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  1. Thanks David superb advice as always I'm assuming with strapping the pillar on the side being worked on using engine crane you mean bottom of a pillar (windscreen bottom corner)?
  2. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  3. As above any advice much appreciated. My manta is rusty at swan necks only but I am lucky enough to have full genuine Opel legs available to do the job to original standard. Does anyone have any pictures and or advice? I have the necessary welding and prep skills my main worry is twisting the shell. I have a proper rollover jig and chassis jig (kindly made by Kevin Abbott from original dimensions on his superb shell top job)
  4. What a shame
  5. I'm old school and prefer the forum over faceplant
  7. I remember seeing this car on eBay good buy
  9. Hi Michael Contact Carl username Mr Carlos on this forum. He's a proper nice chap and will help you with any parts you need. get some pictures posted
  10. I wouldn't worry too much I've been collecting parts for mine since 1997 and I turn 36 this month and thought we were about the same age it must have been the glowing teeth
  11. Yep mega rare I've got a set just paranoid incase they get damaged and would like spares!
  12. Anybody?