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  1. This is a shot of a RetroPower build and where they added a bracket for a hydraulic clutch in progress. Top of pedal was changed to attach pushrob to and cylinder sitting towards driver. Had this stored away for furture reference if i needed it.
  2. Just to say with the larger discs you need to trim the folded lip off the shield, so if you have tatty original shields you can just cut them down. I acually trim it all back just leaving the centre cup to protect the bearing.
  3. Or at any decent motor factors or EuroCarParts . They are the same as on some Combo vans and astramax vans from memory
  4. First thing as mantadoc says is the pump running? use the 2p trick in the fusebox to power the pump (with ign on) and see if you hear it. That will guide you to where to look next. Also as you replaced the fuel lines under the car have you possibley got them the wrong way around? The feed from pump/filter goes to the T piece on the fuel rail. The return to the tank connects to the fuel pressure regulator (small cylinder shaped piece in fuel lines sat in middle of injection manifold with a vacuum pipe to the throttle body) Common issue having them backwards and not starting.
  5. The kits are the brackets and bolts, have a look in the for sale section just listed them up.
  6. Axle should be the same, assuming its the original from the car and the car was a 1600 or larger engine. If so you can get an LSD fitted, just remember there are 2 different types of diff one for the 3:44 ratio and one for the 3.67 or 3.9 ratios. I've just finished a disc brake kit that will be available for sale very soon using mk4 astra calipers and discs
  7. pm sent
  8. I presume you mean the ones in the front bumper/spoiler rather than the wings. If so i have a pair (infact i think i have wing ones too)