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  1. Kalosorises. Nice looking car. I am surprised to see the hand brake warning light charged as on the receipt!
  2. Yup, found this on German eBay:
  3. Can't beat the old pics! Great to see a couple of service vans as well.
  4. Beautiful car. Looks like one over here (see pic on page 2 of "favourite 400 rally pics", might give you an idea).
  5. Goodyear NCT2. Just like said, my first set lasted long too. But when had them changed for a new set, I found out that the old tyres were marked "made in Thailand". Therefore I suppose the compound must have been harder?
  6. Here's one from Holland:
  7. You might want to paint them. Is this an idea?
  8. I think they are Steffan BCW
  9. Definately enjoyed the read. What a beautiful car. That green colour I have only seen once before on a french Manta. Must have a pic somewhere.