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  1. Got both front seats now. Just need a saloon rear seat in beige / brown ribbed velour. Thanks.
  2. I would imagine there are places that refurb them but the fix may be easier than you think.if this wasnt happening before and has only strted happening after car not used much then it may well 'fix itself' .removing the speedo head is very easy if you need to as its all done from the may well find whats touching or sticking and maybee moving the needle up and down a few times will clear it. There will also be many on here with a spare speedo for you as its not a common fault.if you get a replacement just make sure the 'w' number on the face is the same. You may even find one with as near as poss the right mileage reading on it too !
  3. The cable drives a magnet in the speedo which the needle reacts to .via a close coupled ring/ cup . Hard to explain.therefore the needle will only rise when the input is spinning via the cable. If there was any problem with the cable or drive then you would get either an intermittent drive or a fluctuating reading. Because your needle is staying stuck at a point it suggests the needle or associated mechsnism is sticking. This means remove dash cover over instruments,remove heater knobs ,dash surround and then the instrument fscia.this will reveal the innards. The speedo is held in from the front luckily with two screws. Undo these and it will lift out.then its a case of seeing whats sticking,touching and why. Be carefull not to alter any spring tension or position of needle on shaft.
  4. Got one front seat in beige. Pass side. Still after rest . Anyone ?
  5. Ok .thankyou anyway. Hopefully someone will have some.
  6. Im after something that will go in a viva .the gls ribbed velour type. Obviously cavaliers after 79 had this type of velour so i could mod the seats to fit.same goes for mk1 carlton and even the victor/ vx gls. Idealy in beige but would consider black.
  7. Hi. I am missing something here. I put up a wanted ad for some seats but cannot get back into the ad to modify or change i put up another ad with the differences in it. Cannot get into that one either. Then put up a wanted for an axle. Got one now and it says change title to 'please delete' so thet administrators can delete it. I. Cant get in to it to change title. So! I put up a question again asking all of this titled "delete" and guess what ! It has been deleted !. I can reply to other posts but not wanted ads. As you know i have been a member on here for many many years and hopefully helped a few people out along the way .many thanks. in head
  8. Hi. Does anyone have the bare front subframe / axle assembly for sale please. For a cav/ b.preferably local ish to bfd/ halifax and in a known undamaged condition accident wise. Cheers.
  9. For some reason i cannot get into my ad to modify it .? As you know im looking for some seats to replace the vynil ones in my viva i was trying to add".......... I will consider some other velour types / models...... i think i could make some fit from the victor,vx2300 gls as well as the magnum type/ viva gls type. So im thinking other gm cars which had ribbed velour. Early carlton had for sure .dont think chevette but could be wrong and of course our old friends the mk1 cav 79 onwards ish.idealy brown beige but black matches anything as well. Can anyone suggest any other cars with similar type material . ? Not the early cav or opel smooth type.thanks very much for reading. Chris.
  10. Also remember that the crank pulley for belt lining up will be tdc whereas the timing pointer will be btdc. Sorry if you knew this.didnt want to insult your intelligence.
  11. Yeah thats what i mean the originals are the ones in the car. Someone mentioned about the other seats he is selling and wether they were from the car . Sorry about the confusion!
  12. As far as i know you will need a full 2.2 set up to run this inc plenum.the full setup including loom,ecu,different ign trigger amp,idle speed and advance modules.someone will soon be along to confirm or offer advice for definate. Cheers. Wiring diag for this is then quite well shown in haynes carlton book
  13. Nothing to do with concours or being an anorak but why does the front number plate often end up mounted too far up. Makes or breaks the whole first impression to me.
  14. I would say the seats are opel versions.the type of cloth suggests this.snd also from a hatch as the back seat has the metal carpeted flat back.the cav seats at that age could have ended up being the ribbed velour ones if a few months later but they certainly rip easier on the ribs than the earlier type fitted which just seem to dirty and fade easier!.very. Ice car however and not much work req to make very very good.(from what you can see )
  15. All i know for sure is i have seen them on asconas only circa 1981.if they are or were carlton ones i wouldnt know if anyone had ever fitted them to the car as a replacement years before i got the car but they certainly didnt look new and fitted under the standard 13" wheels. Carltons obviously had the 14" wheels but you could be right. Cheers.