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  1. take some aspirin then look for local garages who can do the job or they may know someone local
  2. clutch cable needed for a c20xe and 1.8 gearbox looks like the number is 90 147 158 3595 on mine thats knackered as my car decided to use it as a earth
  3. only went for the day ( Saturday ) so the timetable of events was perfect for me no issues with the toilets only needed a pee mind only issue i had was having to drive through the middle of the field to get out as i drove in along the fence line when i arrived and that made more sense , could not leave that way due to members of another club blocking the route and too stupid to see common sense also enjoyed Mr Broadbents organisational skills and passion Thank you
  4. Must have been Kevin Abbott
  5. sent you a PM
  6. the seal at the back is totally different than the front so it won't fit proper and it's glued on originally I would ask the supplier as he seems to think it fits
  7. much have been a passion wagon to get the rear seat that worn
  8. the drive in the gearbox maybe gummed up , easy enough to remove and clean
  9. gone up in value paid £40 for one a few years ago
  10. cut inner tube to approximately 17" ideally you need a narrow one like from a racing bike am just using this to get the idea across simply pull tight around the light and glue the overlap together ,I had no glue so can't show the finished job
  11. as my previous post in this thread