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  1. Got one in my Unit in blackburn Lancashire. £100
  2. See you soon Sam
  3. Stop messing about you dithering fool. Give me a ring or text when next going garage.
  4. Ignition amplifier is a good one for this issue. Over heats cuts out cools runs great again. Had this a few times.
  5. C and G Clutches in Leeds are good I found made mine as I waited. Let us know when ascona is stripped of the parts you need off it.
  6. that is all i did walked in post office bleep on bar code nothing to pay and sent v5 off for me.
  7. You can also buy a type 9 gearbox to vauxhall bellhousing. Ford box can be expensive though.
  8. Never lost it. Ha ha
  9. Yes it fits but i would use an rx8 6 speed box cheaper to buy. Bellhousing conversion is easily available prop is a standard ford fit so easy to find. Good high revving engine for a track toy.
  10. Lepo5 has them. If he has non left I can get them.
  11. some near Groningen top of Netherlands could get some space cake for vboa show.
  12. Thanks for replies. Did not know two sizes.
  13. Require a steering rack lhd for manta or ascona b. Any help appreciated.