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  1. Maybe it's surface rust?
  2. Thats one me and Carl rescued and sorted a good few years ago. Glad to see our hard work and thoroughness has paid off and he is happy with the car still, shame he has to sell it. A good solid car too.
  3. Looks like a good car and with it being an older one hopefully not rotten. Its a non sunroof so thats a real winner! But I do feel that if you sell something without any idea of price you should be shot and/or have your advert removed?
  4. I bought PolyBushes for mine and they were great and came with the sleeves. The bushes can be bought separately
  5. Well given the usual standard rotting issues there are usually no structural components left anyway! ha ha
  6. See the other topic, get with the program! ha ha
  7. I Imagine there must of been some engine, interior abs running gear designs?
  8. Scrap? what you thinking of scraping?
  9. We are not promoting 'ringing' we are now telling people how to spot a ringer. Panel dates, i cant recall seeing every panel but if you use an ID from the same year that is that loop filled too. "stay tuned folks as next week we cover 'cut n shuts' ha ha"
  10. And on a manta how the hell can you prove its a ringer if you change all the VIN numbers and plates etc, engine for example is another CIH engine??? I think this is a can of worms but i would speak to the guy first and tell him your going to report him (is he living in the UK?) If you contact the DVLA and its a stolen car then you will get arrested so try speak to the seller first or you could rattle a huge wasps nest in these situations.
  11. I don't get this, as much as we like mantas there isn't enough to keep us there all day, so why people cant get around on the Saturday to view other clubs is beyond me. I just think Sunday is missing something, maybe arrange the club meeting on the Sunday or something as its not making work for anybody else. This isnt nit picking it just making something that's good even better. Lots of love, Danny. ;-)
  12. Great reply Ian. I still stand by what i say and do we really think the council will put roads, toilets and other services in???? NO. Next year if we end up back there it will be the same with just more portable toilets. Also why on gods green earth would you put the biggest club and the best cars (Mantas) the furthest away??? doesn't make sense.