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  1. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. If, and its a big if, you can fine an Omega A / Carlton 2.4 harness and ECU its as easy to plug in as a Red top. The last one i done was a heavy modded Omega A loom as we were running Air Con and we were also running the evaporation valve, crank sensor (will need the Frontera Oil Pump Cover) and CO sensor. ECU sits in the same place as a normal ECU and plugs in to the four pin block by the heater motor Cheers Andy
  3. B series Bonnet Pt/No is 9282582 and the Opel Kat No is 11 60 326 Cheers Andy
  4. Yes they are but ask for the clips for something like a Mk 3 Cavalier, if you get stuck give me a shout and i'll dig the part number out Andy
  5. Thats looking very smart