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  1. An auto! no thanks. It is a nice colour! rare too now.
  2. Its okay on the coupes but on the hatch it hangs out like a ledge. Maybe you can use it to site on? ha ha
  3. Its not worth that, if it was solid then he stands a chance - but its a hatch, rotten and has the 'old man interior' with GTE bits on which don't sell. I was offered about 10 gte hatch bumpers last month for £20 and i said no. Cant give them away ha ha My GTE hatch had the huge and horrid bumper, now it has the exclusive one. Link to how my old bumper was filed IMG_5717.MOV
  4. This has been posted in car for sale, its a weird write up. At that price he wont be parting any time soon.
  5. Good 1.8 box available £250
  6. Good luck finding one of them. Its not for sale yet as i need to get through the to-do list and then paint it along with using it a bit so I know everything is right and its reliable before it finds a new home.
  7. Beige. Even the carpet is a tinge of brown. When I put it back in today I thought "this is rare, where would you get another" be a nice car when it's done. Been restored right. Will last years for the new owner.
  8. Today's work was rust proof and paint the floors inside. And then refit the interior. Items this week are front lights, new bumper, fog light mod, side repeaters and radio. Then fettle the running issue (think its the fuel relay) anyway it's another one dragged from hiding & being put slowly back on the road.
  9. So it has all been welded, talk about a pile of rust on the floor. Anyway it's all rust treated inside and out. New wing, lowered, exclusive bits added! 400 mirrors on. Next is the interior to put back in. Wire up the lights and fog light in tear reversing light.
  10. speak to carl 07889141818
  11. We have a full used set of springs, would split the standard fronts
  12. That's not always the case spinning the wheels, if it's a quaiffe diff it only works as an LSD when under power!
  13. Yep ^^^^
  14. Standard or up-rated?