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  1. Nice shell indeed What make is the cage? It looks great
  2. Nice work Dan
  3. brakes international
  4. Bump for me so I can get my arse in gear and do this for next years vboa I've had this car since I was 30 years old and I'm 46 on sunday you think I would of grown out of this by now
  5. Nick, you still around?
  6. It took me 10 years to get a pair mate, Andy Turner found mine in Europe
  7. Pushing for new billing?
  8. More work completed by Andrew, Loz and I over the weekend.Stripped and built the doors with the green glass I have been storing for years The paint looks stunning but the hardest part was done by Tom the body man at Andrews who did my red coupe prep. De locked looks great Sunroof wiring extended to move the switch Loads more trim blasted and painted Engine bay being put back together Parts hunt into the loft scored gold Mirrors painted and fitted, door glass trim modified to suit bonnet needs mesh and gas struts I pulled two headlinings out of the loft ready to fit. Turned out they were bloody non sunroof coupe ones! Durr, more hunting found two hatch ones, non sunroof and sunroof. the manta sunroof one won't fit as the calibra hole is in a different place. Headlining now is the most pressing part as the rest of the interior and glass fits all around it Drain tubes fitted
  9. 8mm microbore, one roll will do the car. £10 ish from b&q I once told Dan it was 10mm for a laugh.... Oh how he struggled
  10. We wanted more depth to the irmscher ascona b twin light setup as the originals left the lights stuck out too far. So I got creative and looked around for a way to get more depth, playing with just a set of glass convinced me that's what I needed to do That's a better depth, hmmmmm, how to achieve it.... Looking around the lab the air con tube looked the correct size so I tried a manta headlight in I had lying around. I bought a length of tube and cut it up Ascona b irmsher twin light bezels are easy to get so I chopped these up Added extra sections and glued them together Top result
  11. Paint is easy, it is the prep that makes the paint job Yep the wheels are staying on it, the car now needs dropping on the floor by about 3 inch Now starting the work on the satin trim and heads down for new billing Loft hunt for all the trim I pulled from a car Andy Rutter scrapped 10 years ago and a hunt in the loft for the green exclusive hatch glass When your little Brother need help you need to get your A game on
  12. He would probably take 4k for it