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  1. Retropower do hoses for the CIH. Your Courtenay ones will be custom or if a standard bend or length modified to suit
  2. There is not M.O.T it expired 14/03/2015 so will need work for the M.O.T Possibly, looking at the pictures
  3. Sold a hatch 18 months ago and it is worth £1500 more now, Have a great exclusive hatch that will be going out the door at over 5k. Coupes, had a firm offer of 7k on my red one, that's going to be 8k by the end of the year. My Brother and I have another 4 coupes under restoration and they are going to be 10k each. Not to mention the other opels that gain money faster than it being in the bank. Another coupe arrived last week and it's a keeper. Another coupe to be collected for restoration asap. Mantas will not get cheaper, even the prices of spares are being pushed up by the price of the cars
  4. Looks good, I'd like to see pics of the seams and chassis. Looks like a good exclusive is worth 10k. I'm doing a restoration to concours on 3 exclusives and they will be going out at over 10k each
  5. Nice work
  6. Where's the engine? At least mine has an engine My very long ongoing cosworth project here Andys probably will be finished before mine
  7. cool, that's going to be the next ' billing' build for the Abbotts
  8. great spot, thanks
  9. I like the Ascona better.
  10. My Brother and I are restoring an exclusive hatch. See secret project 2 It's the best hatch I have ever owned . We do have 3 exclusive coupes on the waiting list too. Starmist black . Monaco blue and a white one I can't remember what the white colour is called