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  1. Would have just missed you as I think we were in Blackpool by then.
  2. After dipping our toe in Scotland we have now settled in er, Settle, North Yorkshire for the night. Still nothing yet except for an old Allegro.
  3. The wife and I are doing a bit of a tour of Britain this week. We've done around Dorset, North Wales, Liverpool, Southport, Blackpool and now we're in Lake Windermere but yet to see a Manta! Did see a Bedford Dreamliner.
  4. It's not been taxed since 1992 according to the DVLA website. Still might be in someone's garage somewhere though.
  5. Tighten them up when its all back on the car or is that too obvious and I'm missing something.
  6. Probably too late but: ebay
  7. I brought a new Carlton one for mine a few years back. Made my own brackets for the sides. Bottom pin mounting is plain so you need to run a die down it if you want to bolt it in.
  8. I have a a set of backing plates (Hella) and surrounds (Irmscher) but bizarrely don't fit each other! Don't know if a different backing plate was ever produced but never heard of it if there was.
  9. Ten miles from me. Seen this around a couple of times. I've been told the guys name is called Leon. I do have a short dashcam video clip of it whizzing past me somewhere. Haven't said what I want for Christmas yet......
  10. That's what I thought. I'm guessing the garage either didn't know or couldn't be arsed to fit the right one. It is a UK car. Had some photos given to me the other week and this was in them showing the decal. I think it's from late 1989 or maybe very early 1990.
  11. Think I already know the answer to this one (no!) but was this decal ever fitted to the airdam? This was fitted when the car was brought back in 1988. It's a 1984 car. I guessing it was fitted by the Ford (sorry!) garage it was brought from at the time because it had a couple of scrapes and was touched up in a couple of places.. I do have one to replace it when I eventually get the car resprayed if I go down the route of fitting decals.
  12. I'm in Barnstaple. No windscreen I'm afraid.
  13. Definitely the last time now as the missus wants it out of the garden! We're going up to Llanrumney, Cardiff this Sunday so we could take it with us if it helps anyone. We should be up there by around midday. We're travelling up from Devon so it's pretty much all motorway until we are there. I've been told to say no detours and no waiting for someone to collect so it'll be pick-up when we are there.
  14. Finally found it! But it's not good news I'm afraid. Not quite what I thought I had. Sorry.
  15. I can see your pictures ok.