is unreal total Vauxhall are suppose to be doing a cover on it shortly