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  1. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. Plenty good used ones on eBay de which sellers are happy to post to uk. There are new ones too if you are doing concours but pricey. I bought new ones for mine some time ago but prices are now on the rise due to rarity.
  3. Went for £4200! Maybe just me but too dear in my book!!! Full respray needed plus whatever rust there is!
  4. Has anyone bought and fitted one? Curious how it compares to the original it's pretty expensive!
  5. Thanks 🙂 I spoke to them before and postage was impossible. Maybe I can ask they bring one to the new show that's on the calendar for when billing would normally take place.
  6. Long shot I know. Does anyone have one?
  7. What had been seen can not be unseen!!!
  8. It looked fab a job well done
  9. Ah well we've had them other years happy with the a's they look good
  10. Any b's on the stand?
  11. I like the kitchen roll sitting on the inner wing on pic 7 so you can wipe your bum after you see all the rust in all seriousness though it looks a good buy for someone with good skills
  12. Note to self to not read posts quickly when busy I thought you called him 'helmet dave' that's clearly me for reading the post wrong Anyway back on topic it's a good properly prepared car with great potential